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Found 7 results

  1. I have a Graphtec CE5000-60 cutter that we have used without any issues for the past 5+ years. A few weeks ago I got the message: FLASH NV ERROR, I did some research and called Sign Warehouse and they helped us order a new motherboard. My husband installed it per their directions and we got the message: LOADER V5.30. I followed the directions on the Graphtec website to install the firmware and drivers per the CE5000-60 manuals directions. The version of firmware that is on Graphtec's site is v6.40, do I need to try and roll my firmware back to the version that my Graphtec screen is stating, because my screen now states: PLEASE SEND PRG. I have sent the firmware according to the directions and I have done numerous restarts of both my computer and the cutter. I have done the up arrow while restarting the cutter, I have also pressed the right and left arrow at the same time I was restarting the cutter. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. So I replaced the mother board in my ce6000-60 and now it comes up on controller as ce6000-40 and has a pinch align error code e05004 every time after it reads the materials edges. Update firmware. Any one have any idea on this. I matched everything with the motherboard that was taken out. Not really sure whats up and hate to have wasted so much cash.
  3. Have had this SC Cutter for a year. Use it every week, very familiar with it. Using SCALP 3. Mac. Drivers and everything been working fine for a year. Today in the middle of cutting a design, it totally stopped cutting. SCALP kept transmitting data to it, and eventually finished transmitting the entire design, but the SC just sat there, not cutting, just totally stopped in the middle of cutting a design. Did not say an error or anything. I hit the reset button on the SC and it did reset and the carriage moved and rollers worked. I restarted EVERYTHING, changed out USB cords, even changed to another Mac with a demo license of SCALP and the drivers installed and nothing happened. On the SC I pushed the button in the menu to "Test" and it did actually cut a square with an X in it. SOOOOOO... I am assuming that there is an issue in the USB board or the motherboard? Something just went kaput in communications between SCALP on my mac, and the SC. Any ideas? I have orders I need to get shipped out ASAP so I think I'm going to order a spare SC right now to get up and running again, while opening a support ticket for this SC (hopefully its covered/free???). Thanks for any help! - Drew
  4. Since yesterday I can not start my Copam CP-2500, when I turn on the screen begins to blink and makes a noise like a clock, somebody have an idea of what is happening? Please help me Thank you
  5. My copam 2500 has been turning off and on. As soon as I power it up it automatically (at about 1-2 second intervals) continually goes off and then on, and the carriage tries to move further to the right as it comes on and then it shuts off to start up and do it again. We have replaced the carriage and it didn't change anything. Do we need a new motherboard? I thought it was a communication error with the computer, but it does it regardless of whether or not it's hooked up to the computer. Any help would be appreciated!!!!
  6. Good afternoon, I have a US cutter MH 1351 that I purchased prior to the new year (Oct. or Nov. of 2013). It was cutting ok (images were bigger than the design) until the Z-axis quit working. I have tried the battery test which worked, we have also purchased the z-chip but it appears that there is the possibility the newer models do not have a z-chip? If this is the case what do I need to do to get this machine running properly again? From images on the us cutter web site it appears I have the MH Series Refine Motherboard MK2. If the chip is replaceable on this equipment does anyone have an image as to where it may be located? The chip that I received from US cutter has a part number of RFPZAXCHIP on the bag but on the chip it says EA30. Thanks in advance for any information. I really hope to get this running this weekend.
  7. I've been sending emails for a long time to USCutter requesting this information and I have not received a response. I call their Spanish support phone and only responds an answering machine in English. Can anyone tell me where I can get the motherboard?. Thank you. plotter comprado.pdf