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Found 27 results

  1. bevans

    Which Cutter to pick

    HELP! Im learning how to use signblazer and my cutter is not listed in the options! which one do i click? I have the US Cutter MH871 MK2
  2. Lil' Angel

    Make Image Lines Thicker?

    Is their away to make an Image Lines Thicker? I saw a post that Flexi Sign could I was just wondering If Sure Cuts Or Signblaze could. Thank You All
  3. Does anyone know what machine I would select on the drop down menu in Signblazer elements for a Jinka 721PE cutting machine? I used to have it set up fine but have had to start again and I haven't got a clue now! TIA
  4. Hi, I haven't used my Foison C24 cutter for a few years and have just setup a PC running Windows 7, installed Sign Blazer 6.06 (Came with cutter) and the USB drivers for the cutter. Powered up the cutter and PC, yet i can't seem to get them to talk to one another. Any ideas? 1. The cutter goes through the motions if i hold the test button down (makes all the right noises and moves etc). 2. Sign Blazer starts fine, in the cutter options it finds the driver for Foison C24, it also shows COM4: USB Cutter (or similar on the USB connection and changes if i put it in another port) 3. Hitting "cut tile" brings up the usual screen and time to complete bar as if it has talked to the cutter (If i switch the machine offline before this, then it waits - so i'm thinking it is somehow talking to it to know that it's offline) 4. Cutter sits there like a lemon.... Could Windows 7 be the problem? Have i missed a critical setting somewhere in the Cutter Setup dialog box? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Jim
  5. slice&dice

    Arrows point the way

    The SignBlazer Library (DRAW menu) once more comes to my rescue! Arrows -- just what I needed.
  6. Just a heads-up, they've yanked the archived page which shows a SignBlazer Download (in the old Support pages, which still were cached in the USUTTER webpage files) That leaves the only active link for obtaining the install file (.exe) being THIS -- I hope that doesn't disappear as well !!!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have been spending a lot of time reading through before posting this question. Every post I've come across regarding unfinished cuts comes down to SB not having an overcut option, people always suggest increasing offset and the original poster comes back saying that doesn't work (and I agree because it didn't work for me either). Now what I'm wondering is whether there is anyone out there using a PCut 630 with SB that is NOT experiencing this undercut issue? So far the evidence suggests no, however when everything is working correctly people don't tend to post to forums. To clarify what I mean by undercut, basically shapes are not always closed, the end point is always 0.5mm+1mm short of the starting point on a circle for instance. On large objects this isn't as big of a deal but when shapes get down to under an inch this can make weeding a real pain. None of the posts I was able to find seemed to be solved, the suggests/solutions were to switch to different software or to buy a non-value cutter. I'd just like to know if anyone has actually made this work, if so I'll know my struggle is worth it Extra info: Cutter PCut 630 USB model (not sure if CR or CT) Software SignBlazer in trial mode (have only ever used this software so I've always experienced this issue) Tried adjusting offset from 0.0 to 1.0 in 0.1 steps, gap remains unaffected while corners begin to overshoot. No play in blade holder and pinch rollers don't appear to be slipping, also blade rotates freely in holder. Can't afford expensive software, trying to get inkscape working but so far unsuccessful.
  8. rpguns

    not cutting center of letters

    Hi a customer has a logo that they want cut. I tried to cut it (Imported as .EPS) but it wont cut the center of the letters IE A,B D, etc... They told me it was created in Photoshop (I don't have photoshop) The file is a .EPS file. I put their logo into Corel Draw , and "converted to vector" and it shows up with the center of the letters not cut again! Has this happened to anyone (with signblazer?) is there an option somewhere to tell signblazer to cut the centers out of the letters (someone told me flexi has an option "with holes / without holes".... any help is appreciated!
  9. mister c.

    using the pen tool with signblazer

    hello. i have the mh871 cutter that im using with signblazer. up till now all ive done is cut vinyl but id like to try using the pen tool that came with the cutter. how do i go about adjusting the settings in signblazer so i can use the pen tool on my cutter? any info would be appreciated ...thanks
  10. Out of no where SB freeze on me when I try to send it to the cutter screen and I get this at the bottom. Has anyone ran into this problem and have a fix for it?
  11. Chapster5

    Contour Cutting Issue

    Hi all new here, I'm however not so new to signblazer. I have been using it for a year now but cutting vinyl stickers only today I've toyed with the idea of contour cutting and to play I am using one of those paper craft kits you print and build to make a 3D model. I have vectorized the image into an EPS (full colour) however when I import it into Signblazer to add the outline cut and registration marks it imports in black and white? I have to print using Signblazer dont I as it adds its registration marks but I don't want the image in black and white? I'm struggling to understand what I am doing wrong I am using Illustrator CS6 and saving the EPS as version Illustrator CS6 EPS. I have even tried Illustrator 8 EPS and neither import as full colour into Signblazer. I have attached the EPS file if someone could kindly shed some light on my predicament please? EPS File: Much appreciated. Nick
  12. BAM

