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  1. moparmanheat1

    Car Club decals

    Cool !
  2. moparmanheat1

    Need help please.

    Good job Jay! You seem to have a fix for just about anything.
  3. moparmanheat1

    Multi-layered Vinyl Help

    Hello GC, I've done a few multi-colored jobs. I create registration marks on the different layers then I use clear masking. I just did a back glass on a buddies truck and I used Rapid Tac 1. It turned out perfect. Have a good one !
  4. moparmanheat1

    Took pictures of todays job

    Looks Good! Did you apply in the sun? Rapid Tac app fluid? How is the economy doing in California?
  5. moparmanheat1

    Vinyl or what?

    Honey, where's the toilet and toilet paper? lol
  6. moparmanheat1

    Pinch roller pressure on SC cutter

    My 1st and only cutter, TC 31", left a mark on the RH side at the 1st pinch roller. It stopped after 8 or so cuts.Even when it was leaving a mark like Jay said I never saw it after application.
  7. moparmanheat1

    Sea-Doo Zombie ride!

  8. moparmanheat1

    Senario for "The Professionals" or Anyone

    Thanks Everyone !!
  9. moparmanheat1

    free clip art

    Thanks for posting! Cool Website !
  10. moparmanheat1

    I LIKE this Place!!!

    Pretty cool place! Good people willing to help others. Glad I found it!
  11. moparmanheat1

    Cheap Light Table

    Pretty Cool ! And cost effective!
  12. moparmanheat1

    Am I missing view registration marks?

    Good Question! I to would like to know this.I've been creating them ? its complicated to me as a green newbie!
  13. moparmanheat1

    Senario for "The Professionals" or Anyone

    Here is an example.Should have posted earlier.Sorry and Thanks to all!
  14. Hello All, I have a scenario for "The Professionals" and would be Very Grateful for your Feedback. Someone hands you a business card and says "Make me some vinyl lettering just like this for my truck"? The card is nothing fancy, Black and Red lettering and 1 letter has a red and white checkered flag off it Would You, 1. Scan the Card save as a JPEG or a PDF at 600 dpi 2. Import into Inscape 3. Vectorize It 4. Then convert to SVG 5. Then import into cutting software Or do I have it all wrong and there is a better way of doing it? How does a newbie know when to vectorize? Thanks in Advance!
  15. moparmanheat1

    Vinyl Wrapped Pens