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  1. Hey John, 
    Long time no talk, you helped me some 10-12 years ago get started in vinyl cutting and now I have advanced into making many things for the some top tv stars. 

    I have 2 cutters here that I have purchased or came across in the past one being a creation Pcut and other is my original us cutter refine. 

    I have searched the forum for a few hours here trying to find wiring diagrams of the machines specifically the switch wiring for the creation pcut and also the refine. 

    I am going to make one into a tracing machine drawing only onto my adhesive material instead of hand tracing. 

    any info or help would be much appreciated.

    hope your doing well. is my site if you would like to check out items


    Thank You

  2. Aloha BannerJohn


    My name is Leo, I'm am new to this forum and new with the US cutter I purchased. I'm looking to see if an one has experienced the same issues I'm having with my cutter and how to resolve the issue. (It may not be an issue but more like inexperience with the cutter and how its program works)


    Please see image below.


    As you can see my business logo has 2 colors ( 2 layers of color ). so we cut the blue first , then cut the silver to go over top of blue to get the two tone look.  what we are experiencing is the cutter is cutting the line on the blue that are the lines for the silver or 2nd layer.  We are not how to get the cutter to only cut the first layer (blue) and not the second layer cuts    in to the first layer, so because it cuts the blue twice, it has double lines cut in to the blue which makes it hard to place and easier to ruin the sticker when applying. Please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks again Leo     




  3. BannerJohn

    help please

    send me the image via message and I will do my best to vectorize it and send it back as a cuttable image.
  4. BannerJohn

    Copy Cat software i found

    I think I'll just go back to the beach
  5. BannerJohn

    New Moderator

    is there anything else to do in Ottumwa?
  6. BannerJohn

    New Forum Feedback

    it always takes awhile to get used to something new.....says a man with 4 ex wives.
  7. BannerJohn

    Is this it?

    Looking good so far...mostly
  8. BannerJohn

    need help!

    I thought the same thing.
  9. BannerJohn

    Hold on to your shorts guys and gals

    I am going to bed and will hunt down and kill anyone who wakes me up.
  10. Signblazer ended when Jerry died because Jerry WAS Signblazer. He personally wrote all of the drivers..every single one.I spoke to him not long before he died and he was in the process of working on the USB drivers.
  11. BannerJohn

    Did some turning on the lathe today

    very nice! I'll leave the pens to turners with better eyes than me and stick to bowls and such.
  12. BannerJohn

    ever have one of those nights

    I thought Graphtecs were perfect in every way
  13. My heart breaks for you...I know how much he meant to you and I know what it feels like.
  14. BannerJohn

    Garage Sale find of the day!

    all I found was a big George Fireman grill with removable plates. NOt that I am complaining.
  15. BannerJohn

    Lost CD - FlexiSTARTER LiYu/Refine Edition

    totally dead means they have to take the platter and place it in a new drive to recover. Last time I inquired, it started at $1000 and went up. Better just buy a new copy.