    SignBlazer paid

    Please help, I cannot figure out why signblazer will not import any files besides raster,bitmap. NO VECTOR! I've tried eps pdf ai Pretty much every type i could think of and it will not import them even in the preview it shows the images as black!! Thanks! Where my cursor is in the second screenshot is the setting i chose( use full post script) the final screen is the result. New to sign blazer usually use sure cuts alot pro3 or Flexi but I lost the discs and dongle while moving and my computer that had the software was just wiped clean do to an upgrade! Don't have the money to get new software at the moment.
  13. Hi everyone - I am having a cutter problem that is driving me crazy and I hope someone can help me out. I am using Windows 7 and have a printer parralell port (25pin) connecting my Refine EH721 vinyl cutter. I am currently using ARTCUT and SIGNBLAZER ELEMENTS to cut to it. The problem is that what I see on screen is not what is coming of the cutter. Problem: Everyting looks fine on screen in Signblazer except when I cut the image it will mirror the image and rotate it 90 degrees. I have this problem also in ARTCUT as well. It is very painful as most of my signs are over 1 meter long it always wants to tile it to the vinyl. It all looks fine on the screen though - Driving me crazy. Please help. Im in Australia by the way and the Refine EH721 is similar to the MH721 i think.
  14. I'm having an "Error Initializing Cutter" message. I just bought a TC series after using a LaserPoint (the red & black) machine with the current installation of SignBlazer (I no longer have the LaserPoint) - Customer Support told me I could use SignBlazer with the TC Series. So, my question is: Do I have to change settings in SignBlazer to accommodate the TC series (if so, how do I do this?) or re-install SignBlazer or WHAT? I downloaded the TC driver from USCutter Support, but I'm not sure if it installed, as the file seems to be a text file, as the File Type is labeled "Setup Information," and it opens in Notepad. I, also, looked up the Liyu driver, same thing. So I can't tell if it's installed. I have even tried the UK version. On the TC Series support page, it shows I have to install the driver by going to Device Manager (Windows 7 Home Premium service pack 1) & looking for 'Other Devices' & selecting CDC RS-232 - however, my Device Manager DOESN'T HAVE the 'Other Devices' branch! and a search of my entire computer doesn't show a 'CDC' file or branch or whatever. AND, I've looked all over the forum to see if anyone changed cutters mid-stream, after installing SB. But, I haven't found any thread about that topic... I've used SB for years with the LaserPoint, no problems. So, HELP, lol - I just have NO IDEA what to do next... Aimee
  15. SewDarnHot

    Help converting SignBlazer image

    My copam is not able to cut what i need it to and customer support will not help me without a phone line so after hrs of designing something for the perfect fit I cant cut it. So I am looking for help. Can someone take my signblazer image and convert it into scal or at least to an svg file. Pretty please!!I have a cricut and can at least use that with multi cut and get it done. Dad Face PlateJune15_2013_a.SBD For some reason my signblazer will not export the file.
  16. missmelaniegrace

    Problems getting an Activation code

    I use a mac but since SignBlazer Elements/US Cutter won't work with mac a friend gave me an old Windows XP desktop to run my US Cutter. But it cannot conect to the internet and as such I cannot 'register' SignBlazer. I just need an Activation code. Can anyone please please tell me what to do? I'm about to sell the bloody cutter but it would be an awful shame. I'm really at the end of my rope with this thing.
  17. Hi everyone- any assistance would be helpful. Background: I have run Roland cutters GX24 for 6 years- using Illustrator and CutStudio. I am very familiar and okay with how cutters work- loading media, blades etc etc etc. Equipment: I have bought a Creation Cut 1200S to help with cutting fairly simple but large shapes for window films. Running on WIndows 7 and importing Illustrator EPS into SignBlazer and then outputting to CCut 1200S. I had some teething problems- but over the last week was quite comfortably able to cut larger shapes up to about 170cm in length. Today I am wanting to cut some lengths that are 2400mm in length- and having some trouble. Problem: Creation Cut 1200S starts cutting, looks as though it has done what it needs to do and returns to the origin point at the finish. It is not stopping, or hanging in mid cut or anything like that. When I went to weed it- it had not cut some of the sections of the pattern. Have read throught the forums and tried a few things. Things I have changed is in the setup it was already on hardware but I matched the device driver to also say hardware as someone suggested that. In SignBlazer- I have the media length set to 3000mm. The file is 2500mm. Before I cut I also sent the cutter to maximum point and it did scroll to about 2400mm in and back- so it is able to go that length. After the longer cut, I then cut three new pieces at about 1500mm and they were fine. I don't feel it is memory thing, there are not a lot of cut lines. I don't think it is a USB thing as it is not hanging or stopping. It is obviously a lot of media to waste- hence I have posted here before I cut my next 2500mm piece. I have attached a file that shows the shape I am cutting- it is not complicated- it is just long. And then I have overlaid in red what actually cut. And the blade went back to the beginning origin point as though finished. If you have experience cutting longer lengths I would appreciate any assistance. I think it must be a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance for any assistance, Regards Lindsay
  18. Luvmydane

