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Found 43 results

  1. Hi, I've been building a corporate gifting company for a few years now. We have scaled a lot. We offer to put company logos on our ceramic pots. The pots are typically 4inches and we will receive orders for 100+ gifts for one single client. We have been printing the logos on acrylic print paper and using adhesive to put them on. This works but it takes way too much time and costs of labor are too high to justify. Unfortunately, we are still small and can't afford a $12,000 printer, etc. Somebody mentioned in a previous forum to cut the logos using a 28' SC2 Cutter. However, I have no experience in this so if anyone knows a method a walk-through would be amazing. Does anyone have any advice or a good approach to put logos on our pots at scale? Ideally in a price range of $500-$2000. Thanks it means a lot!
  2. I am trying to set up a prismcut cutter with flexi by sai, ive used flexi for years and never had an issue like this there is not an option to add it when I go to add setup, the manufacturer isnt listed has anyone else had t/his issue is there a work around? thank you
  3. andersenta9

    MH MK2

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but what can I change to get a much cleaner cut this what it is cutting. The cutter does not connect lines on the letters and numbers. Picture to help see what I am talking about.
  4. Janelholly

    Cutting Issues

    I have a MH 721-MK2 plotter and every time I cut something its shifted over. Even when I try the test area it shifts over at least an inch or so. How can I correct this? Thanks
  5. I have been cutting tackle twill lettering with my GCC I-Craft for a few years now and it works great, but every now and then I get an order for a vinyl cut piece. When that happens I switch back to my normal blade, adjust the settings, and do my cutting. The 1st cut always turns out perfect! Then I weed my vinyl and put fresh vinyl on to do a 2nd cut. Then it doesn't cut through the vinyl at all. I just see a very faint impression of where the cut should be. Even if I adjust the pressure to the fullest amount and do a multi-cut, nothing. I have no idea why this happens. I usually have to wait a day or 2 to try again and then the 1st cut is perfect, but the problem persists. Am I missing something? I have tried restarting the machine and the program. Reseting the blade in the holder. Changing blade holders... nothing work. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. I have a Titan 28" vinyl cutter and I'm trying to cut Oramask 813 stencil film. The film keeps ripping when I try to weed the design because it's not cut hard enough. I've upped the pressure to 320, which seems excessive, but still having the issue. Some parts of the design are cut deep enough, but other parts look like the blade loses pressure. It makes no sense. Any advice? Some of the lettering in the designs are smaller, about .75 to 1" tall. Should I slow it way down, bring the pressure down and have it cut twice?
  7. Hello everyone I'm using a graptec CE6000 and I'm cutting quite heavy film, when the blade cuts up the grain it's trapping the film, how can I train the blade to cut down and not up, when it goes down I have no problem. I'm using AI CS and cutting master 3. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks Steve
  8. HI I am using a Graphtec Ce6000 cutter and I cut the Aqueous version of Photo Tex. I have absolutely no problems in cutting squares but everytime I cut circles or anything else but a square angles it leaves a tiny piece not cut through. It is the spot where it starts cutting and where it finishes that is left unfinished. It drives me bunkers. I have the special needle required (CB15UA) and I have slowed down the speed to 10 and also played around with the force and the Offset and nothing works. Help please.
  9. Wilber

    Back Side Cutting

    I find it necessary to cut the paper backing in order to more readily apply the vinyl once section at a time. Has anyone ever done this? Or similar to this? I can cut the paper backing but the vinyl itself on the bottom for the last cut stretches and tears. Are there any remedies someone can recommend?
  10. kimsvinylexpressions

    Need help

    Hi, I got a US Cutter SC model machine and SCAL 4 Pro....I am coming from a very easy Cricut software. Whenever i try to cut, it doesn't through all the way. Main problem is the SVG looks fine on my screen but the text looks all weird and like a blob...i dont know how to explain it. I don't know how to fix it. I went into the cut setting at first and the wrong machine was listed so I changed it to SC model....I thought maybe that was the problem, but it's not...still same issue. Can someone please help. I been at this for hours and it's driving me crazy. I can't even show you because since it didn't cut all the way through I can't weed it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, I was trying to find the correct subcategory for the MH871. I need some help. My cutter will not cut anything small and detailed. I am trying to print two sugar skulls, around 2.5-"3" wide and 3-3.5" in length but the pics below is what it's doing. I am also trying to cut text that's around 4" wide and 2.5" long and it messes up every time. The cut speed is 330, press is 150. I've tried on cut press 130 up to 170 and it won't work either. I've also tried slowing down the speed, down to 120. AND also tried it on two different brands of vinyl. Please help me!
  12. I cannot, for the life of me get anything with any detail to weed properly. I even have some issues with large stuff... I've done EVERYTHING I can think of as far as the machine are concerned. The cuts look perfect, yet I still cannot get smaller pieces to weed properly. I've read a little bit that it may just be the vinyl I'm using (Green Star Gloss Black and White). I just placed an order for Oracal 651 -- is this going to help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. wkeplinger84

    help please

    Hello everyone, I am new to the vinyl cutting and working with these machines. I have run into an issue I have it all hooked up properly and my computer reconizes it no problems there and it will also print/cut text fine if I write it myself on the software that came with it, but the issue that i am having is I am trying to take an image that someone sent me and cut it into a sticker for his company and it keeps saying there is nothing to cut. I have tried all the steps that I can find and it still says noting to cut. Can someone please help me. I have the MH-MK2 i think.
  14. Well, i recently purchased Make The Cut, which the plotter i have does support. its working, it does cut but the problem that i'm having is that whenever i send something to cut, it starts the line but then goes over to another corner or spot and starts doing jagz and zig zags , then it sometimes goes back to the work then stops. it doesn't even finish the cut. i guess it's the plotter,that since i didn't use it in quite some time, maybe the sensors are dirty or something. if anyone has or has had this same problem and knows the solution, please tell me what i can do to resolve it, attached i will leave one example of what i'm talking about. Thanks..
  15. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    So I am having issues with my cutter cutting my file twice and I don't know how to fix it. Every time I cut, it goes over each line twice, making the time for cutting twice as long as its supposed to be. Is this normal? How do I fix this? I have a brand new SC Series 24 inch cutter with SCAL3Pro as my software on an updated Mac computer.
  16. ddonley

