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Found 16 results

  1. So I was cutting a piece of vinyl and the cut messed up and I had to pull the vinyl out because it was jammed when I went to cut the sheet again it would read it was cutting on the computer but nothing was happening with the cutter I checked the cutter and there was a blank screen I tried resetting it and it would reset display the product name as It does and go blank again I have tried everything I know to do
  2. Hello, I was offered a used 28" Titan 2 for $500 but my friend knows nothing about it like how old it is, if software comes with it, if any blades are with it, when his uncle bought it or anything. My question for everyone is are there any issues I need to be concerned about or can I plug it in and get it running? Is this a durable machine that normal wear and tear won't affect it's reliability no matter the age? Is the machine easy to fix if there is a problem? Does USCutter still provide phone support for secondhand users? Also, I am a MAC user and plan to design in Illustrator. I have no problem buying new software if needed. I just want to know if I should be worried about a used machine and not knowing it's history. Is $500 even a good price? Sorry for all the questions but any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Help! Has anyone seen the DRV ERROR - RESTART POWER message?? I have a TITAN 2 that is only 3 months old. I have ticket in with USC and was advised to move the carriage from left to right with machine off to correct go on that one. I have disconnected all power sources as well to break connection. HELP? Have a big order to get out. Any advice appreciated.
  4. So, I currently have an SC series cutter and it's done great for about three years That being said, since day one, the thing likes to randomly freeze in the middle of cutting, which is a real pain in the A because you end up losing whatever cut you were working on (cut could freeze within the first few cuts or could freeze on the last few cuts...never know) Sadly enough, I've gotten in the habit of cutting about 20" worth of vinyl at a time, then cycling the power for a few minutes...cut again...cycle power, etc. and it seems to work better With that in mind, USCutter was not really able to help be besides suggesting changing the port, re-installing the driver, getting an anti-static mat, attaching a second ground wire, etc. Mid last week, I went ahead and ordered the Titan 2 (been eyeballing it for some time as I think it'll be a better fit for the volume of work I'm pushing through the SC) The one thing I am halfway disappointed with on the Titan is the amount of RAM / memory that's built in Is there a way to upgrade the RAM / memory of the cutter itself? Thanks!
  5. I have a Titan 2 and it stops every time I get a text message or when my computer goes to sleep. While I can get it to start back up again once I wake the computer up, I can't get it to start up again after I get that text. What the heck is going on? How can I prevent this? I have a macbook pro and an iPhone. I'm also using SCAL. It should not do this! can anyone help? Even if you just can tell me how to get it to keep cutting after the text I'd really appreciate that. I'm wasting tons of vinyl! Thanks, Lolly
  6. Hi there - I got a Titan 2 for Christmas and was really bummed at the lack of instructions / guidance that came with the machine. I contacted support and was supposed to get a sheet of paper that directed me to links to see the manual, and guides, but my machine didn't come with that. I was able to find information online (but it was really scattered about and is still lacking the kind of instructions I am looking for). I feel like I'm shooting in the dark. I had to search around to figure out how to move the rollers. I saw someone post something in this forum about reading the manual - but the manual doesn't say anything about HOW to move the rollers or that the Titan 2 rollers are evidently really difficult to move (as I found in another post). I also had a tremendous amount of frustration with setting up the stand as the video I found was moving so fast my husband and I had to keep pausing and rewinding the video over and over and over to figure out how to get it together (this was from the us cutter Vimeo page). This is my very first vinyl cutter. I had never seen one in person or see how it was used other than a few videos on YouTube. I have a CO2 laser that came with videos, an incredible manual and tons of online support. What I was hoping I could get with this machine was a cheat sheet of sorts that gives you some basic setting starting points for different vinyl materials. I use my cheat sheet with my CO2 laser every time I start cutting / engraving new materials. It gives me a baseline to start from that I can tweak / test from there. Do you guys have anything like that for Vinyl cutting with this machine? I've included a picture of my laser's cheat sheet so you can see what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry if I come off as a little whiny. I really want to learn how this machine works, but feel like I got this awesome device and it's totally up to me to figure it out (via a TON of searching around online). Lolly
  7. Hey y'all, It's Sarah again. Right now I'm cutting with the MH871-MK2, and it's done well for what I was doing. Now I'm getting into contour cutting (I have a designjet z6100 for printing) and need something with laser/optic eye for contouring... I found a greeeat deal for a USC LaserPoint2 that somes WITH VinylMaster.. It's 379.00. Now, I have a huge order coming due where I'm going to need contour cutting in small letters. Will that machine work and work well? I want to get a Graphtec, but until I get this order DONE, the money isn't available... so should I go for the good deal and get the LP2? I've read a little about the Titan 2 and 3 and honestly wasn't impressed... Also, is the LP2 stepper or servo?? Thanks! Sarah
  8. busterbay

