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Found 15 results

  1. I just got an MH365, hooked it up by USB to my laptop running Ubuntu. It was automatically recognized and added as a printer. I started inkcut version 2.1.5, the current version for Ubuntu 20, which found the device, but didn't automatically select a driver. I selected US Cutter Refine MH-721, the one that seemed closest to MH-365. If I plot an image using inkcut or by sending the HPGL file directly to the printer device, the plotter draws (I have pen and paper in it for now) a somewhat recognizable path but I consistently get the same kind of corruption. See the image below, where I plotted the file twice. The HPGL file looks fine in an HPGL viewer. The HPGL file is also attached here. The errors seem to be of two kinds: a vertical segment followed by a horizontal segment get combined into one diagonal segment - see the left edge of the letter H, for example an x co-ordinate is drastically incorrect, usually at or near the x origin - see the triangular detours in the circle, for example What is going wrong? Thanks in advance, Mike P.S. Since it's a new machine I'm really trying to determine if it's a problem with the software/file or with the machine itself. I don't have a windows machine handy to try other plotting software or another plotter to test the HPGL on. If someone could run this HPGL file on their plotter, or send me a small HPGL file that is known to work on an MH365, that would be a big help. circle.inkcut.hpgl
  2. Good evening, I tripped and broke my girlfriend’s USB driver, how to fix this ? If I bet a mother board will it resolve this problem?
  3. hello, i have just go a panther (or jaguar II-61) from vinyl express (used) from ebay but i have tried everything to get it to work using windows and usb, but i cant when i try to install the drivers, it ask me to change the usb mode to common usb (from gcc usb) but this model doesn't have under misc the option to change it (as on the jaguar 2 manual) anyone can help me? does any one knows how to change the usb mode on this cutter? maybe it need a firmware upgrade, 1.2 actual, or can anyone help me? thanks alot
  4. Anyone ever tried or had success connecting 2 computers to one laser point 2 cutter?
  5. Have had this SC Cutter for a year. Use it every week, very familiar with it. Using SCALP 3. Mac. Drivers and everything been working fine for a year. Today in the middle of cutting a design, it totally stopped cutting. SCALP kept transmitting data to it, and eventually finished transmitting the entire design, but the SC just sat there, not cutting, just totally stopped in the middle of cutting a design. Did not say an error or anything. I hit the reset button on the SC and it did reset and the carriage moved and rollers worked. I restarted EVERYTHING, changed out USB cords, even changed to another Mac with a demo license of SCALP and the drivers installed and nothing happened. On the SC I pushed the button in the menu to "Test" and it did actually cut a square with an X in it. SOOOOOO... I am assuming that there is an issue in the USB board or the motherboard? Something just went kaput in communications between SCALP on my mac, and the SC. Any ideas? I have orders I need to get shipped out ASAP so I think I'm going to order a spare SC right now to get up and running again, while opening a support ticket for this SC (hopefully its covered/free???). Thanks for any help! - Drew
  6. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I understand there are already posts about this subject but I am getting NO WHERE... I bought the adapter I have drivers updated and when I open Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3 and go to test it the program freezes and shuts off... What is it that I am doing wrong or can someone simply walk me through it... The usb is bad so I am trying to get it fixed and get this big order done... Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm just posting this in the Copam section in case it helps someone in the future getting their CP-2500 cutter to work via USB connection in SignGo 1.20 FD (or just Light or Pro version without dongle) in Windows 7 64bit (It will work on 32 bit too). Long story short, it turns out the default settings for the driver are incorrect. So when you install the Copam CP-2500 driver during initial installation (or even Generic HPGL drivers) there needs to be a modification made to the END: form input field under the Commands tab to get it to work. By default it comes with PU;IN; (Pen Up and Initialize) commands in that field. The correct settings for the cutter to cut via USB connection are PU;!PG;; (notice the exclaimation mark and TWO semi-colons). After that, it will work. For the record, here is the thread I worked through with SignGo's author Kevin Wallace to solve this problem. Note: in order to get the CUT icon in the SignGo GUI (graphical user interface) to not be greyed out and be enabled and to subsequently be able to adjust your cutter settings, you need to draw something on the canvas first so use a square or star and put it anywhere on the canvas. Then you will be able to select the Cut icon and from there it's pretty evident with what I'm talking about adjusting commands. Here are ALL the Commands for the Copam to work via USB connection (notice the bold End: area) Initialize: IN; Start plot: PA; Start cut: PA; Reset: IN; Move: PU#,#; Line: PD#,#; Bezier curve: (BLANK FIELD) End: PU;!PG;; Set origin: PU;PA#,#;PG0; Set depth: (BLANK FIELD) Set speed: VS#; Select pen: SP#; Get plotting area: OH;PU; Get Head Position: OA; UNCHECKED BOX for Uses Multiple Points In Line Command and therefore its Start line, Continue line and End of line fields are greyed out. However, it does also work with the BOX CHECKED for Multiple Points In Line Command too. Also, when you install your COM# (# being a number assigned by the computer), make sure your port settings in the Control Panel > Device Manager > Ports on Windows 7 are set to 9600 Bits/sec, 8 Data bits, Parity None, Stop bits 1, and Flow control is set to Hardware. In SignGo's Communication Tab: Make sure things are set to 9600 Bits/sec, 8 Data bits, Parity None, Stop bits 1, Flow control DTR/DSR is checked and RTS/CTS is checked. XON/OFF is NOT checked. Timeout is 60 seconds. This should help get things working.
