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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with my cutter MH871-MK2. when I turn on the device, the screen is flashing on and off, and the base of the blade up and down without stopping by TIK TAK sound and the device does nothing more. Can anyone tell me if it really is the motherboard that needs replacing? And has anyone had this same problem and could solve it?... What is really the part that I need to replace? Thanks.
  2. I have an mh871 cutter, I am trying to find the settings on speed and pressure to cut vinyl glitter, can someone help me. Thanks
  3. A couple of weeks ago I installed my MH-871 on my old desktop with Windows XP no problems. Today I'm trying to get my MH-871 to work on my laptop Windows 10 (64 bit) I plugged the cutter into my USB and installed the Driver as instructed on this site, Cutter shows up under Ports Com 5, I didn't get the error about the driver signature so I didn't do the restart troubleshoot steps to disable the signature of the driver, it show the drivers installed and working properly but I cannot get it to come up as a printer, it keeps showing up under other devices Can someone help ?
  4. US Cutter MH871 - malfunctioning, printing from Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Been cutting for over 2 years with this machine. Yesterday started malfunctioning. Would cut for a correctly for a little. Then stops, cuts backwards, cuts in reverse, cuts random lines. I have tried different USB ports on computer. I don't know what to do now.
  5. icepic13

    Zingtree checking cutting

    OK so I contacted customer support and as usual no help, can someone please assist and let me know how I correct this the support agent said my machine is "Zingtree checking cutting " has anyone ever heard of this and how is it corrected, at first I thought it was a static issue now I know different and I am desperate for help! Please see the video below for a description of what it is doing. Thank you in advance to ANYONE who can help. 20170829_221632.mp4
  6. Templinsvinyl

    Floating VInyl

    I am having an issue with my vinyl floating. I was cutting multiples of a design, and the it started cutting off of the vinyl. The vinyl floated to the right. I went through the setup instructions again, checked my speed, checked my pressure, etc... When I press the "Offline/Pause" button, and then press "V-" to feed the vinyl, it floats to the right, so far, it is no longer under the pinch roller. I have tried to adjust the pinch rollers, tightening up the left, loosening the right, etc.... to stop this from happening, nothing appears to be working Has anyone had an issue like this, or does anyone know how to remedy this? Thank you in advance
  7. Had my cutter for a couple of years and has been great.. I have not changed computer, location of cutter, software or anything else. Tonight while cutting a 20" x 36" decal it started going past the origin spot with a straight line cut. Then went over the left side all the way to end and was trying to go farther, then stopped and came back. Double checked all my connections, my settings, and the decal setup on SCAL Pro and everything was good. Cut the decal again and did fine. Put in a simple name that was 10" x 36" and it cut fine. The next decal was another simple one about a foot by foot and did the same crap of cutting straight lines all the way across the machine. Next cut fine, next two cuts screwed up.. Scanned the forums and doesn't seem like a common problem because I'm not seeing anybody else with it.. Help please.. Thanks, Quincy Smith
  8. Hello everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, I was trying to find the correct subcategory for the MH871. I need some help. My cutter will not cut anything small and detailed. I am trying to print two sugar skulls, around 2.5-"3" wide and 3-3.5" in length but the pics below is what it's doing. I am also trying to cut text that's around 4" wide and 2.5" long and it messes up every time. The cut speed is 330, press is 150. I've tried on cut press 130 up to 170 and it won't work either. I've also tried slowing down the speed, down to 120. AND also tried it on two different brands of vinyl. Please help me!
  9. icmomoney

    Need help...

    Hey y'all, My name is Sarah, and I've been cutting with the MH871-MK2 for about 1.5 years now. I love it, I really do, and it's done awesome work for me. I do vinyl decals, etc., for business and personal use, and it's never let me down once I figured it out! Until recently... I added heat transfer vinyl to my business for t-shirts and things of that ilk. I did a couple large designs, and my cutter did as expected, but when I try to do smaller things, especially letters, it literally chews them up. Edges don't meet, shapes are skewed, and the letters end up looking terrible. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm using Jet Pro Soft Stretch, so I know the vinyl is not a poor or low quality... And I've tried every combination of force, overcut, velocity, everything that I can think of. I would really appreciate ANY help at all, and suggestions, anything!! I'm at a loss for what to do... Thanks in advance, Sarah
  10. mister c.

