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  1. I am looking to get some stuff made for somoene, size about 5.75 x 2 not sure if those are EXACT but something in that ball park. I want them printed, Where the red is I would live a few in a few different colors if possible lookig for about 100-200 depending on how much. Thanks Ty PM me if interested!
  2. Well, They never send me more information on them so I never even tried to make them
  3. Well guise, I've decided to keep my sanity. I declined the job although they didn't accept the fact I declined it. I mainly do decals for friends and stuff who dont mind throwing me money. These are for a friend, but 500 is a lot for me to do all by myself with out much experience
  4. I just got someone asking me for 500 decals, 400 of the decals will be 2 color, Silver + a color, 100 will be all silver. They will be 9 inches wide. I have NO clue how to price this many decals. I really don't do this many decals at once but I'm up for the challenge.
  5. Thanks a lot buddy! I don't know what I'd do without y'all. I'm trying to learn
  6. I was going based on buying per yard ops.. It's a 1.90 a yard if I buy a roll.
  7. I'm just supplying them, I try not to install decals for people because I have a bad arm that doest let me really install much. I'm just getting back into doing vinyl and I don't remember how much I paid for my supplies but I know the Vinyl I'd use is orafol 651 which for 24" wide is $4.60 a yard... I'm kinda a noob to the business end of this...
  8. I have someone who wants white banners that are 5in by 35in to go across the windshield, its for a car club. I was wondering what would be the best price to charge for them?
  9. tgbvinyl

    Question on the easiest way to do this.

    THANKS! I will try it in the morning. **EDIT: IT WORKS WONDRFULLY! Now I just need to layer it without messing up.
  10. tgbvinyl

    Question on the easiest way to do this.

    I have adobe illustrator and flexi sign for cutting software I am looking for the easiest way to draw up the design, I've been doing an outline of the text then filling in the outline in so I get the solid color. The aligning part comes easier with practice...
  11. I've made this after a few failed attempts now I'm just looking for the easiest way to make the white background that the forward orange text sicks on. Thans
  12. tgbvinyl

    serious filter problem tonight

    I'm jealous, I didn't get to sleep till 3am and just got up. I miss having a normal sleep schedule
  13. tgbvinyl

    Can someone vectorize this for me please!

    Thanks! I got it working! I couldn't evenget inkscape to open so I had to switch over to a PC with no issue. I am in the process of cleaning up the image now! I guess last night I just got frustrated and posted to soon Thanks all
  14. tgbvinyl

    serious filter problem tonight

    No need for a filter! Be honest with us! most people wont like it though!
  15. I worked in a print shop doing this before, Inkscape wont even open on my computer so I dont know why and I'm frustrated about that! You are the reason I came here for honest advice! I'm going to brush up on my skills with Inkscape, illustrator and other software before I do it. It might not be for me but I will definitely try, ofcouse I wont buy equipment till I learn as much as I can! For customers I already have is the local officemax print center said they'll sub out some work to me if I do it. (my first job ever was there in their print center before I moved on to a different shop)