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Found 15 results

  1. Does anyone have a vector eps file of the 4-wheel Drive decal on the jeeps in the pictures below? Thank you in advanced!
  2. Hi Ladies and Gentleman, Has anyone perhaps got a .eps file of the PS4 Consol and controller as I would like to make a custom decal for my Playstation set. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Mayo
  3. mangekyousharingan

    Printing window decals.

    Hi. First of, forgive by bad english as it is not my 1st language. Im completely new to printing, well, except for A4 paper I am an engineering student with an eye for design, at least thats what people tell me. I like designing things for some reason I design webpages, gift cards, manuals, ads, brochures, signs, billboards, posters etc and I love it. Now I want to take it one step further and start to make som money but I have no idea how to start. I dont know what machines are used If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. I tried googling it and came over huge machines, bigger than my apartment that costs 200K+ and lost all hope but then I found something called: Epson Stylus Pro 9450. Its quite affordable, I can get a used one for about 1K. Is this the right printer for me? My main priority is to print store window decals/logo. Will this machine print on transparent adhesive paper? Do I need some special ink to counter rain and UV damage? Thanks
  4. andygeekboy

    Decal - Vinyl Cutting Advice

    In the below example would I be better layering the white on top of the red or the red on top of the white? Sorry if this is a rudimentary question but I'm struggling coming up with pro's/cons of either. Thanks
  5. These are really cheap and finally I have good containers for my birdseed and corn for the critters...
  6. I have attached the spreadsheet I have created for my business. These prices are based on the oracal 651 vinyl and the oracal fluorescent. I have been using this calculator for the past year and it works great for me. I have never had anyone ask about the pricing I use and it makes it nice for anyone in my shop to be able to price something without having to bother me. LOL Criticize if you please I am just throwing out my 2 cents on the whole "Pricing Thing" Hope this helps anyone in need.
  7. I was approached by a large motorcycle event and was asked to quote them on 1000 shirts and decals. They mentioned their previous contract printer gave them a great price as the items are for charity. What is everyone's policies on this type of partnership? 1000x Digitally printed decals - 5"w x 6"h 1000x Color Full back shirt - ~ 13"w x 20"h
  8. I am very new to sign making. I need help pricing this window decal. It is 5.4 inches x 4 inches, cut from Greenstar intermediate calendered vinyl and takes about 15 minutes to weed each one. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  9. Hey all, I am having trouble applying a wall sticker to a block wall. The joints between the blocks are causing me problems. Any suggestions? thanks!
  10. Hi all, I was recently ask if I could do some vinyl wall graphics. I don't usaully work with vinyl as I mostly use my cutter for making sandblasting stencils. I was hoping someone could tell me the basics of installing them and recommend a good vinyl for this application. Walls are indoors and are blocks with semi-gloss paint and a drywall (skim coat) with a statin paint finish. Thanks!
  11. d0m0nic

    I made a website!

    I have been working on making my own website to sell my vector images for use with cutters. It has taken ages bu has been fun, here is the result: I am still workng on the style and colouring as it is based on a pre made template from Shopify and I have lots of designs to add but it is tried and tested and working well. Here are a couple of files I have in the shop:
  12. Check out this new decal that I created and have for sell on eBay. I used a layering method that uses a background color of black, with accents in red and chrome. This decal features a custom Z71 with the extended red "Z" and the "71" is in Chrome. Also, for you offshore fishing fans, there is a custom drawn marlin peeping his head over the decal. These decals are unique and also for sale on eBay at this address: Come check it out
  13. Okay, so I bought a MH Series 871 Cutter a few months back, and it's been working great up until now. Going into this I had absolutley NO idea how to cut vinyl, transfer, etc. I have learned A LOT. We have used this thing for all sorts of Car Decals and Misc. Signage. Just today the cutter stopped working. It will not power up. I am looking into the problem and possible resolutions, however I am thinking it may be time for an upgrade anyways. I would like to be able to make multicolor vinyls to stick on our vehicles and signage, as well as create our own T-Shirts. Naturally I am completely unknowledgable as to how to do either of these. I figured I would post on here and get some opinions before trying to figure it all out by myself again. Now here is my question: Which vinyl cutter should we look at when trying to make a Decal identical to this. Also, what is the cheapest method of putting that same logo on a T-Shirt? We are looking to do this for our own company needs, no so much mass producing or anything. So we don't necessarily need a huge workhorse. Any input is greatly appreciated, be gentle.
  14. skbensin

    I need some decals cut.

    I have a customer who needs some full-color decals. The images need to be printed onto white reflective vinyl, they are approximately 5 inches tall. I would need about 40 total. Please PM or email me for more details.
  15. Steel546

    Decal vinyl on banner material?

    So, I'm wondering. I'm making some banners for a business, just black lettering on some yellow banners. Would using decal vinyl work just fine (Oracal 651) or would I need a heat vinyl, like Thermoflex Plus or what have you. Thoughts?