    using the pen tool with signblazer

    hello. i have the mh871 cutter that im using with signblazer. up till now all ive done is cut vinyl but id like to try using the pen tool that came with the cutter. how do i go about adjusting the settings in signblazer so i can use the pen tool on my cutter? any info would be appreciated ...thanks
  11. ok i know this questions is as newbie as they come and i should know the answer considering ive owned my cutter many many can i print using the mh871 cutter? i dont mean print like a color printer...i guess you can call it "writing" more than printing. i remember when i recieved the cutter there was a piece that fit into the blade port of the cutter and it had a pen attached to it. since i purchased the cutter to cut vinyl i never really thought about what that piece was for. can that pen piece be used to write using the cutter? i only need thin black lines on white vinyl. thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Again Guys! Hope you're all enjoying your holidays. My cutter is MH871-MK2 Cutting Plotter and I am using Sure Cuts A lot Pro 3 on a Windows 7 64 bit desktop. My problem is that when I cut a set of texts for example: "Approaching Others" and "Nobody Gets Hurt"(has a box surrounding Nobody...) the "Approa" part of "Approaching" is shifted upwards which, well, results in the words not being aligned. I also noticed that the words "Approaching Others" were pasted twice when imported from illustrator. My second problem is when I finish cutting a project I press the "offline/pause" button to feed out more sticker so I can cut the finished portion out, and then press the "reset" button" as this leaves the sticker as it is. But the problem is when I want to cut a second project SCAL is stuck on the "initializing..." window and I would have to restart my desktop to do another cut. Is there another way to feed out sticker after a project to avoid using the "reset" button. I'm gonna try cutting the project again without the double pasted "Approaching Others" to see if that fixed the misaligned words. Just thought of it while writing this. Thanks! Merry Christmas
  13. Hi! I recently bought a USCutter MH871-MK2. More info: Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro------Windows 7 64 bit ----------------- RAM 16gb ----------------- ..... yeah My problem is that the file I want to get cut isn't getting cut. Description: I open sure cuts a lot 3 pro program and choose two circles for the USCutter to cut. I press print and select the right printer. Then open up devices and printer to see if the file I want printed is listed under the UScutter but it isn't. When I press "test" button in offline mode, cutter cuts out a star with no problem. All the help is much appreciated!
  14. I picked up a MH871 and I want to hook it up to my Dell which I already have a roland plotter connected to via Serial Port, Now I would like to hook up my MH871 to this same computer, I was thinking of running the MH871 via USB but have read of issues of the USB not being reliable. So my question is do I try the USB or can I buy a Switch box to switch between the two plotters via Serial cable?
  15. The mh871 I picked up the front measuring scale is in rough condition uscutter doesn't seem to offer a replacement. I have read where others have moved there scales to prevent the vinyl from catching. Has anyone found a replacement source? Or have any ideas
  16. The mh871 I picked up the front measuring scale is in rough condition uscutter doesn't seem to offer a replacement. I have read where others have moved there scales to prevent the vinyl from catching. Has anyone found a replacement source? Or have any ideas
  17. I picked up a MH871 Cutter today, and I coudn't see it power up, So I got it home and powered it up and the Fan runs, the control panel screen lights but no words, and the 3 led's are lit, and none of the functions on the control board work, Where do I start to troubleshoot this? also does this take a special blade holder or is there aftermarket ones available ? Also how do you tell if the cutter is MKI or MKII ?
  18. Why does my cutter always do stuff like this on larger scale cuts (see attached jpg). I have a MH871-MK2, I use SignCut Pro on a Mac, and I hook it up with a serial keyspan adapter. It cuts diagonal lines though parts and then continues on as if it was done cutting that area. It does pretty much the same thing regardless of if I use the pen on paper or the blade on vinyl. Also attached is a pdf is what the design is supposed to look like. I'm trying to cut it 22"x22". PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks! #andylovesemily.pdf
  19. Newbie to vinyl cutting. Just bought a US Cutter MH871-MK2 to get my feet wet for a reasonable price. First test cuts came out fine. Beautiful stars. Then cut my logo out a few times no problem, then I did a 8 ft x 1 ft test which came out decent enough but I did notice that the cutter would pick up pieces of vinyl in some places and that not all corners had clean cuts (some over and some under cuts) Still made it work for what I wanted but wasn't extremely happy with it. Now I want to cut a very large project 9 ft x 14 ft space. I do not want to waste that much vinyl! So I read up on fixing some of the settings. Slowed the cutter all the way down. adjusted blade and pressure. Ran the test cut from the machine direct and it is absolutely horrible!!! Played with settings, added teflon lube to the blade holder, changed the blade, looked for debris, adjusted more settings....and still horrible. Totally at a loss as to what may be wrong. THinking I should buy some more blade holders as spares in case that is the problem. Attached is the picture and no matter what I do, it comes out equally bad, Over and under cuts at corners, straight lines are coming out curved. Please please please help!!! See attached pic. Sorry used my webcam and you see reflection of my hair in the way.Bottom left corner was under cut, right tip and lower right tip of star undercut, top left corner of square crooked as well as the bottom right, top left side of star distorted with curves and not straight.
  20. i am cutting out some lettering using scal3 pro and i looked at the design in cut preview and everything is fine but when i goi the cut it, it works fine for about 90% of the design and then starts to scribble the letters. i put it into pen mode and drew it on a piece of paper and it worked fine. went back to cut mode and its cut the same as before. so i put it into pen mode and it cut the vinyl fine. please help
  21. Is there a way to keep the downforce on the MH Cutter from resetting back to 100g. each time I turn it on? I want it to rememember the number I enter and retain that. My SC unit recalls whatever was input and doesn't lose track of it.
  22. e-dog


    hi people I have a us cutter mh 871 mk2 plotter with sure cuts a lot installed on my laptop but a friend gave me signlab and said it was much better to use well as I installed it I didn't see a driver for any us cutter brands I was wondering if there is a driver I can download some were or if signlab is compatible with us cutters at all if some one could tell me I would really appreciate it thanks in advance
  23. Hello! This is my first post I have just purchased and received my first vinyl cutter, the MH871. I am excited to use it and I expect that I will be posting a lot of questions as I am learning how to use it! I have also just purchased a new laptop that has Windows 8 that I will be picking up tomorrow. I have yet to install everything just yet... but I just noticed that it indicates that it is compatable with Windows 7, but doesn't mention anything about Windows 8. Perhaps it is just because windows 8 is so new? Has anyone used it with Windows 8? Thanks
  24. Has anyone had a problem with the 3.040 update? I updated yesterday morning and when I tried to cut to my MH 871, all it would do is make a couple ticks and sounds. Having a project I needed to cut, I restored back to the 3.039 version and it cut perfectly. Today i thought I would try the 3.040 update again, figuring the prior update download somehow got corrupted in the process, but I still cannot get it to cut, it just make a couple ticks and sounds and does not move. I even tried re-installing the SCALP program. Am I missing something? All prior updates have worked fine for me. I did place an email to the support desk.