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  1. I am interested in buying one soon - I will be using this at home so I need 120v and a swing away. Since I am starting out it won't be used every day. Would prefer one that does not have a Loud buzzer - or one that it's buzzer can be turned on or off - since some of them say that there is a buzzer. Any Advice would be great. I intend to make t shirts and hoodies.
  2. I just ordered some items and needed to double my order on a certain item. Odd that at 340pm PST - a message comes on telling me I have reached them outside of business hours. Not good. Website says you are open to 4pm...
  3. Roger you weren't on that call. Don't presume that you know what happened. You don't need to defend Levi. I am not upset and you guys don't have to defend them. I have had great experiences too from USCutter, especially from support. All three of my cc cards do not work with paypal. Not all cards are accepted. I cannot do business with them. I have moved on. It's ok. I do think it is interesting that the forum moderator removed one of my posts.
  4. I am a webmaster and paypal does NOT accept EVERY credit card - that is simply not true. I have built many e-commerce sites and had to get the owner of them to get in a regular merchant account because they could not figure out why some sales were not going through. I cannot believe they are 'only' using paypal to process their credit cards. It's ok, I will find another company to do business with. I just opened an account with Proveer here in Burnaby and will buy from Joto in Burnaby as well. There is alway Sign Warehouse as well. I have to send a money order to USCutter to get my stand for my ct-630 but other than that I have moved on.
  5. They never put through my order (been 7 days now) and can only accept credit cards that are accepted by paypal. They only process through paypal. My cards do not work with paypal and so I will not be doing business with them. Levi was rude to me as well.
  6. jimwww

    where to buy bulk shirts

    Jiffy prices are better than blankshirts - gonna give em a try.
  7. I ordered and needed to add something to my order.. so I had just got off the phone with them 3 minutes earlier, will call em tomorrow
  8. jimwww

    USB Keyspan and serial = this helps

    I gave up on the graphtec and bought the Pcut CT-630. I use a Keyspan with mine and after tech advisor at US Cutter explained to me that I need to select the profile for the cutter with my Flexistarter then after the cutter profile is selected you might have to restart the cutter (which I had to) and it worked.
  9. Good for you - Congratss!!! I am looking for a commercial space as well. Great to hear success like that. I hope I do as well.
  10. jimwww

    where to buy bulk shirts

  11. I am curious- I am ready to buy this week and I am a newbie but have been reading for a while. I would like to buy either the copam 24in or the zencut 24in. (zencut color is ugly- geez). I have a mac pro 8core with mac Flexistarter 8.5 v2 on my home computer (bought from uscutter last summer- got some vinyl as well) and I intend to cut vinyl so I can make signs. This will be my main cutter for a while as I grow - I do want to make this into a full time business at some point. {In regards to above and below: Not sure how contour cutting comes into play here - but maybe someone could guide me. } I also want to make designs that can go onto t shirts and hoodies. I need a heat press as well (want swing away) and 120 power. Be nice if I got one that in the future can work with hats - don't think I would do mugs, buttons anytime soon. Thanks in advance.
  12. jimwww

    USB Keyspan and serial = this helps

    I have a G5 Quad 2.5ghz with a keyspan and a graphtec 2100-60 cuttter and I put some letters in the window of the Flexi 8.5 and click on Send and in the production manager it says that it is cutting - shows a percentage and then disappears -flexi has sent the data. (we did choose the right cutter in setup) (I tried 2 different usb cables as well connecting to the Keyspan.) Problem is: The cutter sits there and does nothing. We think it is sending data - but something must be failing. Any ideas? Update: CHecked with Keyspan - it is working properly. Checked with Flexi - software is working properly. Checked with Graphtec and they say a regular cable from the keyspan to the Graphtec will not work - have to buy theirs. I will buy it and see if it works.
  13. Well I have been on a LOT of forums and never seen one where you cannot add text to a sig- but it appears to be that way on this forum - which makes no sense to me. I try to add Graphtec cutter, Flexi 8.6, MAC Quad tower, CS3, to my signature and get every time: [#10211] You may only use up to -1 images in your signature. You may only use up to -1 urls in your signature. Now I am not using a photo - I am not using a url. I think your webmaster needs some homework.
  14. jimwww

    Car striping

    I am new to this however I would like to get into car striping - graphics. Where do I start with that? Where do I get graphics for specific cars? Thanks in advance. (looking for 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger right now.)
  15. jimwww

    Car striping

    Good Advice - I have not done that in a while - used to do it with my Lightwave 3d program. - I am also looking for templates too.
  16. jimwww

    Signature Forum

    Ok. No biggie - just think it is an odd problem.
  17. I have a Mac and would like to install the software. Any ideas?
  18. jimwww

    Fonts free for commercial use...

    Thanks for this - Incredible
  19. jimwww

    $300 to ship? wtf?

    Same here - I am in Vancouver and UPS wanted 220.00 to deliver 190.00 worth of product. I had it sent to Point Roberts, WA and it was 9.99 for shipping. Does not make any sense.
  20. jimwww

    Poor install instr - Flexi 10 / Mac

    Good point. SAI sent me the download link and it is working now on my MAC. Did not have to return my dvd.
  21. jimwww

    Getting Started

    Good advice - I plan to do the same thing.
  22. Hi All, I just got an older Graphtec FC2100-60A and I would like to use it with my MAC. I have a Dual 2.3 ghz G5 non intel based Mac (running Leopard operating system) and would like to know from you what I need to make the Graphtec work. If I buy Flexicut software will it work with my Mac? Also my G5 does not have a parallel card in it. (guess i will have to add) I am curios to know which software you recommend as well. Thanks in advance.
  23. jimwww

    Software advice - older Graphtec

    SAI gave me a download link and changed my password so I have Flexi 8.6 working on my MAC now - happy about it.
  24. jimwww

    Hi All from Vancouver

    :-) I am new to the industry but willing to learn. Have my vinyl cutter here, my vinyl, my keyspan and waiting for one more cable adapter before I can work with my Graphtec. Then the learning begins. Just thought I would say Hi.