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  1. Thanks for your earlier response to my post. So I have been steadily using the Creation Cut 1200S and have got it worked out. It does the job- but extremely tempermental- basically it doesn't have much of a brain- so you just have to use it sending it very clear messages! I am sure the issues I had with the half cuts was because of the following. Sometimes when you send a file to print- and your printer might be off- then you turn it on- the machine just starts printing whatever it had waiting. Well on occasion- when the PCut was still in Offline mode I sent the file to print- then realised it was in offline and turned it to online. Bad move. If you realise it is offline and you have sent a file- cancel the print- and also turn the PCut off and then totally start again. Turn it back on- get it in online mode and then send your file to cut again. I have had no problem since following this.
  2. Hi everyone- any assistance would be helpful. Background: I have run Roland cutters GX24 for 6 years- using Illustrator and CutStudio. I am very familiar and okay with how cutters work- loading media, blades etc etc etc. Equipment: I have bought a Creation Cut 1200S to help with cutting fairly simple but large shapes for window films. Running on WIndows 7 and importing Illustrator EPS into SignBlazer and then outputting to CCut 1200S. I had some teething problems- but over the last week was quite comfortably able to cut larger shapes up to about 170cm in length. Today I am wanting to cut some lengths that are 2400mm in length- and having some trouble. Problem: Creation Cut 1200S starts cutting, looks as though it has done what it needs to do and returns to the origin point at the finish. It is not stopping, or hanging in mid cut or anything like that. When I went to weed it- it had not cut some of the sections of the pattern. Have read throught the forums and tried a few things. Things I have changed is in the setup it was already on hardware but I matched the device driver to also say hardware as someone suggested that. In SignBlazer- I have the media length set to 3000mm. The file is 2500mm. Before I cut I also sent the cutter to maximum point and it did scroll to about 2400mm in and back- so it is able to go that length. After the longer cut, I then cut three new pieces at about 1500mm and they were fine. I don't feel it is memory thing, there are not a lot of cut lines. I don't think it is a USB thing as it is not hanging or stopping. It is obviously a lot of media to waste- hence I have posted here before I cut my next 2500mm piece. I have attached a file that shows the shape I am cutting- it is not complicated- it is just long. And then I have overlaid in red what actually cut. And the blade went back to the beginning origin point as though finished. If you have experience cutting longer lengths I would appreciate any assistance. I think it must be a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance for any assistance, Regards Lindsay