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Found 120 results

  1. Hello everyone. I just started working for a new small business that manufactures fishing products (tackles, baits, etc). The partners are currently running it and asked me to try and learn how to use their SummaCut D60R for the time being until they get a warehouse person that knows more. Apparently the person before me was able to find a work around, but I have no idea how! And they didn't leave notes on it. Personally, size wise, I think it's too small to go through properly but idk. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm trying my best. Essentially they want to be able to make the 6 inch material be able to work through the Summacut D60R, but when I try to load it, the vinyl material just moves around and doesn't cut properly and stops cutting all together. And when I try to move it around to fit better in the machine, the cutter either can't "find it" (has to scan for the size as I have no idea how to change this manually in the cutter control program), or it will scan it, but when I try to load the design to print, it says that the job is too small (which it isn't). I was wondering if you guys have any idea how I can make a work around? If not, that's okay too. I took a couple pictures to give you guys a better idea. If there isn't a work around, it's not that big of a deal as it sounds like the person before took awhile to figure it out. Thank you!
  2. Please Help. Model:MH721 Program:SCAL Pro I am cutting circles that seem a little off. Not oval just off. The only think that makes a difference (for the good) is reducing pressure to 30g but this don’t seem to go all the way through the vinyl. At 40g it cuts but deforms the circles a little. Higher pressure makes it works. I have tried: Different lead, different PC, changing blade length, blade speed, vinyl type, Offset and over it, new blade, different program. Anyone have a solution.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a file that needs to be printed and contour cut but I need it converted to a pdf file. Can anyone help me with that? We bought this used software from someone that went out of business. This is not the software we typically use, hence we have not really learned how to use it yet. TOP GUN FUTURE.vDoc
  4. Hi, I have Graphtec Pro studio 3.40, pretty positive its just a rebrand of flexi. Been using for years but i am doing a job that needs to be cut in panels. which it did but i messed up panel 2. Need to just re-cut panel 2 (i can't just cut the logo in design and send because it needs the .200 overlap.) So i need to select the whole logo and send to cut to make it in panels and have that overlap. But i can't find anywhere the option to just send panel 2 of the 3. It just wants to send the whole job. Which is 100" so don't want to cut all that just for 1 of the 3 panels. I use to work with omega software and i could just select any panel to send. Figured this should be an option here and i am just missing something? Thanks
  5. Hi, Can anyone help?? I've got a Liyu SC631 cutter that I've just started using. Its all set up and I'm cutting using 'Inkscape' as recommended by the retailer I bought it from. However, I've had a few problems. At first the small parts of designs weren't weeding properly, I changed the blade and this seemed to rectify the problem. Now, the problem is, the clean lines of a design are not cutting as on screen. Lines seem to be cutting at various thicknesses, I've attached pictures of the vinyl and the design, you can see the problem particularly on the trees. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks!
  6. bevans

    Which Cutter to pick

    HELP! Im learning how to use signblazer and my cutter is not listed in the options! which one do i click? I have the US Cutter MH871 MK2
  7. Right, hello all! This is all very new to me, so bare with the best you can and forgive me if I use any incorrect terminology. So we recently picked up an Liyu SC641-A off a good friend of ours who runs a printing company. With the purchase, they also kindly threw in the Computer which they had, up until recently, been using to run it (so it should work and be compatible). When we down to collect it, they even gave us a demonstration of it working off their new laptop, to show the cutter was in full working order. Software wise its running Windows 7, CorelDraw alongside SignBlazer elements for cutting, connected via a USB to serial converter (again which they showed was in full working order) MY ISSUE After faffing around for literally 7+ hours and tirelessly reading through existing Forum discussions, I managed to get the Computer and Cutter talking. Problem is, once I send it to cut, I get nothing. Now I do believe they are communicating, as once I send it to the cutter, the display shows 'Receiving Data' before returning to idle having not completely its job. Or having done anything for that matter. THINGS I HAVE TRIED Making sure all the COM settings matched up (picture below) Altering the COM settings in parallel such as upping the Bauld rate, to see if it made any difference Tried alternative COM ports through 1-4 as well as different usb ports Uninstalling an Re-installing driver software that came with the Cutter (have tried numerous files off the installation disc to see if this makes and difference, but have resided to what I believe to be the correct one) Ran the 'Test' on the Cutter to see if it was mechanical, which it isn't Tried altering Origin point on Cutter Tried different files and shapes Despite all this I'm still not getting anything, I've even tried phoning them to see if the could assist but I've tried everything they've suggested, so I'm now at and ends and unsure how to proceed? Ive even tried downloading 'Sure cuts a lot' to my Mac, but I can't install the Driver for my Cutter, as the page no longer works? Any help will be much appreciated, Jake
  8. Hello I have a SC2 and have had it for a few months now. Started a job and I noticed there were perforated cuts happening (I have ordered a new cut strip and blade) At first I thought it was the cut strip, so I took the protective tape off the adhesive strip from the very first strip installed from the factory (since they dont replace that anyway when you put in a new strip) to help the perforated issue since the tape had some grooves. It didnt help all that much even though there weren't any grooves in the cut strip itself. For the sake of finishing the job, I cut the designs twice through to make sure everything cut out to get past the perforated issue until I got the replacement strip. That worked for a few feet of the roll, but by the end of the job there were more and more lines and shapes that were partially cut or completely missing, thus having me to run it twice through (cutting the last few logos a total of 4 times). I noticed the timing of the motor moving and the blade being placed down on the vinyl to cut were a few seconds off (indicating that the timing was getting more and more off with the more I used it, and that the cut strip didn't seem to be the main issue here-- Ive still ordered a new one just in case as well as a new blade) By the end of the job and taking the video attached in this thread, you can see that the timing was getting more and more drastic-- you can see that while doing the test the pen didn't even draw the triangle at all, while the test right before to the right drew it partially. The pictures I attached of a logo were cut twice, and yet some of the letters weren't partially there, but completely missing. This indicated that the blade is not the issue since it still cut out other things, and the perforated or missing letters were the same across the logos-- like the A would sometimes be missing entirely or the same specific line of a letter would be missing on multiple logos paced differently along the material, indicating that the cut strip was not at fault for this issue The major problem here is that the timing of the blade and motor are off, and I dont know how to recalibrate them. The recalibration for the machine in the manual is to make sure the vinyl is aligned correctly, but not for the timing of the motor and the blade. Has anyone else had this issue? I will be calling support in 2 days on Monday when they open, but until then anything helps! I was able to finish this small job luckily, but I need this to be fixed asap because its extremely time consuming to deal with cutting designs out more than once and the having to manually exacto the incomplete cuts, and this definitely effects the quality if I have to manually cut them out, which is why I have my plotter in the first place.. so thank you and anything helps! Cutter issue.mp4
  9. smitay

