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  1. slice&dice

    Help required with flexi sign

    This one is beyond my pay grade. Thanks for the assist, Skeetz. Hopefully that solves it.
  2. slice&dice

    Help required with flexi sign

    As simple as this entire design is, I would just recreate it, takes a few minutes. (Hardest thing here is the 'heartbeat' line, but there's plenty of vector graphics on the web to use for this, or just use the polyline tool and draw it).
  3. slice&dice

    Help required with flexi sign

    While not relevant to this discussion, the oval with 'nac' annoys me due to its tilt. Jussayyin'.
  4. slice&dice

    Help with this font

    Had to look at my calendar to verify that this isn't 1862. Obviously, 'Thompson' and 'Chiropractic' are not the same text.
  5. slice&dice

    New - upstate NY & want to get started!

    Although you'll be tempted to go with the "mini" units, highly discourage you from that. Take a look at your space and somehow squeeze in a 24" SC2 cutter. You'll be forever grateful not to have limited yourself down to the tiny dimensions of those 12" models. No discernable lingering odor from the vinyl, it's not toxic-level (noticable sometimes, but no biggie). I kinda like it. But then again, I also am comfortable pumping gasoline and inhaling deeply! Vinyl for automotive glass? 751 cast. ( I just got a full roll of it, paid $300.) Remember that windshields are not flat, they run in several axis and curves, you have to get used to arcing text to follow those dimensions. (All design programs will allow you to arc text). Don't forget, it's not just the cutter sitting there in your workspace, also a computer and a table for weeding & taping (and dropping onto substrates, as required). And tools. Rulers, knives, scissors, squeegees, pickers, tape measure, masking tape, bubble level, etc.
  6. slice&dice

    Stops during cuts

    I'm late to this thread, but I had an idea to throw out here. It's possible that your design has a thing called a "Stray Node" -- I had an MH unit that stopped suddenly while working on a particular job, and my efforts to anti-stat didn't help (MH models are notorious for static build-up). I eventually looked deeper into the design within the program, and discovered a stray node. That's probably not what you're dealing with, because the pen trace works OK, but stranger things have happened in this plotter business!
  7. Get the seller to throw in the app tape and vinyl. Let us know how this turns out. We love pig-in-a-poke troubleshooting!
  8. I am a big proponent of hard negotiations, offer $500 and show them the money in your hand. If they want this monstrosity sitting around (how many buyers for vinyl cutters are they going to encounter?) then that's their prerogative, but here you are, at their doorstep ready to haul it outta there, and turn over 5 benjamins for the privelege. That being said, is the seller not providing you a working demonstration before you pack it up?
  9. " get an old and used but fully functional FC7000-75 for cheap. " How cheap?
  10. slice&dice


    " I have a 721 set up as well and have all the same settings. the 721 returns to start " Two cutters. Same software, same settings, one does what it's supposed to do, the other ignores the software command. Now, if it was me, I would immediately download and install SignBlazer Elements, and test to see if this problem persists. (Verifying if that older Flexi software is the culprit).
  11. slice&dice


    Cutters stop at the end of the cut, as the carriage slides to the right and rests there. The vinyl should not rewind to the beginning point (origin, or Start).
  12. slice&dice


    Returning to 'home' (reset) would be a movement of the media to the beginning of the design outline, rewinding the vinyl to the start point (origin).
  13. Are you intending to begin utilizing this cutter for your own purposes? Or, are you just looking to sell (storage Unit auction, this was in the room?) What width is that ? (not good pix of the machine). Do you have a laptop available to see if you can get this operating?
  14. slice&dice

    Activation Code

    The SignBlazer setup link is right HERE ---->
  15. slice&dice


    Too little information about your problem. Please provide better details, so we can properly evaluate the nature of your issue here.