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  1. Double A

    Family tree and compass ceiling decals

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mz SKEETER" data-cid="393110" data-time="1430793139"><p> They are making money on the shipping,,$25.00? Doubt it weighs 3 pounds... I ship huge sets 8 ft long, that only weight 2 pounds...</p></blockquote> Might be Doing what people use to do on eBay to avoid final fees on item possibly?
  2. Double A

    Family tree and compass ceiling decals

    That's why I'm asking if anything if out there to use quick its for a buddies fiancé. Don't check eBay if you think 40 is low your jaw will drop.
  3. Got a customer looking for these decals and wondering if anyone has them or knows of a vector pack I could get to create them.
  4. Double A

    Need some font help

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Double A

    Need some font help

    Here the font I'm looking for or something close.
  6. Double A

    3d Printers

    Those printers are fun but check these out. We just got one at my day job
  7. I have 2 logos i need printed full color in multiple quantities. Please contact me if interested in taking this project on. Thanks Justin
  8. They just said sooner than later so I'd like to at least get them some to keep them happy then deliver the final amount.
  9. Looks good unboxong the ce6000 tomorrow and start to process all these decals this weekend hopefully.
  10. I'm thinking I'm still going to attempt these decals I mean I do have a ce6000 sitting in the other room that should handed the cut just fine. Does anyone have a reference for die cut companies I could price out just to see the quote and chose a way to go??
  11. Here is a sample i still need to update it to the new location but this is the general decal to cut Vladers logo.svg
  12. Just purchased this machine and still unsure about it. I need something that is alot better than my Mh uscutter series. My problem is this current uscutter isn't cutting small enough i have 600 2x3 decals to cut and need to know if this machine with handle it without a problem and finish all my cuts. This is a huge investment if i do keep this cutter or just return it. Thanks for any help here
  13. Double A

    Need a little help here

    Here is the final layout i'm going with for my trucks back window. Now deciding if I want some sort of specialty vinyl (carbon fiber or reflective) to really set this off. Thanks for all your guys help today!! will post finished product in about a week or so
  14. Double A

    Need a little help here

    Thanks im leaning a lot more towards that one. My only thing is am I repeating my self by putting elite vinyl graphix again below the phone number? Would it be better to enlarge phone number and stick social logos above phone number
  15. Double A

    Need a little help here

    Working on the other 3 color now but here is another idea which I might be leaning more towards still need to void out the social part