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  1. Question for anyone doing banners, only place I can find to order banner blanks that are already made to size is uscutter is there any other companies out there selling pre sized and finished blanks?
  2. schesel1

    Titan 3 54" on ebay help!

    Okay so it would be between the 28 and 68 then, can someone do mostly everything off a 28 or would it be smart to go large right away?
  3. Question for everyone, looking to order new vinyl cutter. I like the titan 3 was torn between the 28" and 68" like the 28" price but don't want to be limited in the future on design sizes. anyways I saw on ebay they have a 54" cutter for sale for a really good price and that would be a good size for the me. question is was there anything wrong with the 54s and should I purchase a cutter that has no warranty like the one on ebay. Thanks for the help.