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Found 26 results

  1. I am trying to connect to my SC cutter via SCAL Pro 5 in Big Sur, no luck. Anyone having this problem?
  2. I'm totally new to this, but was able to fix issues that were around for 10 years. I came across a CE5000-60 (FW v3.6 # Loader v1.0), that worked totally fine with Windows, but I wanted to use it with Graphtec Studio on Mac. It was stuck endlessly synchronizing. Googled and somebody recommended to upgrade the plotter firmware. I downloaded v6.5 (from here), flashed it and bricked my plotter: "START BOOT ERROR" Tried to flash v3.9 and it was still bricked. Stumble across this other support site and downloaded v4.0. Flashed it using SEND.EXE from (v3.9 or v6.5 zip) instead of UPDATE.EXE. This worked for me and fixed both issues! I attached the file in case the site will go offline at some point. Hope this helps anybody in the future or the past! (maybe worth to pin this thread?) CE5000_FU(v400).zip
  3. Ws going on guys if someone could help me out would be a blessing, im a graphic designer & finally would like to get into vinyl cutting but none that im interested in are compatible with my Mac desktop Are they any????? if not i have an old HP lap top i can use but doesn’t have illustrator do any printers come with software that will be similar to illustrator creating outlines & vectors ???? & if so WHAT PRINTER PPL If possible a cutter thats 250$, 500$ Price range im just trying to be a little more hands im not making 500 shirts a day ppl Thank u so much who ever reads this and if anyone has answers or any type of help plz feel free
  4. Hi I’m a Mac user looking for some help with my creation pcut cto630. i bought it second hand and it came with signcut pro 1, I had set up one day and it worked fine until the license ran out on signcut. Thinking I’d go for the cheaper option I bought easycut studio instead of renewing the signcut license. The issue I have now is everything is talking fine but the pcut will only cut 2/3 of a job then stop. The plotter mini screen says creation working. Does anyone know what’s going wrong? It’s cut simple shapes like a circle in a square ok. But ask it to cut something like three lines of text (my name and my family’ members names) I have the above mentioned issue. Im using the plotter via usb cable. Baud setting is 38400 I’ve tried other baud settings and the mini screen on the plotter just says working laser. My OS X is 10.10.1 I think. I’ve used both easycut studio and illustrator to create designs both with the same outcome. any help anyone can offer would be great thanks in advance.
  5. I recently inherited an MH MK2 and am a mac user. It took me a couple hours to figure out the cheapest way for my mac to talk to the cutter, but I did it! I am an AI user already, so making SVG files was no issue for me. I downloaded a software trial called Easycutstudio and got everything talking to each other. The trial is free to test out, the software is SUPER easy to use and most self explanatory. I am really enjoying learning more intricate pieces of it too. I grabbed a jpg online of some tentacles and traced them out in Adobe Illustrator, imported it into Easy Cut Studio, click on cutter, chose my machine, and BOOM! It started working!! I was so amazed at how easy all of that was, and it didn't cost me a fortune to get started!! Once I get really savvy with it, i'll post some snap shots of the software in action. But I had to figue out what was best for my mac, and I couldn't find a lot of options out there. Hope this helps other people who might want to pick up a used older model cutter and are mac users! Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have the following: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 SCAL Pro 4 USCutter SC34 I'm pretty sure the usb on the cutter is bad as it suddenly stopped cutting all the way through jobs, and I know static is not the issue. I bought the Tripp-lite keyspan adapter, installed the drivers, rebooted, reconnected and now I don't know how to use it. The only option I have under the Connection box in SCAL is "USB", and there is nothing new under the "Port" option (my iPhone and another bluetooth connection thing is in the port, but that's it). How do I tell my computer/software to use the serial port instead of the USB? Thank you!
  7. I got everything set up and I am trying to run my test cut so I can make sure my settings are correct...and NOTHING is even cutting. I have the SC2 Cutter, and am using Oramask with the 60 blade....I am so confused as to why it's not even cutting the faintest of lines. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  8. Hey everybody I’m having a hard time cutting from my Mac 10.13 high Sierra onto my Graphtec ce 5000-60 thru Cut Master 3 latest Ver.2.2.1252 on illustrator CS6. I keep getting sync for a long time. I have the right language (GL) on my ce5000. But I’m assuming it’s my firmware because it’s version 5 and I need 6 but I can find the firmware file for Mac. It only has the firmware files for WIN. Anybody got some tips for me?
