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  1. Roger you weren't on that call. Don't presume that you know what happened. You don't need to defend Levi. I am not upset and you guys don't have to defend them. I have had great experiences too from USCutter, especially from support. All three of my cc cards do not work with paypal. Not all cards are accepted. I cannot do business with them. I have moved on. It's ok. I do think it is interesting that the forum moderator removed one of my posts.
  2. I am a webmaster and paypal does NOT accept EVERY credit card - that is simply not true. I have built many e-commerce sites and had to get the owner of them to get in a regular merchant account because they could not figure out why some sales were not going through. I cannot believe they are 'only' using paypal to process their credit cards. It's ok, I will find another company to do business with. I just opened an account with Proveer here in Burnaby and will buy from Joto in Burnaby as well. There is alway Sign Warehouse as well. I have to send a money order to USCutter to get my stand for my ct-630 but other than that I have moved on.
  3. They never put through my order (been 7 days now) and can only accept credit cards that are accepted by paypal. They only process through paypal. My cards do not work with paypal and so I will not be doing business with them. Levi was rude to me as well.
  4. jimwww

    where to buy bulk shirts

    Jiffy prices are better than blankshirts - gonna give em a try.
  5. I ordered and needed to add something to my order.. so I had just got off the phone with them 3 minutes earlier, will call em tomorrow
  6. I am interested in buying one soon - I will be using this at home so I need 120v and a swing away. Since I am starting out it won't be used every day. Would prefer one that does not have a Loud buzzer - or one that it's buzzer can be turned on or off - since some of them say that there is a buzzer. Any Advice would be great. I intend to make t shirts and hoodies.
  7. jimwww

    USB Keyspan and serial = this helps

    I gave up on the graphtec and bought the Pcut CT-630. I use a Keyspan with mine and after tech advisor at US Cutter explained to me that I need to select the profile for the cutter with my Flexistarter then after the cutter profile is selected you might have to restart the cutter (which I had to) and it worked.
  8. Good for you - Congratss!!! I am looking for a commercial space as well. Great to hear success like that. I hope I do as well.
  9. jimwww

    where to buy bulk shirts

  10. I just ordered some items and needed to double my order on a certain item. Odd that at 340pm PST - a message comes on telling me I have reached them outside of business hours. Not good. Website says you are open to 4pm...
  11. I am curious- I am ready to buy this week and I am a newbie but have been reading for a while. I would like to buy either the copam 24in or the zencut 24in. (zencut color is ugly- geez). I have a mac pro 8core with mac Flexistarter 8.5 v2 on my home computer (bought from uscutter last summer- got some vinyl as well) and I intend to cut vinyl so I can make signs. This will be my main cutter for a while as I grow - I do want to make this into a full time business at some point. {In regards to above and below: Not sure how contour cutting comes into play here - but maybe someone could guide me. } I also want to make designs that can go onto t shirts and hoodies. I need a heat press as well (want swing away) and 120 power. Be nice if I got one that in the future can work with hats - don't think I would do mugs, buttons anytime soon. Thanks in advance.
  12. jimwww

    USB Keyspan and serial = this helps

    I have a G5 Quad 2.5ghz with a keyspan and a graphtec 2100-60 cuttter and I put some letters in the window of the Flexi 8.5 and click on Send and in the production manager it says that it is cutting - shows a percentage and then disappears -flexi has sent the data. (we did choose the right cutter in setup) (I tried 2 different usb cables as well connecting to the Keyspan.) Problem is: The cutter sits there and does nothing. We think it is sending data - but something must be failing. Any ideas? Update: CHecked with Keyspan - it is working properly. Checked with Flexi - software is working properly. Checked with Graphtec and they say a regular cable from the keyspan to the Graphtec will not work - have to buy theirs. I will buy it and see if it works.
  13. jimwww

    Car striping

    Good Advice - I have not done that in a while - used to do it with my Lightwave 3d program. - I am also looking for templates too.
  14. jimwww

    Signature Forum

    Ok. No biggie - just think it is an odd problem.