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    Is that top picture how you start out? I only have my vinyl extended past the cutting strip. 1/2" Push ORIGIN button. Media sensor and pinch roller sensor turned off. I have been running 16 years with those sensors off. I don't waste vinyl. I can put the carriage head in the far right corner. push the ORIGIN Button and the design starts measuring from there to cut.
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    You'd be better off finding the font and recreating the logo.
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    Add some contrast to the original, maybe?
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    Haumana, that obscure reference dates back half a century! Mama Mia, Thatsa speecy spicy meatballs.
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    If you change the size of the stars but want it to still fit in the 13.75x9.75 area the spacing between the stars will have to shrink. Are you ok with that? Also, the stars are not square, so if you make the a 1.254 square they will be distorted from the current design. You ok with that too? I use Inkscape so I don't know the exact commands to do this in AI but here is the process I took to create this. I took one of your stars, resized it then duplicated it 6 times to create the top row. Then I duplicated that row to create the the 5 rows. Then I selected and copied a 4x5 grid of the stars and shifted then down and to the right. Flag Stars.eps
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    Once vectorized, the original image will still be there with the vector, so you will need to click on drag them apart to separate, then delete the original image, leaving you with only the cuttable vector.