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    Specialize in decaling Roller Derby helmets.
  1. StickyPie

    Truck Decal

    Thanks. It was tricky breaking down the artwork and figuring out what to weed.
  2. StickyPie

    Multi-Color Helmet

    Thanks! One of my first jobs at the age of 16 was working in sign shop and I loved it so much I continued to work at other shops while in school for the digital arts. 11 years later I started Sticky Pie. I'm almost a year in and its been super fun. Those sunglasses were a gift and she loved them! I have a 24" Graphtec CE5000-60 and its pretty amazing
  3. StickyPie

    32 foot trailer stripes!!

    Amazing. I feel so insignificant now
  4. StickyPie

    Multi-Color Helmet

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it
  5. StickyPie

    Multi-Color Helmet

    This helmet took some time but well worth it for a good friend.
  6. StickyPie


  7. StickyPie

    Helmet Designs

    Yea, on some of the designs I do a wet application but most of these I lay very carefully and sometimes in pieces.
  8. StickyPie

    Helmet Designs

  9. StickyPie

    Helmet Decals
  10. StickyPie

    Helmet Designs

    Here are some helmet designs I did for roller derby skaters.
  11. StickyPie

    Helmet Decals

    I'm still new on here. How can send it to you?
  12. StickyPie

    Helmet Decals

    Yep! I play roller derby and specialize in roller derby helmets and shirts.
  13. StickyPie

    Another Helmet Decal

    Ohh I wish I was that fancy. It's a crappy photo taken with my iphone so it's very pixalated. It's a bright red decal.