    Titan 2 Question

    I recently updated to SCALP 3.075 and my Titan 2 is cutting slower than normal. However my SC is cutting faster. Both are being run on separate computers. Anyone else experiencing this with SCALP ?
  9. Question for everyone, looking to order new vinyl cutter. I like the titan 3 was torn between the 28" and 68" like the 28" price but don't want to be limited in the future on design sizes. anyways I saw on ebay they have a 54" cutter for sale for a really good price and that would be a good size for the me. question is was there anything wrong with the 54s and should I purchase a cutter that has no warranty like the one on ebay. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hoping to chat with some folks about vinyl choices for caps in particular but in general as well
  11. houstonwehaveaproblem

    Issues with Titan 2

    I have an email in with us cutters right now, just waiting on a reply. While I wait I would like to find out if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues. I am not new to vinyl cutters, I have been using them the last few years so this isn't my first set up. I followed all the directions on start pdf too, just to be on the safe side. Up until last week I have been using a laser point 2, with SCAL3 e Now on with the problem. the machine is set up. I have vinyl master installed. correct driver is installed. I open an SVG saved from AI, try to cut and it does not cut correctly, it is 2'x2' and instead of cutting across the cutter it is making small cuts at the origin then spooling 2' of material and making a few small cuts and bouncing back and fourth. I cancel the cut try and rotate the image a few different times and nothing is working. I then say screw it and let it go. after about 8-10 minutes in the cutter starts to overlap the image and I have to cancel the cut. I try tracing the image in vinyl master and I get the same effect. keep in mind this is the same file I've used in SCAL over the past year on the laser point. I try all the calibration options in vinylmaster multiple times. I give up with vinylmaster and open SCAL 3. I load the Titan 2 into "my cutter" and bring up a SCAL file that I always use and know it to work on the laser point. The cut order is much better and it seems like it is cutting smoothly. The issue is when I go to weed my project there are gaps in some areas and overlap in others. I cut a second sheet before I picked the first, the second has the same issues however the gaps and overlaps are not in the same place. they are located in different areas. I am beginning to think it is the offset of the cutter or possibly the cutter is a lemon... I'm not sure, hopefully USC will fix me up and I can get back to business. If anyone else has any tips Please help me out. Being without my vinyl cutter feels very weird, and I have orders coming in that I have to refuse or have an extremely log wait time.
  12. Hello I just cloned my primary disc. same OS. scal 4 pro device ( cutter) shows up in devices, will not run.system shows the cutter and also shows not connected to usb should i uninstall program and then reinstall. thanks C
  13. Hi, I'm a Graphic Designer in Reno Nevada. I purchased a us cutter Titan 2 vinyl cutter and I'm learning about cutting vinyl decals and t-shirt transfers on a heat press.
  14. Okay so a couple years ago I brought a 31" Vinyl Express R-Series II Cutter/Plotter from Sign Warehouse, and upgraded all software to the Master Plus 10.5 version. Now in 2015, after so many problems with my original cutter from Sigh Warehouse, I purchased the Titan 2 from US Cutter w/ the SCAL PRO 3. What I can NOT figure out is how can I use the Titan 2 with the LEXI MASTER SOFTWARE, and also SCAL PRO 3? I have been told that I can use the software with my new cutter, but I can not for the life of me, figure out why it doesn't pick up any info on the new cutter at all. The Titan by far that I have seen thus far is GREAT, and it cuts unlike the funky R-Series Cutter. I do a lot of Race car designs, vinyl lettering & graphics, and really need to get this sorted out asap, since we are in the season for racing. Any advice, or help would be wonderful. Here is my E-mail address, if needed :
  15. I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6 to print directly to my Titan2, everything works great except it will not cut retangles! If I draw a rectangle filled black or any color without a stroke it will simply not cut with the image.. If I add strokes it will cut both inside and outside of the stroke line. My question is why does it cut every other shape that is simply filled with black but not rectangles. It is a pain in the butt! Is there a setting or something I have to do? Trying to print text with the IMPACT font and does not cut any of the I's...
  16. Primal Decals

    Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro Help

    Im new here and already got in trouble once since ive been on here not knowing where to ask questions and to not post multiple things.So lets see if i can get this right lol.. Ok. so i finally got my cutter up and running and got my software going as well.I tried to do a text for test with a shadow behind it at attempting layers . I think i did something wrong( I know i did) so im hoping someone has a better way or an idea of what went wrong and point me in the right direction.. Here is the 2 images i cut, but i did not try to apply to each other cause i realized i had the wrong transfer tape lol and i have no clue about how to have a registration mark correctly placed and sized..So im hoping to get help with both things.So i am ordering my new tape tomorrow for doing layers.Any Suggestions On Tape from us cutter ,I think i need low tack as well since im using oracal 751. The Font is Called Authentic Hilton. The top image is my top layer and the dark image is my Shadow. I Noticed the "i" is welded and i dont know why. My cutter is a Titan 2 W/ Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro Running Adobe Illustrator cs6 And Photoshop Cs6