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  1. LuckyStickerCo

    Titan 2 Question

    Scalping is illegal.
  2. LuckyStickerCo

    what to do??

    I'm sure you have gotten your new cutter by now. But just to add for future readers, you don't have servo motor until the Titan 2 which has contour cutting but registration is manual. For servo and Automatic Registration for contour cutting, you'll need at least a Titan 3. Which I will say is a great machine in action. The added vacuum hold on the material makes using scraps to cut small things a breeze. Just my .02¢
  3. I had a similar conversation with an owner of a LazerPoint ll, and she still swears you can't move them to accommodate different size media because there are stickers showing where to position them.
  4. VM Cut A friend whom is further advanced did this for me. It was a logo, he made it 3d and then deleted the outline. He's not using VM software, but I need to know if this can be done with any of the VM software.
  5. LuckyStickerCo

    Node Manipulation

    VM Cut, looking for info on node deletion. If I correct the part and I need to delete the extra unnecessary node, can't figure that out.
  6. LuckyStickerCo

    3D Text

    Yes I have InkScape. I've only had it for a couple weeks so I'm still learning to familiarize myself with it. I do believe I'm just going to have to spend the money to upgrade to Pro.
  7. LuckyStickerCo

    3D Text

    I searched for this in Vinyl Master Users on Facebook, but there's not enough people there to be a good support team. And VM's tech support is non existent. So maybe someone here can help. I have VM Cut(US Cutter) at this time. What I want to do is maybe manipulate an outline or just make my font 3 dimensional. Similar to pics. Thanks in advance. 3CkPeJy5
  8. LuckyStickerCo

    Cant find psn location

    The PSN is the Product Serial Number. This is the "Key" that comes with the software that you are using. Mine was on a card labelled "Product Key" with a yellow sticker with the numbers on it. This is what you need.
  9. LuckyStickerCo

    Hello From Tampa Area FL

    Hello, We are relatively new to the industry of signage. We attempted to get started about 4 years ago when we purchased a used plotter, press, and some screen printing supplies. Unfortunately we were robbed shortly after and it was a total loss and nothing was recovered. Leaving us very discouraged. But thanks to time and US Cutter, we are attempting to get started again. We have all worked in logo, t-shirt, and decal design for a few years at different levels so it's not all totally new to us. But this will be our second attempt to step out on our own. Hoping that with the help of some locals and this forum and others, we can get this ball rolling. Thank You for accepting us.