    Error Intializing Cutter

    I have a Creation PCUT that I have had for 3 years and use often. Last night in I cut several items and then went to cut another and I got the message "Can not open the output device. Error intializing cutter" when I have got this in the past I turned off my computer and restarted and everything was okay, this time I cannot get it to work. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, Thanks so much!
  19. Hello all, I am having some issues with a particular file in SBE. I was hoping someone out ther could possibly help. I am trying to use an imported PSD of some rather simple clip art. I have imported into SBE, and correctly vectorized the image. Both of the two small images turned out decent, but I just wanted to touch them up with the node editor. I did this, cleaned up my image, and once I was done editing and tried to get out the node editor mode, my image disappeared until I zoomed out. But now the image is no longer a selectable or editable image anymore. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Josh
  20. Mx2

    Signblazer Hotshots

    Is the only copy of hotshots the one with the signblazer 6.0.2 install as a trial? If someone has a link to the actual program that would be appreciated! ---MX2
  21. Hey everyone, for some reason I am having trouble with this EPS file. I vectored the image in Inkscape, and then saved the file as an EPS. Below you will find both files. I can open all my other eps files with no problem. Can anyone help me with this, is the way I am saving it, or maybe the file is too large for SignBlazer. Thanks for all your help. Nick Inkscape Version 0.48 SignBlazer Version 6.0.17 Monster Truck.eps Monster Truck.svg
  22. I am just getting into the vinyl business. I am getting my feet wet with a new MH Series cutter. I primarily wanted to do small vinyl decals (some non-intricate 2-color decals), and one to two color heat press vinyl designs for one-off t-shirts. I have had my share of troubles that others have had installing drivers, getting it setup etc. I've never been able to use the SignCutPro, it just won't cut right. I use SignBlazer, which seems very old-school/barebones, but at least my cutter works properly for the most part when I use it. MY PROBLEM: I recently tried to do a 3' long non-intricate design (basically a stripe for a window sign) and haven't been able to get a "square cut". The vinyl in my machine moves a lot and even though I tightened the springs on the clamps, I still find it moving from left to right as it cuts the lines. This happens too on smaller stuff where there is a lot of movement in the vinyl back and forth. I get the marks on the vinyl from the little wheels on the clamps, so I try to not use the center one when I don't have to, but it seems like whether I use all three clamps or just one on each end of the vinyl, I still get this movement issue. Additionally, I tried to do house numbers the other day and though everything was properly registered in my art file, when trying to place the one color set of cut vinyl numbers on top of the other color, they did not place exactly where they were supposed to (meaning the vinyl must have shifted a bit). Anyone have any suggestions here? I know I got an inexpensive cutter, but it seemed sufficient for my needs and it just feels like even though it is low end, that the vinyl movement shouldn't be such a huge issue and reason to buy a different/higher end cutter. Sidebar additional question, anyone have good tips/tricks for registering or placing registered designs on top of one another for installation? Thanks for the help/suggestions.
  23. Hi ti all, i am new herae but have read through many threads. I dont seem to have found what i am looking for and i hope someone can push me in the right direction. I brought a 2006 model CT630 as a fixer upper. Everything works from the panel (self test etc) but no comms, if i plugged in the usb i get error message from xp saying device not recognised. I removed and tested the USB connector and found one of the copper tracks on the small PCB to be open circuit. I have placed a small wire to bridge this gap and i now seem to get comms I have made tge reccomended settings as per the Signblazer manual and all looks pretty good. However, if a draw a simple circle, then after selecting the correct cutter and port (usb com2, 9600 etc as per spec), then pressing cut, i get no movement if i test the system by selecting move to , origin, maximum position. If i ignore this and go ahead to cut i get a bar graph showing the file is dowloading, but it gets only about 1/3 accross and it the whole dialogue dissapears. If anyone is familiar with Signblazer on this model of plotter, what does your bar graph do before dissapearing, and am i being a dunce by not doing something else properly first. (Before i look further for other problems, i may try soldering the cable directly to the interface cable to eliminate the socket and pcb completely tomorrow. i have already tried different comm speeds from 1200 bauds to 19200 all with exactly the same results. Thanks for your help in advance .