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Found 163 results

  1. I've always wanted to have a custom shirt shop and I would love some input from anyone that works specifically with vinyl. I'm literally starting from scratch. I need to get a solid vinyl cutter w/ software compatible with my Mac. Reliable and precise and I'm willing to invest as I know you get what you pay for. Also, the reason I was going to focus on vinyl heat transfers only is because I don't want to worry about ink fading. Any ideas, suggestions or comments are appreaciated. I was looking at purchasing the Titan 3 but then again, I've just begun doing research on heat presses and vinyl. Warranty, repair fees and maintentance are things I still have to look into as well. Glad to be a part of this forum, thanks again! Side Note: I'm a new dad and my son turned 1 year old this year and I'm the only one working since my wife recently lost her job. Being able to earn that extra income for my family is what is driving me to make this buisness a success.... - Rick
  2. smitay

    which printer?

    Let me start by telling everyone my plans for this post. I work for a local union an if you don't know we have stickers. Plenty of stickers on our hard hats/ lunchboxes. My plane was to buy a decently priced printer print a few designs in need hopefully get bigger with it to fulfill more orders withing the local union trades. Most of the stickers on lunchboxes and on hard hats do fade with time working outside all the time or hats being tossed around so fading isn't much of an issue. I'm fine with printing them laminating and sending it through the cutter. I don't see myself doing tons of batches all at once. Kind of if you need them I'll get them so I belive solvent based printers will be out because I won't be doing a 24/7 operation. More of a nightime/ weekend warrior side hustle kind of thing. Which printer would best fit my needs? I've been checking some Epson models out but figure this forum would steer me in the correct direction. Thank you for the advice
  3. I'm looking for an affordable solution to applying application tape over large cut vinyl pieces. I've been making text-only based cut vinyls but have been outsourcing the application layer to another company nearby. Unfortunately they can be quite slow and I would like to move that in-house. I have a 26" Big Squeegee that I tried using on a large artwork but it didn't turn out well (the center of the artwork, where the BS was centered on, was very smooth but the12" on both sides were not). From what I can see the only BS that is larger than that is the 32" but that seems like it will still be 8" short on each side for some of my artwork. Have any of you tried using a BS on such large artwork and if so has it worked? Is there another solution? I'm also considering getting the APPRoller which seems like a possible solution, but I'm just worried about using it on very long pieces. Would the height of that be enough to prevent accidental application on longer (50-100" long) decals? If not have you come up with a work around? Thanks in advance
  4. Enjoy-- I know the original excel spreadsheet is out there,but i learned how to break it up to add htv and so i added a htv section using the same formula.Just in case someone new hasn't seen or heard of it before im posting it for everyone to take at the bottom of the post. For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. First-What this does is tells you all the info about your rolls you buy,It tells you how many sq feet, inches,yards may be in the material you bought and Cost per sq in,foot,yd and then the calculator side tells you how much it actually costs BEFORE LABOR to make a decal or design using vinyl and transtape if needed. I added a partial screen shot to what it will look like,The lower section( Out of sight) is the same but used for HTV vinyl. ----Any questions just ask and enjoy--- For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. PART 1 -Material info LINE A----Click on the box Name of Vinyl Roll and put as needed. LINE B- put the brand and size and width for reference Line C -where you bought it from. LINE D - Width of roll Line E- Length Of Roll Line F - Cost you paid for roll- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After adding the info above, the following Lines (G thru L )next will break the material into how much area in the vinyl there is- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Calculator Line M- Put in the length of your design Line N- Put in the Width of the design Line O- How many of the designs are you making, If its only 1 design you can leave blank or add a 1.either will work ,If more than 2, then add as needed. FINAL PART -LINE P - TOTAL COST- Once all info has been added- this final line will give you the cost to make the design. Vinyl Calculator Pippin Decals.xlsx
  5. Hi Guys! I have a question about my graphtec plotter. I have a CE7000-60 which is a couple months old maybe 2-3. I have had no issues so far with it and its been cutting flawlessly. I cut die cut stickers with the perf channel on it and everything comes out amazing. I been having a recent issue though where I print something and laminate it, once I do that I load it on the cutter to read the registration marks. It will start to cut everything good but when the head moves from one side to the other to start a new row it will scratch the top part of the laminate. It’s pretty noticeable when the light shines on the laminate,. I know why it happens, my material tends to buckle in the center causing the blade to lightly score the prints when it moves from side to side. My question is I have adjusted the tool height on the “Tool” settings to “High”, is there any long term problems that may develop to the head if I leave this as default? After setting it to high it doesn’t scratch the material anymore. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t cause damage to the head tool from leaving it on high. Hopefully you guys can shine some light on me ! Thank you in advance!!!
  6. DemetriSigns