  8. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I've been using the MH Refine for almost 3 years on my iMac. I've never had any issues until last night. I was in the middle of a cut and the cutter almost just gave up I guess. It just stopped. I tried again and it wasn't responding. So for some reason, I decided to upgrade my signcut software. Updated it, and started cutting, and it was ok, or so I thought. My settings were all off and things were cutting odd. I did have the random line of death too. I spoke with someone at uscutter support and he remote logged in and we tried some things, and now the cutter isn't even responding. It does its test when I hit the 'Test' button on the machine itself but nothing from the computer. I have the machine grounded, or so I believe I do. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Much appreciated!
  9. I recently purchased an SC Series cutter and when I connect the USB to my laptop I get a pop up window which reads: "USB Device Not Recognized; One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." I've tried all the unplugging and restarting tricks to no prevail. Please help!
  10. I picked up a MH871 and I want to hook it up to my Dell which I already have a roland plotter connected to via Serial Port, Now I would like to hook up my MH871 to this same computer, I was thinking of running the MH871 via USB but have read of issues of the USB not being reliable. So my question is do I try the USB or can I buy a Switch box to switch between the two plotters via Serial cable?
  11. Having problems installing Graphtec cutter, make sure you are not plugging it into a USB 3 (blue) port. After hours of frustration, it simply came down to switching it to the USB 2.0 port. story goes I had a computer go down and had a few RUSH jobs to do, so I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to install my cutter. I mistakenly was plugging it into the blue usb and the computer insisted i was installing a printer with problems.
  12. Hey guys, A female member of my family that I will not name accidently broke the USB port on my cutter. I read a thread about another member that got a replacement but I am wondering if anyone has soldered theirs. I am sure this has happened to other people because the port is not very well supported. Thought I would ask
  13. I need help, and I have tried everything. I have a US Cutter MH 721 and have no problems until last week. I have owned the cutter for almost 2 years, and my mother-n-law own it before me (with no problems). Well last week I was sent a file from SignBlazer to the cutter, and the cutter stopped cutting. I was connected to the USB port on the cutter to the USB port on my laptop. The program still works, and I can hit the test button on the cutter and it works. I tried another USB cord except this time in the program it was no longer finding the cutter in "setup". My husband and I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling, nothing! We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SignBlazer software, nothing! We opened up the case, and my husband noticed the USB port was loose (he works in the IT field). So he secured it down, and still nothing the program no longer found the cutter. After being frustrated, we ordered a DB9-USB adapter cord. Last night the cord showed up!! We plugged in the cord, installed the drivers for it, and uninstalled/reinstalled signblazer. Nothing!! The program still was not finding the cutter. Well after being frustrated once again, and my husband working on it for about 2 hours last night - we called it a night. This morning while waiting on US Cutter Support to open, I thought I would give it one last shot. I uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers and the software. Followed on the directions on the setup ( for the drivers. This time to my surprise the program now finds the cutter. However, now I am getting the following error message, "Can not open the output device. Error initializing cutter." So since support was now open, I called!! The man on the phone was not helpful at all. I explained everything that we have tried, and how this all began. His response was get new software, and then call us back. Yet, I know it is not the software because I can now find the cutter in it. My problem is that the cutter will not cut still. This is why, I am here! What else can I do or try to get this to work??? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi ti all, i am new herae but have read through many threads. I dont seem to have found what i am looking for and i hope someone can push me in the right direction. I brought a 2006 model CT630 as a fixer upper. Everything works from the panel (self test etc) but no comms, if i plugged in the usb i get error message from xp saying device not recognised. I removed and tested the USB connector and found one of the copper tracks on the small PCB to be open circuit. I have placed a small wire to bridge this gap and i now seem to get comms I have made tge reccomended settings as per the Signblazer manual and all looks pretty good. However, if a draw a simple circle, then after selecting the correct cutter and port (usb com2, 9600 etc as per spec), then pressing cut, i get no movement if i test the system by selecting move to , origin, maximum position. If i ignore this and go ahead to cut i get a bar graph showing the file is dowloading, but it gets only about 1/3 accross and it the whole dialogue dissapears. If anyone is familiar with Signblazer on this model of plotter, what does your bar graph do before dissapearing, and am i being a dunce by not doing something else properly first. (Before i look further for other problems, i may try soldering the cable directly to the interface cable to eliminate the socket and pcb completely tomorrow. i have already tried different comm speeds from 1200 bauds to 19200 all with exactly the same results. Thanks for your help in advance .
  15. fenceman

    please help im clueless

    my setup -windows xp home - signblazer elements version 6.0.21 - uscutter lazerpoint I have no usb driver disk. the cutter is linked to comp. with a usb cable the comp. has no internet connection. the cutter and sbe has worked on a different computer before. i have the cutter manual i need a way to download? the usb driver to one computer, burn it to a cd then download it to the computer with the cutter. i found a link on the uscutter website that might be what im looking for; but the link will not open in my browser. im not very computer savy and have never fooled with cutting before. ill be watching this topic close im needing to have the machine up and running today 12-8-11 any information is much appreciated thanks