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Found 11 results

  1. Crystal H

    Canon PRO-4000 banner material??

    I'd like to know if I can print an outdoor banner with my Canon PRO-4000. Here's what I need in choosing banner media: For aqueous ink Double-sided (to be stretched across a road) Will hang outdoors for 2-3 months a year Wind and water resistant Lost lasting The existing banner that we use costs $650 to order. Looking to save some money for the community.
  2. Question for anyone doing banners, only place I can find to order banner blanks that are already made to size is uscutter is there any other companies out there selling pre sized and finished blanks?
  3. Hi all, I need to buy a blank banner for which I am making a sign for a friend. 5 feet x 30 or 36" would be great. Black would be best but white will work too. I don't see me ever making another so I can't justify the cost to get set up to make any more. Vinyl decals and tee shirts are a hobby for me. I can PayPal the cost and shipping. Thank you! Joyce~
  4. BlackLiteSpecial

    GreenStar 18oz Banner and FrogJuice

    Has anyone out there used the aerosol version of the FrogJuice 7000 UV resistant coating on the GreenStar banners? I am putting together a cut vinyl banner for a customer who is hoping for better outdoor longevity, and asked if I could put a UV coating on the finished banner. My research lead me to find the FrogJuice, and I've seen it recommended for not just printed banners but to help seal the edges of cut vinyl. I'll be laying down white Avery 900 series cast vinyl on an 18oz red GreenStar banner. Thanks in advance!
  5. Help me out with the pricing, please. I plan to use Oracal 651 that I have for these and 4mm coroplast. They are outdoor, but to be used at only a couple of day events. 1 - 3' x 6' Vinyl Banner, one sided, one color. with 8 grommets 1 - 2' X 6' Coroplast Sign, one sided, one color with 6 grommets 2 - 2' X 2' Coroplast sign, one sided, one color with 4 grommets each Each of these will have different graphics and text. the graphics are business logos from business cards. She did give me one 8.5" X 11" sheet of the logo for the 3' X 6' banner but it is cut off on the top and bottom and still going to require me to do some manual digitizing. Not a trace and go kind of thing. I know what my materials cost me, digitizing time I am unsure of since I am new to this... Also these are one time signs as far as I can tell. Just curious what some of the experienced professionals on here would price this kind of job at (Ballpark of course) so I know if I am way off base. Thank you!! Marie
  6. Hi Everyone, I made this banner for the school where my wife teaches. It is for the principal who is retiring this year. Once the school staff saw the banner they all want to know what something like this would cost. I don't know what to tell them because this is my first attempt at a banner. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ok, so I am in need of 1 banner blank 3' x 8'. It seems all I the better I can find online is about $26 shipped for one blank. Anyone know of a better place, or would one of you guys that make your own mind selling me a 3x8 foot banner blank? I'm not at the stage to buy a roll and make my own. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Chuck.
  8. HI! My husband usually posts on here but he had to run down to the office so I am posting. We are doing a few banners that need to be done tonight. They are our first ones. The graphics have air bubbles though and it looks terrible. Is there any way to fix it or do we have to start all over again? And let's say we pull the vinyl off and redo do we not have air bubbles this time? We did not use the wet method and we do not have a huge squeegee, just regular sized. Thanks!
  9. kelliann

    Banner hemming

    I tried something new. Well, new to me. It worked really quite well, so I thought I'd share. I was looking for a really great way to hem the edges on a banner that would be outside in the wind, snow, rain, and cold weather. (I purchased a large blank roll, and was hoping to save some money doing it that way.) I tried using hem luck, just didn't stick well enough. I tried using my sewing machine to hem the luck, just kept breaking the thread (I shall try it again another time though). So I tried using some PVC glue. (A 2-part glue. I painted one edge with part 1 and the other side of the fold with part 2. Then I pressed them together). First, I tried it on a few practice pieces, soaked them in water and froze them. Once they were good and frozen, we grabbed the ends with pliers and pulled as hard as we could. The banner didn't tear. I also was able to punch a grommet through the layers. It seemed to seal the layers together nicely. *As a note, the PVC glue is a bit messy. So be careful where it touches. It melts/bonds the layers together, and it leaves the hemmed edge lumpy in places. I think with practice I can solve that issue.
  10. kelliann

    Hanging Street Banners

    Iam a newbie, but I have a few 4x40 street banners under my belt. I have tried a few things to reinforce the corners, because they seem to be ripping out. The weather plays a huge factor where the banners are located, mostly the high winds (traffic is only 25 mph, so that isn't an issue). I believe that it is the installation on the wires that has contributed to the corner grommets pulling out. I have no part in the installation, I just provide the banner. I understand that nearly all of the banners that are displayed in this location do the samething. From the pictures you can see how the city hangs the banner with clips onto a wire (the banner can freely move along the wire). Then the corners are tightened with a different cable. The banner is usually saggy. I have attached a photo, and I was hoping that you could give your feedback on the hanging of the banner. I spoke with a friend who is an engineer about my issue and his ideas were great, but I need to hear from someone who experience with this. I would like to include some recommendations to the city with my next banner.
  11. Steel546

    Decal vinyl on banner material?

    So, I'm wondering. I'm making some banners for a business, just black lettering on some yellow banners. Would using decal vinyl work just fine (Oracal 651) or would I need a heat vinyl, like Thermoflex Plus or what have you. Thoughts?