    Motocross Graphics

    Hello We are doing graphics for motocross bike for 5 year now, and our supplier here in my country they do not bring good and high quality vinyl so we can make the perfect job We want your opinion on which is the best motocross vinyl to use and laminated so we can make good job Thank you really appreciate it your help Demetris
  7. Hello, I'm currently using the Graphtec CE6000-60 and whenever i'm cutting and the size of the project is around or longer than 2.5 ft, the viny/media would bow (photo attached). Only cutting is not much of an issue but when i do a print and cut job, the cut sometimes are not alligned with the printed images which i think is due to the bowing of the vinyl/material( In smaller media like A4 sizes i have no issues). I would be very thankful if someone could help me out.
  8. Troy Johnson

    HELP HTV ON Flame Resistant Sweatshirt

    Help! I have a customer that would like me to put a design on a FR(Flame Resistant) Sweatshirt. Will this work? I have siser easy weed htv. If so what settings should I use on my heat press to get it to adhere?? Thanks in advance!
  9. smitay

    new to vinyl everything.

    I'm a new to it all DIY'r that quite honestly needs a bit of direction on what to buy to get into custom wrapping? I'd like to start out with small things:, shirts, stickers, corn hole boards, small landscape trailers and possibly move onward and upward. For instance which type vinyl machine or even program will be best for 3 or 4 layering or colors in a design? Thanks for the help or any advice. I appreciate it.
  10. Hi fellas, I've been having some weird trouble with mi USCUTTER MH 871, it doesn't cut vinyl, just leaves the mark, but doesn't penetrate. Even with the force on maximum. I just changed the carriage in hope that the old one was the cause, but the problem persists. Someone can help? Thanks!
  11. As someone who is relatively new to the industry and this forum, I wanted to share my thoughts on a software I settled with and would definitely recommend. I would also love to hear your thoughts as well! After recently demoing multiple trial versions of vinyl cutting software and as a hobby user who is new to the industry, I settled on Easy Cut Studio for my vinyl design and cutting software needs. In addition to being very intuitive to use (for example, I downloaded the trial version and within two minutes had connected it to my US Cutter machine and printed my first (pre-designed) decal), Easy Cut Studio and its developers know the needs and desires of those cutting vinyl for hobby, business, and professional use. The platform boasts its knowledge of these needs through many easy-to-learn advanced features (many of which are still far beyond my current understanding and needs) and options for importing files and fonts in a wide range of file formats including: SVGs, open type, and true type fonts, and also PDF files. I was particularly impressed with the way Easy Cut Studio made it possible to scale and format a specified group of decals without needing to go to a lot of extra hassle to get them formatted. Additionally, the software gives the user the ability to “nudge” a design a fraction of an inch if it is not quite printing right in order to better utilize your vinyl – a feature I found really nice for when I’m printing on high-priced material (like premium 3M vinyl). I outlined a few pros and cons below for you to consider when looking at Easy Cut Studio for your personal or business needs. Pros: Really intuitive for a beginner user and has enough advanced features to keep a professional user busy with options. Connects very easily to a wide range of printers (in my case, I am using the US Cutter MH871-MK2 via USB cable and it was flawless and simple to connect) Quick file import and export speeds - this depends on your computer but is also something I've noticed various software types having minor differences in. Options to use pre-loaded fonts and typefaces in addition to the ability to download and import your own desired fonts/types. Free trial version where you can actually print the decals you want to test plus utilize the many features that come with the platform. Many diverse size and scaling options for making the most of your vinyl and materials. Easy and simple one-time payment as opposed to other platforms with costly monthly payment options. Cons: There are multiple small lines that the software will cut through your designs until you purchase the premium - basically if you want quality decals, you must purchase the premium. That said, this didn't distract me much from moving forward with using the software. Interface doesn't appear quite as updated/modern as some Adobe products or other vinyl cutting platforms. Bottom line: I would absolutely consider utilizing Easy Cut Studio for your vinyl cutting needs, especially if you're a beginner or moderate user like me who desires a wide range of diverse and intuitive features for a one-time price. I am very happy with this choice and look forward to hearing your thoughts. I will work to keep this updated as I go with any additional pros or cons I note. Cheers! Alexander - A broke college student who's into vinyl design and cutting.
  12. Kbeizaei

