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  1. Cal

    Another new guy to vinyl

    Welcome aboard, from middle Georgia
  2. It may be as simple as the knife is not installed into the machines holder correctly. Not that I have ever been in a hurry and missed the slot for it...
  3. Cal

    newby ..... question about cutting 2x

    Welcome aboard deadtree, glad to have you here. What is your boss trying to achieve by doing this? Avoiding the expense of the transfer tape? Slice gave you the correct answer to your question, but if we knew the goal there might be some suggestion for getting there. What type of work is planned for the cutter?
  4. Cal

    Inverted Round Corners

    Shoot yeah! That likely would have been a bit easier than the steps I took when I was designing some ceiling tray a couple years back... Laid it out with vinyl to get my sizing before cutting the wood.
  5. Cal

    Hello from NY!!

    Welcome aboard to both of the newbies. New York is a big place, are you both in NY, NY; or elsewhere in the state?
  6. Cal

    Heat Transfer to Carpet

    Here you go Slice. The wife ironed them on today and we are both pretty happy with the results. After this pic I attached the carpet to the backer board with some contact cement and it is airing out the rest of today and overnight before I mount it in the truck. Maybe it was beginners luck, but it was a pretty neat little project. Unfortunately, wifey is now stoked about doing some T shirts for her nephews! Oh well, they will be cheap birthday presents this year, there is that
  7. Cal


    I've not been doing a whole lot of vinyl as other demands have taken my time and energies. But, I did do this custom mirror for our son and his girlfriend. They moved to Ohio and bought a house a couple years ago. On one of our trips we toured the Ohio State Supreme Court building. A really fine piece of 1930's art deco architecture and a lot to see inside, and it is open to visit! On the top floor is the law library. On the ends of the shelving were the index signs for that row. I really liked the "Ohio" that was used in the sign. So I asked if I could do a mirror for the young one's in a sort of art deco style for them. They are trying to keep to a mid-century modern style in the house so they jumped on it. My results: Late edit. Should have added that it is reverse etched and painted. As it turned out, it really didn't need the reversing!
  8. Cal

    Heat Transfer to Carpet

    I can speak to this already I think. The way the carpet comes, for some strange reason it is folded and then rolled up... so it had a very noticeable crease down the middle. SWMBO was able to iron it out Even though the carpet is 100% poly, she ironed it on cotton! But it's all good, no damage done. I've watched a couple Siser youtubes, I think we are going to try a few scraps tonight to check for technique and how it actually looks. I've also got a cutting mat (borrowed) coming tonight. I will have to watch a couple you tubes on that too as I've never used a mat yet.
  9. Cal

    Heat Transfer to Carpet

    I picked up some Siser HTV today and will hopefully practice with a few scraps to get the hang of it tomorrow.
  10. Why can't you put a pen in your SC2 and hit the cut button? How big is the image you want printed/cut out?
  11. Cal

    Heat Transfer to Carpet

    Thanks Goose. Since it's not a garmet and washing won't apply to it, it might hold up. Reckon we will try it on some scrap first to see what it looks like.
  12. Cal

    Heat Transfer to Carpet

    Thanks Slice, I appreciate it!
  13. Hello Friends - been quite awhile since I've been on. Life and other priorities, but I hope to get back to doing some vinyl work. Anyhow, I have a project going on with my truck that I would like some input. I am putting up a carpeted sound barrier on the rear wall of the cab. The carpet is a very thin polyester made for doing speaker enclosures and such. Would something like Siser Easy Weed work on this? How about using an iron to apply it with? This is just a one off project for myself and I do not have a heat press. If the iron will not work, would the Siser work if applied with a heat press? TIA, Cal
  14. Cal

    I’m back your warned!!

    Welcome back Hat
  15. Cal

    Hello From WV

    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here.