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  1. ARC Text... 

    I am having trouble using arc text and I upgraded to LTR yet I am unable to put the text on the bottom. I dont have the choice of moving it from top to the bottom can someone help?


    1. VinylMaster


      In order to see/use the Arc Text tools you may need to click on the Hide/Reveal arrow (blue color) as show below/attached (this pops the tools out).

      Also, you must be in Arc Text mode (also shown below/attached) to see/use the Arc Text tools and have typed at least 1 (one) character.


    2. Billiam151




      This is my screen, I am not seeing what your showing.. 


      Thank you.. 


  2. VinylMaster

    Help, multiple computers

    This policy has not changed since 1988: You can install the software onto as many computers as you like and then design your work and save it off. However, if you want to output from a particular computer then it needs to be Activated and you get one (1) Activation per license. Also, there are significant discounts for additional licenses. Note: You can always Deactivate a computer and Activate another as many times as you like.
  3. VinylMaster

    Paragraph Text Mode unavailable

    This is available in VinylMaster PRO and above. Please click on this guide which outlines each level of the software: VinylMaster Levels
  4. All tickets are responded to as they arrive 7 days per week. No one is ignored. However, many people are using free email services from Google and Microsoft etc. These platforms do not care about tech support email and often see it as Spam so it is sent to your Junk or Spam folder or blocked altogether. Hence you may not even know we have replied to you. Solution, mark or set as a safe sender. In regard this thread, this is from the support tech: The fact is, some issues do take time to resolve and we are constantly working on tech support issues, many of which are not of our making or within our control.
  5. Printer drivers must be updated regularly especially when there are Windows and Antivirus updates as these are well documented to stop them from functioning correctly or at all. This is a matter between Canon and Microsoft.
  6. What did Canon say about their Printer and driver?
  7. CUT Documents start in PRO.
  8. VinylMaster

    Can I import from SCAL to VM cut?

    Either Save As or Export in the other software (usually from the File menu) and then Import (File menu) or Drag and Drop into VinylMaster. Also .ai and .pdf are good formats.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to cut vinyl for a stencil.  The font I'm using has too much space above and below it so it won't fit.  Any ideas how to get rid of the spacing above and below so that I can get my phrase with the box around it cut?  I would so appreciate any help to cut this out!! Thank you!!



    1. midwestmomm
    2. midwestmomm


      second picture shows the text when i click on it

    3. midwestmomm


      Hello I'm still looking for help with this project. 


  10. VinylMaster

    Cameo 4

    Yes it should be fine from all our testing to date
  11. VinylMaster

    Nudge setting

    This is managed in User Settings or Preferences. Please click the Help (menu) > Help Topics in the software to bring up the manual. You can use the Keyword search to find the topic that relates to this issue and/or expand out the folders to drill down to the topic. Search: Nudge
  12. Tiling is in VinylMaster PRO and DSR and not LTR.
  13. I am trying to cut with registration marks and cut wizzard. After I align my marks up and select print, the rollers just keep rolling the paper out and the blade goes from left to right. How do I fix?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more


      Is that cutter from UScutter?  If so, it doesn't have a laser on it. I have never seen anyone be able to do it with a MH vinyl cutter from Uscutter.  Good luck


    3. kaoticspeed


      Yes it is. That is my issue. Thank you for your help. I appreciate you. If you have any ideas how to work around this without buying another cutter I would appreciate the info.




      Your welcome,  but I wouldn't know.  

  14. VinylMaster

    Registration marks

    If you make your own registration mark or marks you do not use the Registration Marks in Send to be Cut. When you send the artwork the registration mark or marks you made will appear on each color layer. You can then use these marks as a layout guide. For example, 3 circles with one square registration mark:
  15. VinylMaster

    Registration marks

    Draw out any object/shape you like and just set it to a Registration color from the right side toolbar and it will appear on every cut color.