    Oracal 631 vs 651

    I've been making decals for laptops and such with 631 and I'm thinking about switching to 651. I know that it's more permanent and has a better hold but I was wondering what other peoples experience with this vinyl has been. Thanks!
  13. mrrask

    where to buy 3M Di-noc sheets

    Hi all. Have a small business make skins and covers for devices. But i need some place to buy 3m di-noc film sheets like 122 x 5 meter or smaller pieces instead of a whole rolls. The series i want is metal, fine wood, leather, carbon and matte single color Does anybody know a place it would be nice to know. Now i have been looking all over the internet, could only find wood, metal, and carbon. Now is my question, what is the best alternative to 3m dinoc film single color and brushed metal. what i need i alternative which is also thick like dinoc, and have the same attributes like if your are heating it you can change the form shrinking. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I am looking for a 6-10 mil vinyl that has a low tack adhesive on one side. I would like to be able to use the stencil multiple times. I am spraying road cases and will be spraying a company logo on about 100 cases, as well as, contents on multiple side of the cases. I am having trouble finding something that will work. I have tried the Oracal 631, which works great, but Is only good for one spray. I have also tried getting a thicker material and using a spray on adhesive but it is a mess and takes up time to clean the adhesive off of the surface. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Hey guys, I recently purchased an 53" SC2 cutter and have been running into a frustrating issue. When attempting to align registration marks for contour cutting, the cutter will let me align the first mark like normal, and then when it asks to align point no.2 it advances way too far and my vinyl ends up on the ground. The sheet of vinyl im trying to cut is 35"x25", I tried printing it with much more excess on a 55" sheet of vinyl and it advances till its barely on the roller. After marking all 4 points the carriage slid all the way to the right / started making an ugly noise. Test sheet works just fine, cutting mat is the same size as artwork. Let me know if you have any thoughts, Thanks!!
  16. johnsonsarav48

    vinyl installers NYC

    I've a coffee shop in nyc, wanna give it a decent look. I've some samples too, but have no idea who would I put my idea on my coffee shop's walls.
  17. I have been cutting tackle twill lettering with my GCC I-Craft for a few years now and it works great, but every now and then I get an order for a vinyl cut piece. When that happens I switch back to my normal blade, adjust the settings, and do my cutting. The 1st cut always turns out perfect! Then I weed my vinyl and put fresh vinyl on to do a 2nd cut. Then it doesn't cut through the vinyl at all. I just see a very faint impression of where the cut should be. Even if I adjust the pressure to the fullest amount and do a multi-cut, nothing. I have no idea why this happens. I usually have to wait a day or 2 to try again and then the 1st cut is perfect, but the problem persists. Am I missing something? I have tried restarting the machine and the program. Reseting the blade in the holder. Changing blade holders... nothing work. Anyone else having this issue?
  18. Akima15

    Vinyl peeling, HELP!

