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  1. I stopped by my local Social Security Field Office and my first thought on seeing their decal signage was "that is a weird font choice" - then realized that it isn't the font - it's the crappy vinyl they used. This new building is ~3 years old, so there is no reason a quality vinyl should have failed that horrifically... It is an East facing entrance so it does get the morning sun, but still...
  2. OWJones

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    What kind of blade are you using? Try a 60° blade. That is what I use for cutting thick rhinestone stencil material and it works pretty well.
  3. OWJones

    Need help...

    Please do not post copyrighted images and ask for conversion help. That is a violation of forum rules.
  4. OWJones

    Back Side Cutting

    I've got the same knife and got it from US Cutter, although I don't think they carry it any more. It works exactly as you would expect based on the description. You may have to adjust the depth of cut a bit to get it perfectly dialed in, but once you do it works great every time.
  5. OWJones

    It's a sad day

    I don't even bother with the website except to get their phone number. Just call and tell them what you want and they'll take care of you - you have to call to get the US Cutter Forum discount anyways...
  6. I placed the order yesterday and paid $9.50 S&H. Got home tonight and it was sitting on the porch. About 10 lbs of fluids and got it next day. For $9.50... Now to find out if the stuff is any good!
  7. OK, I went ahead and took a chance. I ordered their Vinyl Remover, the Reflective Vinyl Remover, Ghost Off and Graphix Gone - all to try out. Plus a quart of Rapid Tac II because I'm running low. That's at least 4 quarts of liquids, plus 2 of the 4 oz.bottles of Graphix Gone - I was anticipating an insane S&H quote and instead it was $9.50. I'm already loving these guys!
  8. There are vinyl removal fluids designed for standard vinyl and reflective vinyls - not sure how well they would work on that kind... I keep saying one of these I'm going to order some to try out... maybe today is that day! Reading the info on the Reflective Vinyl remover fluid it says it works well on metalized vinyls, too. https://www.signsplusbanners.com/itemdetail.php?sku=104032-12&p=Removal+Storage+%26+Tools&c=Removal+Fluids
  9. OWJones

    It's a sad day

    My last Clean Cut blade finally started showing it was past time for a change. I ordered 3 Clean Cut blades and have used them extensively - one is set aside for thick material like rhinestone template material, the other two are for vinyl - that 3rd one is still good, but the other two had finally been used to death. I called Clean Cut Blade and they checked and told me that I ordered those blades in June of 2012 - that means 4.5 years of cutting on those two blades... At less than $20/blade (and even less if you're a member of this forum!), I'd say I definitely got my money's worth out of them. The blade is dead. Long live the new blade!
  10. I bought my first cutter from a competitor - one of the cheap Sign Warehouse models - because I was stupid and didn't do any research at all - got suckered in by a cheap price and assumed they were all the same. Learned that lesson the hard way. I started forum hopping looking for good advice - there are numerous forums out there - many are ghost towns - a few are extraordinarily hostile towards any new people (I'm looking at you Signs101!) and US Cutter's was the first I found where I felt comfortable admitting I was new. I also found that, at the time, they had a fantastic deal on a Graphtec CE5000-60 along with everything you needed to get started - including a real, full version of CorelDraw, usable clip art, etc. That cemented the deal for me. Good support + good prices + (at the time) super-cheap shipping (my Graphtec package with 12 24" rolls of vinyl, plus all the tools, accessories, etc. came in 3 large boxes and was delivered to my door in ~48 hours from when I ordered it for $9.99!!!!!) = too good of a place to pass up!
  11. hey I have vinylmaster cut im trying to use arc text but I cant what should I do to get the feature.

  12. Hello OW,

    Doing some research for a memorial "something" I have to do.

    Two local sheriff's deputies were shot and killed last week.  My wife has asked me to do a mirror or something that can be given to the sheriff's department.  Have not decided yet what I will do, but was searching through the archives and seen that you have done something similar. 

    Would you share it with me?  It may give me some inspiration or a big assist.


    Cal Hyer

    Byron, Ga.

  13. OWJones

    My First X-Banner

    Put together my first X-Banner this morning. Went fairly smooth - kind of boring , but it is sitting in a storefront window through Christmas and needed to be visible as people drive by. . .
  14. OWJones

    Strange Request

    When I first started out, I did a weekly drawing for a free decal on Facebook. One of my first winners responded back with "Do you make any copyrighted designs?". When I responded back that no, I did not, I never heard from her again...
  15. OWJones

    Gerber Edge 2 on Windows 10

    Thank you for coming back and posting the solution. Far too many internet users post a problem, then find a solution elsewhere and never share, so when people do Google/Bing searches all they find are dozens of people asking the same question and no answer...