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Found 14 results

  1. Our machine didn’t work from the get go so we called in for support on 4/22/2019. We opened a support ticket and just called back today 5/23/2019 to get the issue handled. The guy was great at the beginning, then he told me it needed a new motherboard and they would send one out tomorrow. I asked if there was an option to upgrade shipping for over night. I was then on hold for a few minutes and when he gets back on he says I WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO HELP YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY, then was going to hang up. I said whoa whoa whoa please explain. He said this support ticket should’ve never been supported for reasons I can not disclose. I said this is MY account, no one else’s , why can you not help me. He said that’s information I can not disclose have a good day and hung up. So I thought well maybe my husbands name is on the account, had him call in and SAME damn thing. They said the issues were non-disclosure and hung up. This is the only item we have ever bought from them, no returns nothing. And we get hung up on for issues they can’t disclose?!?!?! What the f**k. I will NEVER buy anything from them again. We are returning this item and getting a plotter from an honest company.
  2. I had to buy a new laptop it is a windows 10. I cant get SignBlazer to work on it. I used the link from above for the download and driver. When I try to cut with my Uscutter Refine 721 it says can not open the output device, error initialize cutter. Plz help
  3. not sure what im looking for on the page above im not finding anything for usb drivers
  4. We’ve just updated all the Tech Support FAQs which deal with current issues, and is available for USCutter customers 24/7/365. Tech Support FAQ: Main Site: You will find many issues are dealt with on this website, and we can add and amend these FAQs as required. We also welcome your input. If you have a technical issue please lodge a ticket here: Thank you for your support
  5. Alphamisfits

    Small pieces pulling up! Help please!

    Hi I'm still fairly new to this , originally I was using a 45 degree blade and I watched some videos and got everything good and have been cutting good for quite awhile but now I felt the blade should be changed ( not sure) so I put in a new 45 degree blade and ran a test which I thought was good . It cut the vinyl and didn't cut the wax paper but now it's starting to pull small pieces up here and there , I have had this happen like maybe 1 spot here in there no biggie but now I just got like 7-8 spots on my last 12x12 cut . Any ideas what I'm doing wrong n how to fix it.
  6. For newbies and anyone who wishes to learn more about how to use VinylMaster please visit this webpage: VinylMaster Training July 12, 2016 Webinar Thank you,
  7. Has anyone ever had a problem where their Titan 3 stopped cutting? Turn the power off, and then turn it back on and the cutter carriage just slams into the side of the cutter and you have to turn it off? Thanks, Al
  8. bigslam


    where is the live support supposed to be found because I cant find it anywhere
  9. Hey guys, First post here, but I've owned and cut with a LPII for a few years now. I have resolved a bunch of grounding/static related bugs and have cut tons of material without issue, until my current project. The artwork I am contour cutting consists of series of parallel squiggly lines of a consistent thickness. I am having a major issue where the vinyl or plotter is somehow tracking off throughout the progress of the cut, and giving me inconsistent line thickness. The cuts are generally around 10'-12' long (some more, some less), and I have been running 2-up per cut (see attached artwork). The line needs to be a consistent thickness of 1/4", but I will often end up with one part being almost 1" thick and the other line being 1/8". I've included a snippet of the artwork and a photo of the issue as well. I have run these cuts in the past without this issue, but I assume that it has to do with the length of the image and the order in which the machine processes the cuts. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just a heads-up, they've yanked the archived page which shows a SignBlazer Download (in the old Support pages, which still were cached in the USUTTER webpage files) That leaves the only active link for obtaining the install file (.exe) being THIS -- I hope that doesn't disappear as well !!!
  11. Hi there! I'm Christa, and I'm working with USCutter here in Redmond to revise the documentation for the LP2. I'd like to reach out to the community and ask: What do you wish had been in the manual but isn't? What do you think should be added to the manual? What's your #1 tip for using the LP2? Any other feedback on the manual? Thanks SO much!! -Christa
  12. My copam 2500 has been turning off and on. As soon as I power it up it automatically (at about 1-2 second intervals) continually goes off and then on, and the carriage tries to move further to the right as it comes on and then it shuts off to start up and do it again. We have replaced the carriage and it didn't change anything. Do we need a new motherboard? I thought it was a communication error with the computer, but it does it regardless of whether or not it's hooked up to the computer. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    Update from Therese at Signcut Sweden.

    Hello. This is Therese at SignCut Sweden. I'm apologize that I haven't been here for a while. I have been on vacation but now I'm back at work, full with energi. I will do my best to be available here at this forum and answer questions but my main priority is to be available at our support-portal and our livechat on our website You can now also visit us at Facebook and Twitter There we will post updates about SignCut and now and then even competitions for our customers. I look forward to help you all as much as I can. Regards, Therese Löfström
  14. Just thought I would post this for all the people who were just like me.................dreaming, researching and trying to decide on a cutter to buy, the company to buy from, etc. I'm a newbie and just got started 2 days ago so I don't know much yet. The one thing I can attest to is that THIS company and the people in this forum have been GREAT so far. After reading, watching videos, etc I decided on the Graphtec CE5000 package deal $1695.00. I was amazed at all that I recieved with this package: Great plotter/cutter, 12 rolls of vinyl, Corel x3, clipart design software, x-acto knife, extra blades, 10 squeegees, application tape, application solution & spray bottle, weeding tool, another type of cutting tool. It is a sign shop in a box or 3 boxes! And....the FREE downloads from this site, Inkscape, Signblazer are amazing. As for support, I've had multiple people from this forum welcome me and offer help. Really made me feel great. And.....I called Customer Support at UScutter and actually got a human! Dave, I think was his name. He answered my question quickly and professionally. I may not get this dream off the ground but I do know I chose the right place to get started! Thank you UScutter and those that have helped me so far and those who will in the future. Jeff Bristol, Va.