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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone have a vector eps file of the 4-wheel Drive decal on the jeeps in the pictures below? Thank you in advanced!
  2. Hi Ladies and Gentleman, Has anyone perhaps got a .eps file of the PS4 Consol and controller as I would like to make a custom decal for my Playstation set. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Mayo
  3. Hi all. I imported an EPS file. However, the software is not recognizing it and the vecortize option comes up. However, when you click on the vectorize button nothing happens. When you go to cut the image it is not recognized at all. All my other EPS files are good so far (knock on wood). But this one particularly is just not cooperating. Any ideas on what I might need to change. I've even renamed the file and made a new file and still this image just is not working in MVC 4.0. I create my own images with Affinity Designer. TIA!
  4. andygeekboy

    Robot Skull

    So, I'm thinking of redoing the logo for a gaming clan I belong to, possibly making some decals or a t-shirt or two for the lads and need a robot skull (evil) As I'm artistically challenged I was thinking of robot skull + a couple of crossed M4's + maybe a set of military wings + the clan name killabot and hey presto we're in business! This is the one we're using now, Thanks
  5. dcbevins

    Affinity Designer

    Thought I would give you guys a heads up that a publilc beta of Affinity Designer is out. I've been tinkering with it. It supports Pantone and CMYK. I don't now how much it will cost in the end, but the mac version costs £39.99, a bit over $52.00. Could be the Brexit brought the price down. This is a better link to the download as the main download page as a one version older:

    Is there an easy way to vectorize?

    Hello, Is there a good software program that will vectorize images easily? I use inkscape and trace bitmap, but whether the "smooth" or "smooth corners" boxes are selected or not, the image always turns out funky.
  7. opulent.designs

    Need help recreating this

    Already got the hand having major trouble with the rainbow Please help... If someone can get this with the white outline I'll be in your debt. THANK YOU! hand.svg
  8. Can anyone help me on an ongoing basis? I've been doing it myself but I think it takes me entirely too long to to make the .cdr/.esp files that I work with. At this point I'd rather ask someone else to make the vectors for me. I also have a bit of a unique technique so it's not as easy as just tracing because I want complete layers for shadowing and depth (maybe this is already something that's done but I haven't figured out to identify it). I can share my .cdr/.esp. examples (some examples of what I create are in my profile gallery too). Please let me know if something like this exist already, this would save me weeks of work. My photo Gallery My profile gallery

    Have Signblazer need advice on software

    I have been using a Pcut cutter and Signblazer. Im looking for a way to vectorize a number plate for my husband and sons dirtbikes, they race motocross in the wods so Ill need to update their stickers on there bikes. Thats when I realize that I dont know what I need. Im strictly self taught. Do I need inkscape, adobe, ?? Any programs that have side plate templates for KTM, Hondas?? Please help
  10. Hello, I have been vectoring logo's on illustrator using a Mac for the last three yeas and using Cutstudio to cut them on my Roland Gx-24 plotter. Everything worked fine until yesterday when I selected my vectorized objects and they are now not appearing in the Cutstudio preview window, making it unavailable to cut. I am having this problem with all my files now I have contacted Roland but still waiting to hear back from a tech. Anyone know what the solution might be? Thanks.
  11. jrstan54

    convert picture to eps

    I have a couple of pics that I would be willing to pay someone to vectorize for me. I will need to be able to etch glassware from the eps files created.
  12. jet1012

    Need help please.

    I am trying to figure out how to get this image into signblazer, any help please? I am starting to learn in the ins and outs of vectorizing. Thanks for any help in advance
  13. d0m0nic

    I made a website!

    I have been working on making my own website to sell my vector images for use with cutters. It has taken ages bu has been fun, here is the result: I am still workng on the style and colouring as it is based on a pre made template from Shopify and I have lots of designs to add but it is tried and tested and working well. Here are a couple of files I have in the shop:
  14. Hi I'm Jude and have been drawing vector files since 2000 for the sign, engraving and print industries. If you have a vector graphic but can't cut the right objects, I can make it cut-ready. Raster to vector conversion is what I do. If you need a bitmap image "cleaned" up and redrawn in vector format I can help. Even if you don't have the actual graphic (e.g. if you only have a photo of a truck with the graphic sign on the truck) I can reproduce the vector art. I can be your online "fix this graphic" person. See samples
  15. Hello Forum Members, I need your help to convert an EPS file I have into a Vector file as I need it for promotional use for the business I run. If this can be taken care of as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate your help. Best, Colten
  16. Does anyone know where I can get the new Carolina Panther head (picture attached) in vector eps formed? Thank You!! Rachael
  17. I have a vector that has some very "sharp" points. See attached .SBD Almost all of the interior and exterior points are not being cut without the vinyl lifting. See attached .JPG for a photo of one attempt. So, I'm wondering what the best way to handle this is? I've started converting the sharp points to rounded points in hopes that the blade can spin around without pulling up the point. But, I'm open to other ideas that folks have about how to handle this type of graphic. Could cutter settings help? (faster/slower/offsets?) Thanks in advance. Dave phoenix.SBD
  18. Rachaelrt0123

    Vectorizing Issues!

    I am trying to cut some Carolina Panthers decals on my PCUT but they get messed up when I try to vectorize them...any tips or suggestions?

    Really BIG favor to ask!!!!!HELP

    Hi, can anyone please help me vector this design. I'm doing the job as a freebie because it is a cancer run. I didn't realize the design would be so complex. So PLEASE ANYONE HELP!!!!! I use coreldraw x4 Thanks so much in adavance.