    new to vinyl everything.

    I'm a new to it all DIY'r that quite honestly needs a bit of direction on what to buy to get into custom wrapping? I'd like to start out with small things:, shirts, stickers, corn hole boards, small landscape trailers and possibly move onward and upward. For instance which type vinyl machine or even program will be best for 3 or 4 layering or colors in a design? Thanks for the help or any advice. I appreciate it.
  10. sleeveofwizzard

    Logo redo - Graphic Design

    Hello all, Any of you interested in reworking a logo for me. It is currently a simple design single color. I would like someone to add some detail to it for cut vinyl on a truck. Finished product to have two or three colors. Let me know if anyone is interested and your rate. Thanks
  11. Hello Total newbie here, I just got the Graphtec CE6000-60 plus and I have trying to set it up to cut Oracal 631 vinyl. I am doing my test cuts with the little square and triangle, and I can not get the machine to produce a good test cut, the lines of my squares and triangles are all crooked I cannot get it to cut a perfect square or triangle. I have tried adjusting all the different settings, the Force, Offset blade depth etc. but nothing is working. I am using the CB09UB - 1 Blade. I have also tried cutting a circle from Graphtec Studio as a test and the circle came out all oblong and crooked not a smooth perfect circle. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. I recently pulled out my Vinyl Express R series for the first time, it was given to me by my Mom. I assumed it would just be plug and play, but so far I haven't been able to do anything and it seems like any link to software I might be able to use with it doesn't exist anymore. If someone could please give me some sort of information on where to start it would be greatly appreciated, I'm running windows 10..not sure what other information would be helpful other than I have no experience with any of this.
  13. Hello All, My boyfriend has a Graphtec CE 6000-60 which we had in storage due to moving. We cannot seem to find the power cord. We've been trying to find one everywhere, but we are truly lost. If the amps are correct the voltage is wrong. Has anyone else needed to replace theirs? We see on the outside it is labelebed "AC" and on the inside it says "15 A 250 V." If anyone knows how to go about finding a replacement power cord that will fit and work for our cutter, please advise! Thank you soooo much, in advance!!!
  14. Hi I’m Jeanny I’m very new dealing with this type of machine and this cutter is not making the whole cuts I mean... when I’m making a circle or a letter it not cutting all the way idk what’s wrong I need help
  15. signsbynorm


  16. Hi, I'm quite new to the whole making shirts and garments business and I've been using koala dark heat transfer paper and the first time I use it I get loads of little black dots on my design I'll leave a picture below. Can someone let me know why this has happened please. Thanks
  17. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Image help

