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  1. Bunky67

    How to Connect MH 871 via USB

    Hello These cutters will work just fine on USB I use mine with Corel draw all the time. The problem here is they always want to send you to sign blazer, which is good if you don't have $$$ wrapped into other software. Do you have the MK1 or MK2? There are different drivers and chipset for the MK1 vs MK2. I pull my hair out when trying to install on a different computer but it does work. I assume your running windows does Windows see the cutter in device manager?
  2. My 871 was bought used and I have used it of course but the rubber grit rollers have a build up on them from being used and not cleaned properly... I tried a little rubbing alcohol on a rag and that took off some. But I need to get them better. Can I use goo gone or something similar? Also has anyone found a replacement roller for these without changing the whole roller unit ?
  3. Bunky67

    Roland cutstudio?

    Does cutstudio have drivers to run older cutters ? I have an older pnc 1050 and had to upgrade to windows 10, if I purchase Cut studio will this have driver's to run my machine?
  4. Well the machine was just old and I wasn't sure Corel draw 2017 would work and the xp machine wasn't starting properly some times
  5. I have an old Roland PNC1050 I have been using on an old XP machine with Corel draw X6. The computer is getting tired so I wanted to buy a newer machine with Windows 10 and Currently have Corel Draw 17. I can't get the Windows 10 to install the XP driver's Is there a plug in or something I can do to get windows 10 to recognize this plotter?
  6. Yes Skeeter it was was basically the same issue, this time i had to go in and set up printer manually issue resolved
  7. I have a MH-871 MK1 and i was using it with Corel Draw x6, (yesI have cut straight from corel) well I upgraded to Corel 2017 and haven't used my laptop to cut since, ( I have a small roland tractor paper style I use on an old xp desktop) so the other night i wanted to cut a pattern out off the laptop and Corel Draw didn't show my cutter. So I went in and I see the cutter under my USB devices and it appears to be working according to device manager. can someone tell me how to get this listed back under my printers or set up so my corel will recognize it again
  8. Yes I print from Coreldraw with this cutter on my XP machine all the time. but the Cutter shows up under my Printers as US Cutter, This one Does not it keeps showing up under other devices as FT232 USB UART. there seems to be an issue with my laptop and the drivers and the port or something
  9. Ok so I went and did some checking under printers and devices it shows under other devices FT232R USB UART says my driver is up to date but no luck getting the plotter to come up.
  10. I’m using Corel draw 2017. In driver instructions on this site it says that after downloading the drivers it should move from other devices into the Printers section of the device manager
  11. A couple of weeks ago I installed my MH-871 on my old desktop with Windows XP no problems. Today I'm trying to get my MH-871 to work on my laptop Windows 10 (64 bit) I plugged the cutter into my USB and installed the Driver as instructed on this site, Cutter shows up under Ports Com 5, I didn't get the error about the driver signature so I didn't do the restart troubleshoot steps to disable the signature of the driver, it show the drivers installed and working properly but I cannot get it to come up as a printer, it keeps showing up under other devices Can someone help ?
  12. Bunky67

    MH871 Driver?

    Ok thanks I got it figured out.
  13. Bunky67

    MH871 Driver?

    I have a MH871 Refine MK1 and I’m looking for a driver so I can set it up as a printer via USB and cut through CorelDraw X5. Using XP will the MK2 driver work on the MK1?
  14. Bunky67

    Cut DIRECTLY from COREL on MH MK2

    Can you use this set up on the standard MH 871 as well ?
  15. OK so do I which would be best, a 9 pin serial or 25 pin Parallel?