  9. Hopefully this becomes a sticky but the latest FTDI (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.) VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers for both the COPAM and IOLINE line of cutters (it's possible more cutters use the FTDI drivers too and if so, then these will work for those cutters also) available on Windows, Mac and Linux (More operating systems available on their site. All versions including 32-bit and 64-bit) can be downloaded at Be sure to look at the far right Comments Section of the table to find the link named "Available as a SETUP EXECUTABLE" to download to have the easiest way to install the drivers. There are installation guides for all OS's too. Note: FTDI VCP drivers work for all Copam and Ioline Smartrac series of cutters. These drivers are constantly updated. Check back occasionally to refresh your drivers.
  10. Hey guys, new to cutting and the forums. Purchased a second hand AIP 1120 44" cutter/plotter, came with a dinky old computer running XP but i already had the intentions of using the cutter with my MacBook pro laptop running the latest software (MacOS Sierra 10.12.4). The softwares I am using are Signcut Pro1 and Inkscape, saving the images/text created in inkscape as either ".eps" or ".svg". The cutter is connected to my laptop using a USB to Serial adaptor. So I install the software, and the website has a little tutorial for a test cut, which i perform and the machine cuts it out flawlessly (well some flaws, i have to adjust blade height because when its not cutting, its scratching the vinyl moving around), so i disconnect the cable, go sit down and make a few logos I wanted to cut out. I saved them, made sure they were vectored and all, open it up in Signcut and click cut, then nothing. The progress window pops up then instantly goes away. The settings all look correct, havent tinkered with those, baud rate and everything match, tried shutting off laptop, turning cutter on and connecting to laptop, then starting the laptop and tried cutting again to no avail, uninstalled the software and reinstalled multiple times, tried saving the image in either ".svg" and ".eps" formats and still nothing, tried changing the usb port its connected to and again nothing. When I disconnect the usb, signcut says that it cannot connect with the cutter so i know that the laptop and software are recognizing the machine, but it for some reason wont communicate with it? The cutter is not offline, I have set the origin so it knows where to start cutting. I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing the 28" titan 2 is the servo motor that much better. I also have a mac and was wondering how the mac software rates, i.e.:user friendly etc? I will be only using to for classes and a few custom order home decor signs on wood, canvas pillows...making stencils with paint mack and maybe cut some 7 or 10 ml mylar. Ive never used any cutter before so of course I'm worried about easy use and set up? If anyone have any suggestions, tips and recommendations for me, I would be very grateful.
  12. Can anyone help? I am trying to a Refine pro-24 vinyl cutter working on a Mac. I am running SignCut pro on Yosemite. Im not getting a USB option in the Output Device /Port tab. Is anyone running this cutter on a Mac?
  13. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    So I am having issues with my cutter cutting my file twice and I don't know how to fix it. Every time I cut, it goes over each line twice, making the time for cutting twice as long as its supposed to be. Is this normal? How do I fix this? I have a brand new SC Series 24 inch cutter with SCAL3Pro as my software on an updated Mac computer.
  14. ERROR Loading plugins. CutPlotCS5.aip RegMarksCS5.aip I have: Mac OSX 10.10.5 Adobe Illustrator CCC 2015 iMac i7 8 Core 32GB Ram Cutting master2 for Craft ROBO cc330-20 v1.99 Builder Number 1984 Do I need new plugin drivers and if so from where please? Thank you :-)
  15. I need help, did the grounding procedure, anti static wipes, send cuts with and without knife, new serial cable, no carpets. Sometimes not recognize serial cable. Waiting for the keyspan adapter. How do I know is the motherboard is broken, driver failure???
  16. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    okay guys, i am new and i just tried my first cut with the sc cutter. NOTHING came out clean and EVERYTHING was ragged and rigged… any body know why?
  17. hi all. i have an odd question, posting here (as I have a mac) as well in the general discussion forum. if you are starting a sign business, t-shirt business, or any side/full-time business where you will be using decals, what do you guys think is a more viable and sustainable business model: 1. - buy all your own equipment, learn the software and market yourself? - OR - 2. - outsource all your cutting needs to a cut store and then use the decals for whatever your venture is? i know it depends on quite a few factors but let's assume you have someone who knows how to operate the software and equipment if you're going the "on your own" route. i'm not sure the long-term costs of continually purchasing your own vinyl roles and machinery upgrades/maintenance, that's why i'm posing this question. any feedback is appreciated!