    Is anyone able to help me get this image to a more one color cuttable image? Would mainly like to keep the "Warrior" himself, and the shield...any and all helpnis greatly appreciated. I use SCAL4Pro if that makes a difference..
  18. I am a fit frustrated and disappointed. I have owned my cutter since 2015 but have only used it about 2 times, maybe 3. Today I went to make something for a friend and noticed the belt was hanging a bit. But because I never use it, I never thought much of it. I went ahead and click cut and the cutter would only cut in a straight line. I immediately canceled the cut noting the belt was dangling. I touched it and it fell into my hand. Turns out the belt was chewed in half on the right side. see pics. there is a big chunk missing. This makes me think it was not installed properly from the beginning. My question is. how do I reinstall it once i purchase the belt located here[ShoppingCartModule]/remove_item/cart_index/0[ShoppingCartModule]/remove_item/cart_index/0 ALPBELTSHRT Are there any videos on how to install this properly because I don't want to have to buy another belt. I feel like I shouldn't have to purchase this one because of the lack of use on this machine but realize it has been a few years since the purchase. Help would be good.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the game and don't quite yet know all the "rules" and such. One of the projects I will be working on involves sublimating a plastic sheet in this case PET and as I don't have any experience nor a "scientific" background (let's say chemistry wasn't my forte growing up lol) I was wondering if the material had the necessary qualities that would let the ink adhere to it. Also would it matter how it comes out if the plastic was transparent, opague or if the thickness of the material would change anything? Thanks for any input!
  20. Hey all, After spending days trying to look for a solution online and not finding anything, I finally made an account myself seeking help from people that actually know what they're doing. Below I've included a picture of both the template I'm using to cut from, and the finished product cut and weeded (no copyright content just generic shapes). As you can see in the template, what I'm trying to cut is mostly rounded squares and circles. I've checked the dimensions multiple times in the cutting software and they are equal and accurate mathematically. However if you take a look at the cut product (its much easier to see if you zoom in) there are a lot of imperfections. For example a lot of the circle stickers are actually more oval/egg shape than they are circles. I understand a machine cannot make a perfect circle, but surely it can do better than what it's doing now? Also for the rounded squares, it appears that each corner is rounded differently (ie. the bottom left corner is more round than the top right corner on some). I'm not sure what's causing this as I'm very new to vinyl cutting. Any suggestions or help would be seriously appreciated, thanks so much guys. If you need any more information feel free to ask and I'll get it to you if I know how to. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because these stickers were made to block very bright LED lights, these are actually composed of TWO layers of vinyl. So I have a black layer of vinyl, that I then overlay with a white piece of vinyl - then that double layered piece of vinyl is what goes through the cutter. I'm not sure if that'll affect anything besides cutting pressure, but it does mean I'm cutting through practically double the material. I also do put the vinyl onto a Cricut vinyl cutting mat that I run through the vinyl cutter to save space and not waste resources, since I'm only cutting on a 12x6" square of vinyl. MH Mk2 Cut Speed: 300 mm/s Cut Press: 390g Up Speed: 200 mm/s Baud rate: 4800 Blade Offset: 0.30 Blade: 45 Degrees
  21. We’ve just updated all the Tech Support FAQs which deal with current issues, and is available for USCutter customers 24/7/365. Tech Support FAQ: Main Site: You will find many issues are dealt with on this website, and we can add and amend these FAQs as required. We also welcome your input. If you have a technical issue please lodge a ticket here: Thank you for your support
  22. So i'm trying to import an design that is EPS and made in illustrator but for some reason WINPCSIGN removes two circles of the design when importing it. Its a LOGO with text in middle and then three circles surrounding the text. Anyone got a clue whats wrong?
  23. Alphamisfits

    Small pieces pulling up! Help please!

    Hi I'm still fairly new to this , originally I was using a 45 degree blade and I watched some videos and got everything good and have been cutting good for quite awhile but now I felt the blade should be changed ( not sure) so I put in a new 45 degree blade and ran a test which I thought was good . It cut the vinyl and didn't cut the wax paper but now it's starting to pull small pieces up here and there , I have had this happen like maybe 1 spot here in there no biggie but now I just got like 7-8 spots on my last 12x12 cut . Any ideas what I'm doing wrong n how to fix it.
  24. homesteadstencilco


    Hey Y'all I am new here SO please excuse my ignorance~ I have been using Sign Blazer for almost 10 yrs... I realize it is no longer available , and I am looking to the future of my business so I am not left out to dry when the time comes and I can no longer use the SB program ... I am looking to get a new design program and need certain features.. I do not want to pay and are and 4 legs, but need input so I have landed here for you guys expert info... I have never used anything but the Sign Blazer program so YEAH not to savvy so please bare with me ~ I need a program that I can import SVG or EPS I need it to be able to save my files as EPS OR SVG as well I need a program I can EXPORT JPG or photo in order to show my customer their previews I need a weld, a slice and a distort feature any suggestions or input is welcomed
  25. rossmarc

    Paper Feed

    Hello I just got my mh 871 mk2 cutter. I have gotten it all set up and things started going -smoothly, and then... I need help. For some reason now my cutter is advancing about a foot of vinyl before cutting. I use Vinyl Master Cut as that is what came with it. I might have changed a setting somewhere but I cant find it. Any help would be awesome. Thanx!!