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Found 14 results

  1. I have a Titan 2 and it stops every time I get a text message or when my computer goes to sleep. While I can get it to start back up again once I wake the computer up, I can't get it to start up again after I get that text. What the heck is going on? How can I prevent this? I have a macbook pro and an iPhone. I'm also using SCAL. It should not do this! can anyone help? Even if you just can tell me how to get it to keep cutting after the text I'd really appreciate that. I'm wasting tons of vinyl! Thanks, Lolly
  2. Hello, I have the following: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 SCAL Pro 4 USCutter SC34 I'm pretty sure the usb on the cutter is bad as it suddenly stopped cutting all the way through jobs, and I know static is not the issue. I bought the Tripp-lite keyspan adapter, installed the drivers, rebooted, reconnected and now I don't know how to use it. The only option I have under the Connection box in SCAL is "USB", and there is nothing new under the "Port" option (my iPhone and another bluetooth connection thing is in the port, but that's it). How do I tell my computer/software to use the serial port instead of the USB? Thank you!
  3. I ordered a KNK Force and accessories a month ago and need to sell it. I just don't have the time that I thought I'd have to learn it in-between work and family (spouse has various health issues that have cropped back up). Blades were never used, only my pen tool. Everything is in perfect shape. (1) KNK Force (1) KNK Force Engraving Tool (2) KNK Force Standard Detail Blades (Red) (2) Force 15"x15" Mats (6) Oracal 651 Vinyl 12" I'm using SCAL 4 Pro for Mac, but you can use any software that's compatible. I'll have to read the terms on SCAL 4 Pro for Mac, but the license may be non-transferrable. Contact me if you're interested.
  4. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    So I am having issues with my cutter cutting my file twice and I don't know how to fix it. Every time I cut, it goes over each line twice, making the time for cutting twice as long as its supposed to be. Is this normal? How do I fix this? I have a brand new SC Series 24 inch cutter with SCAL3Pro as my software on an updated Mac computer.

    SCAL4P "not Responding"

    I am using SCAL4P on my PS with my US Cutter LaserII. The software locks up on every other cut forcing me to restart my PC. Will act like it is going to cut, but progress bar just sits and I have to cancel the job. Then stops responding completely. I can restart system, do one cut. If I try to start another cut, same thing happens and forces restart. It took me 4-5 hours to complete a 2 hour max job last night. I have also had problems with it stopping mid project- usually on a bigger, more intricate design. PC is running Windows 10- not sure if that is part of problem or not? Thanks in advance
  6. Today I am cutting Vinyl lettering for a trailer. I am using Adobe illustrator to create my layout and then sending it to Sure Cuts Alot 3 Pro to cut on my Titan 2. The first file cut some of the text higher than the rest of the word. I decided to start all over with a fresh file and even arranged things a bit different. The same text is cutting out offset each time and then some are and some aren't. I created outlines in illustrator before sending to SCAL. Any idea why this might be happening? I have a customers vehicle here for install and need to figure out ASAP!
  7. Seems to happen randomly, ive read about it before but i cant find anything about it I printed the same logo in three different places 2 of the logos came out fine but the next one in line shuffled the letters around, placing the "m" in the middle of the rest of the word that was being cut.. any insights?
  8. Hi Again Guys! Hope you're all enjoying your holidays. My cutter is MH871-MK2 Cutting Plotter and I am using Sure Cuts A lot Pro 3 on a Windows 7 64 bit desktop. My problem is that when I cut a set of texts for example: "Approaching Others" and "Nobody Gets Hurt"(has a box surrounding Nobody...) the "Approa" part of "Approaching" is shifted upwards which, well, results in the words not being aligned. I also noticed that the words "Approaching Others" were pasted twice when imported from illustrator. My second problem is when I finish cutting a project I press the "offline/pause" button to feed out more sticker so I can cut the finished portion out, and then press the "reset" button" as this leaves the sticker as it is. But the problem is when I want to cut a second project SCAL is stuck on the "initializing..." window and I would have to restart my desktop to do another cut. Is there another way to feed out sticker after a project to avoid using the "reset" button. I'm gonna try cutting the project again without the double pasted "Approaching Others" to see if that fixed the misaligned words. Just thought of it while writing this. Thanks! Merry Christmas
  9. Hi! I recently bought a USCutter MH871-MK2. More info: Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro------Windows 7 64 bit ----------------- RAM 16gb ----------------- ..... yeah My problem is that the file I want to get cut isn't getting cut. Description: I open sure cuts a lot 3 pro program and choose two circles for the USCutter to cut. I press print and select the right printer. Then open up devices and printer to see if the file I want printed is listed under the UScutter but it isn't. When I press "test" button in offline mode, cutter cuts out a star with no problem. All the help is much appreciated!
  10. Primal Decals

    Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro Help

    Im new here and already got in trouble once since ive been on here not knowing where to ask questions and to not post multiple things.So lets see if i can get this right lol.. Ok. so i finally got my cutter up and running and got my software going as well.I tried to do a text for test with a shadow behind it at attempting layers . I think i did something wrong( I know i did) so im hoping someone has a better way or an idea of what went wrong and point me in the right direction.. Here is the 2 images i cut, but i did not try to apply to each other cause i realized i had the wrong transfer tape lol and i have no clue about how to have a registration mark correctly placed and sized..So im hoping to get help with both things.So i am ordering my new tape tomorrow for doing layers.Any Suggestions On Tape from us cutter ,I think i need low tack as well since im using oracal 751. The Font is Called Authentic Hilton. The top image is my top layer and the dark image is my Shadow. I Noticed the "i" is welded and i dont know why. My cutter is a Titan 2 W/ Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro Running Adobe Illustrator cs6 And Photoshop Cs6
  11. I have a problem... Let me start by saying that I have been using my US Cutter and my SCAL 3 Pro for several months, never had an issue. I opened it up tonight to do a "quick" project and when I try to "Cut with my US Cutter" it pops up a Run Time Error. When you press okay on the Run Time Error box, another box pops up that says SCAL 3 Pro has stopped working, the program will close now. I have provided screen shots. Help, please. Of course it is after technical support hours. I did restart my cutter and my computer, hoping that would fix it - no luck. I also checked my SCAL for updates - no updates available.
  12. The right side of my image will not stay clean even if its the same points as the left. This is hard to explain in text but easy to see in the pictures. When mirroring the image and uploading them at the same time the left side is perfect but the right side is bad has any one ever seen this before. perfect in illustrator, bad in SCA
  13. Does anyone have a link to a video or instructions showing how to contour cut with a SC series cutter? Thanx, Rob
  14. Hello everyone, I've been vinyl cutting for 3 months now and been learning every thing the hard way but good lessons have been learned. I have One older desktop and one new laptop that i bought so i wouldn't have to lug my desktop around to fleamarkets, tradeshows etc. So I was wondering, has anyone deactivated SCAL Pro on their Computer to use it on another. I am afraid of losing all my saved work on the program. Any information that ya'll can share would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Marc