    I have seen some similar topics but nothing that is exactly my issue, so hopefully someone can help. I am having issues with Siser easyweed stretch adhering to sweatshirts. The Shirts are Gildan G185 ( I washed them first with a mild detergent, NO fabric softener, to eliminate the shrink factor). I pressed the easyweed stretch using firm pressure in my clamshell press at 305 (which I triple verified using an infrared heat gun) for 15 seconds. I let the vinyl cure for over 24 hours, and after washing inside out according to the instructions, I get wrinkling and peeling. I’m at a loss, and don’t know what is going wrong. Is it possibly that I shouldn’t use easyweed stretch on cotton blend shirts? I used the same vinyl on a polyester moisture wicking shirt and had absolutely no issues.
  19. Westley77

    Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Hi guys im new here! I wanted to ask if anyone knows about any affordable printer/cutter machine to make quality stickers that comes with a easy to use vector program on the market I can look into. I plan on printing stickers for others but Im getting confused on what people use for actual smaller stickers with vibrant colors.
  20. PhaedrusZen

    50 yard Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Home Workshop Setup

    Home-made rack placed in my closet for 50 yard rolls of 24" vinyl. I super-simplified other DIY projects. I just used two 2x2 posts 26" apart, slightly longer than the height of the closet shelf so they sit at an angle on the ground, and placed bolts every 6 inches. I cut 3/4" electrical conduit into 30" lengths for the rolls to rest on. The "rack" is bolted up top to the closet ledger board, but just rests on the ground. For ease of identification/reordering, I used little gator clips from Ikea on the left bolts so I can cut out the vinyl color name/number labels from the shipping boxes and hang them next to the rolls. A shoe organizer hanging on the right gives me more supply storage (for masking tape, extra squeegees, etc.). Holds ten 50 yard rolls (11 rolls if the closet shelf supports weren't in the way).
  21. TauntDevil

    Glitter Vinyl VS. the SUN

    Hey all. Been awhile. Having an old issue that I am trying to solve again but thought I would post about it this time. Hopefully not to get bias answers again. I am in need of help for finding glitter vinyl to make glittery stickers (sparkly, etc however you want to name it) that will last outside in the sun longer than 2 months. LIving in Az, everything that is rated for the sun is cut in half however, I notice there are others with decals that have glitter in it that have lasted a few years on my friends cars that sit outside as well. The companies they have bought the stickers wont reply with the material used and so I am asking on here if there is a company or place to get glitter vinyl that will last in the sun? Currently using oracle glitter and have tried a few others but still it burns/fades to black each time after a few months outside :/ Hopefully someone can let me know of vinyl that works
  22. TAG Graphix

    Need help re: stencil vinyl

    First time using the Oracal 813 Paint Mask Stencil. Is it best to: weed and tape just like regular vinyl, then apply to the wall OR apply to the wall without mask tape THEN weed?
  23. j.ldesigns

    concrete walls/colored vinyl

    I have a client that's looking to do some designs on a concrete wall inside of a gym. The design is simple and single colored but I'm looking for advice, what works best for a concrete block wall that is painted. I know they have rough wall vinyl and such but that is for a printer and cost wise I don't see it being effective to have it printed then cut. My thoughts would be to use a solid color vinyl in the color and lay it on the wall. To give you an idea its EKG strip(heart beat strip) going around the room in all around 50' at about 20'' tall
  24. I’m having trouble deciding which reusable stencil material I should purchase. I’m airbrushing stainless steel tumblers. I have a Brother Design N Cut cutting machine. I have tried low tack 4mil vinyl but it’s only good for single use. I’m looking for a stronger material that I can peel and stick, remove and RE-USE!! In other words, be able to return the stencil to it’s backing and use it again, later! Also, what teansfer material would be ideal:teansfer PAPER, or transfer TAPE? Or, something different? Your advice is greatly aporeciated!!
  25. Alphamisfits

    Small pieces pulling up! Help please!

    Hi I'm still fairly new to this , originally I was using a 45 degree blade and I watched some videos and got everything good and have been cutting good for quite awhile but now I felt the blade should be changed ( not sure) so I put in a new 45 degree blade and ran a test which I thought was good . It cut the vinyl and didn't cut the wax paper but now it's starting to pull small pieces up here and there , I have had this happen like maybe 1 spot here in there no biggie but now I just got like 7-8 spots on my last 12x12 cut . Any ideas what I'm doing wrong n how to fix it.