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    Free vector graphics link Billy posted this awhile back, thought I would sticky it for everyone.
  2. kenimes

    Graphic Request Info.

    Any Copy Right protected material will be immediately removed by Admin. Please PM kenimes or marcuso if you see anyone that has posted copy right protected, or inappropriate material. Also, be sure to thank those who have shared graphics with you by request or otherwise. A little thanks goes a long ways, and will help keep those who contribute, interested in doing so.
  3. and still growing......
  4. kenimes

    Bitmap vs. Vector

    Many new users are still confused as to why their image will not cut. Vinyl cutters are different from printers in the sense that they only cut vectorized files, and not bitmap files. Here is a great link that explains the differences:
  5. Seems that the R-tape line of app. tape is either too tacky for the vinyl to release when applied to the substrate, or not tacky enough to lift the vinyl away from the backing.... Oracal has specifically made some transfer tape because of customers concerns:
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    Warning Damn Onions ...

    Even with the warning, the onions still got me.
  7. kenimes

    Whats your music are you stuck on listening to?

    Clint Black
  8. kenimes

    Thinking about relocating, who loves where they live?

    Yea, not sure what that show was called, but that is funny, cause we do have the 'chasers' around these parts. Maybe one of these days they will get some footage. Not something I care to take part in.
  9. kenimes

    New Grill

    Charcoal is the way to go. Propane is for wussies.
  10. kenimes

    Thinking about relocating, who loves where they live?

    Seattle is nice, but the cost of living is not. Mild climate, but it rains bucket loads every week, year round, so you have to tolerate that. And traffic.
  11. Well, since I left, they lost all chances of realizing that dream. j/k Looks like they are still growing, and under new ownership, so even if they are behind pace, it could still be realistic.
  12. kenimes

    Throwing away my MH

    Yea, but it was very gratifying. Totally worth it.
  13. kenimes

    Throwing away my MH

    Wanna sell it?
  14. kenimes

    Wanna share your photo?

    Thanks! Good to still be around.
  15. kenimes

    Wanna share your photo?

    Kiddos on Opening Day this year with a 3 pound fatty Rainbow Trout
  16. kenimes


    Cut the design using Heat Press vinyl, and heat press apply to glove. My best guess.
  17. kenimes

    what do you Listen to while working?

    60's, 70's, 80's station on Pandora
  18. kenimes

    Video gamers?

    xBox 360 here: PterLemonJello COD Tiger Woods Borderlands and Many others
  19. Just to review the forum rules: 1. Do not post graphics unless it is your own work or you are 100% sure it is freeware. If you are unsure please post a web link to the graphics instead of the file. 2. No explicit language or material will be tolerated; let?s keep this appropriate for all audiences! 3. When creating new posts please make the subject line relevant to the topic of the post. For example do not make the subject ?Help me please!? but instead be more specific like ?How do I import graphics to Signcut?? 4. Joking, sarcasm, etc must be in good taste and is just fine; but hostility and personal attacks on other members or our company and products will not be tolerated. 5. We reserve the right to move, rename, or delete posts deemed inappropriate. 6. If you see a post you think is inappropriate please report it to us or one of the moderators of the forum. 7. Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU for joining and contributing to the US Cutter forum! So, if you are not 100% certain that it is a freeware file, DO NOT POST IT. Thank you, Ken
  20. It has nothing to do with the cutter. Here is an example of what could be wrong with the graphic:
  21. Looking at the front- take off the left side to get to the belt adjustment screw.
  22. I remember one of our original memebrs finding a way to do this as well with Flexi and the MH series. Might even be something still posted on how it was done. Good stuff
  23. kenimes


    Yep- Chinese low budget cutters do not quite have the QA standards of Roland or Graphtec- and this is also why they are priced much lower. The Chinese can be some silly little turds when putting these things together. I have even found mouse poop and chewed up wires on the inside of a new MH series cutter before. Glad you caught it, corrected it, and shared the solution! Cheers!
  24. Maybe a probelm with the file itself, and the way it was vectorized? File needs to be cleaned up perhaps, eleminating eroneous nodes. Could just be some garbage in the cutter memory from the previous cuts as well. Never hurts to turn the cutter off and back on to clear the memory if it acts like this.
  25. Yep, same machine and guts, just different sizes. Larger number means wider format cutter. MH365: 12" MH721: 24" MH871: 32" (or was it 34"?- I forget)