  18. Hi I am very new and just set up my machine and am trying to get the program running to no avail. I initially tried the cd that came with the cutter and it crashed. Then I tried downloading and installing the same version from the site and that crashed as well. This happens as soon as I open the program file. It states in multiple places on line that its compatible with Mac 10.5 and up -- I'm running 10.5.8 Wondering if there's a patch or something or if someone else has come across this issue. Thanks very much
  19. Anyone have any luck installing a key-span on a mac OS 10.9.3 and using it with the Titan 2. I can use it with a USB cable but it does not see the key-span serial cable. Any suggestions? Thanks
  20. I just bought a US CUTTER Laserpoint from a friend and need help installing and setting it up. Here is what I have set as of now. Adobe Illustrator CC with Signcut CC Plugin installed and functioning properly. i have sent over, Saved Down (CS4 i believe worked?) EPS files that have worked and loaded into Signcut. Need a good video to help set my illustrator file alligned also.. if someone has a good video or details for that. (Illustrator specifically.) A 7 Day free trial of Signcut Pro for Mac. Installed and working. Any suggestions if this is the best program for the job i'm dealt with.. (Compatibility, Price(looking for least expensive way to set up. Im on a broke college student budget at the moment) US Cutter Laserpoint, with drivers installed but, have yet to make it work. - Connected Via USB A video helping me get the Signcut to read and print from my Mac (any plugins, or other 3rd party apps needed to get it to print from my Mac Aligning The Rolls I have rolls of vinyl so I need assistance Aligning loading the roll if anyone can direct me to a good video for that, specifically for the Laserpoint if possible. Thanks guys I hope this isnt too much info. I have just having a hard time getting specific videos for these topics. figured this is the place for that. Any Tips and Pointers, Vinyl suggestions, ETC would be AMAZING also
  21. Hello, I have been vectoring logo's on illustrator using a Mac for the last three yeas and using Cutstudio to cut them on my Roland Gx-24 plotter. Everything worked fine until yesterday when I selected my vectorized objects and they are now not appearing in the Cutstudio preview window, making it unavailable to cut. I am having this problem with all my files now I have contacted Roland but still waiting to hear back from a tech. Anyone know what the solution might be? Thanks.
  22. I bought a gcc jaguar IV froma company that used it as their floor model. It was supposed to come with greatcuts etc. I understand that greatcuts is not mac compatible BUT that disk also has the directcut program on it. Is there anyway to get the DIrectCut program by itself (free or not)? I have Signcutpro (another topic) seems to really have some issues with contour cutting. any help would be appreciated. Mike
  23. Hey Folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently purchased an MH 871-MK2 from US-Cutter and it is working perfectly fine with the USB connection directly from my Mac Mini/OSX 10.7.5 - No serial converter needed. I basically installed the Sure Cuts A Lot software that came with the cutter. Once installed and registered, the SCAL software advised me that there was an update available, and I performed the update to SCAL Ver 3.047. In the Help menu on SCAL there was an option to install drivers for MH series cutters, which I did. I then rebooted my Mac. After the reboot, I plugged the USB cable directly from the mac to the 871's USB port, fired up SCAL - dragged a shape onto the layout screen, and hit the cut button - Sure enough the cutter came alive and plotted out the pattern perfectly happily. hopefully things will go as easily for other MAC users.. Todd
  24. Has anyone had any luck with Mountain Lion? I'm able to get all the drives installed it seems, and I am seeing a RS232 device show up in the System Report using the latest FTDI drivers. But nothing happens when I click the "Cut" button. What about using bootcamp to boot into Windows? Everything work as expected? Want to see if there is any hope before I buy a new PC
  25. I am new and trying to find out what the best software to use is I plan on using my MacBook pro. I want to be able to be mobile and want a reliable software on the go. I currently use SignBlazer on my PC but it does not support Mac. I will be using mainly vinyl and I own a UScutter Laserpoint machine. I will be doing t-shirts, banners, decal, vehicle graphics, and signs. Thank you for you input!