    Cutting vinyl

    I have just purchased the US Cutter SC Plotter. and Sure Cuts A Lot 3. The cutter is not cutting the right direction. I am cutting "Growing in Grace". It is 15 inches in Hieight and 120 inches long. It wants to cut it across the vinyl. I have changed direction with my mat and it does not make a difference,,,, cuts the same either way. Not sure what I am doing wrong
  17. I just bought the LaserPoint II vinyl cutter and was wondering about my cutting software choices. I know Illustrator very well and I have used the cutting master plugin at my school. Will this plugin connect with any type of vinyl cutter? I downloaded and installed it, but when I try using it no devices to cut show up. I installed the drivers via the setup web page but the device is still "unknown". I really don't want to use the Vinyl Master software that came with the cutter because I was hoping I could sell it online and get back a piece of my investment. If I have to use the Vinyl Master software to activate my cutter I will, but I don't think that is the case. - Sorry this is a bit of a two question post but I really want to get this thing started!
  18. Chapster5

    Contour Cutting Issue

    Hi all new here, I'm however not so new to signblazer. I have been using it for a year now but cutting vinyl stickers only today I've toyed with the idea of contour cutting and to play I am using one of those paper craft kits you print and build to make a 3D model. I have vectorized the image into an EPS (full colour) however when I import it into Signblazer to add the outline cut and registration marks it imports in black and white? I have to print using Signblazer dont I as it adds its registration marks but I don't want the image in black and white? I'm struggling to understand what I am doing wrong I am using Illustrator CS6 and saving the EPS as version Illustrator CS6 EPS. I have even tried Illustrator 8 EPS and neither import as full colour into Signblazer. I have attached the EPS file if someone could kindly shed some light on my predicament please? EPS File: Much appreciated. Nick
  19. Laurisa

    Roland GX-24 Cutting Issues

    Hi All, A little new to the world of cutters and vinyls still. I bought my Roland cutter second hand from a family member. Eventually, it came time to change the blade. Some of my dinosaur clip-art was showing need of dental work. Small things didn't cut well, and the dots on 'i's began to peel up. I watched some tutorials, then braved up to changing my blade with one of the Roland Cemented Carbide blades that came with the machine. It is a 45 degree I am fairly sure. I moved the blade force down to the recommended 60gf for the Premium vinyl from Stahls and moved the pen force down to zero. Performed a few test cuts and the new blade performed beautifully. Ah, the wonders of a fresh blade, I thought, excited to fill new orders. A couple of days later I came back to cut vinyl. Everything was peeling up. The cuts were dash cut. Letters were coming up. I adjusted the gf and pen force and did more test cuts until it appeared it all had improved. Next vinyl run, just as awful. Then I realized my cutting strip had a few gouges in it from a couple of times my vinyl had come off the tracks. I turned it around after placing an order for another one. Check my blade's edge, exposure, rotation, etc. etc. upped the pen force to +2 and after a few more test cuts, found ABSOLUTELY NO improvement. I am pulling my hair out now. I am getting uncut corners in the insides of Ns, Ms, Ws, etc. Letters are still peeling up to the point I wonder if my vinyl is just a bad batch with no stick.... For help, my cutter's specs are: 20cm/s 70gr 0.25mm Thank you for your help,
  20. Strictly Modded

    How do you get perfect decals?

    Hi, I've tried to do research on this before but I've always came up empty. I started my own custom window decal business not too long ago and I've always seen companies with perfectly cut decals and never knew how they do it. They are all identical. I've tried using a big cutting mat with a blade connected to it. (The ones you see in art rooms.) Using this they looked a lot better but they were still different sized decals. I want my decals to look as good as possible so if anyone knows how to get perfect decals that are all identical let me know! Sorry if my wording was really bad and you don't understand what I'm saying lol.
  21. Hi everyone, I am using Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro and have customized my mat size but the cutter keeps cutting off the edges of the vinyl when I send it to the cutter. I have tried changing the orientation of the mat (horizontal and vertical). On the computer it shows as everything fitting inside the mat, but cuts off parts of my words. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not cutting design, just cutting words for our store to direct people to a change machine, vending, etc. Letters cut clean, just off edges sometimes.
  22. fustratedinhawaii

    Bridge Cutting Plotter (new to me) HELP

    Aloha Everyone, Came for help. I spent a lot of hours looking for the right help, but can't find it, so I succumb to join this forum so I can post and ask the stupid question: How do I make this machine work properly? This is the computer I am using that has Windows 8 on it: *note: there is no serial or parallel port on this machine, only usb ASUS ALL-IN-ONE PC SERIES Processor: Intel ® Core 13-3220 CPU @3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (5.89GB useable) System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch input is available for this Display I'm on a kayak forum like this one, so I know when newbies come and ask the same old question that has been answered a thousand times, it gets frustrating for the "old timers". After a lot of hours though, I thought it was time to give it up (register so I can post) as I have 3 part time jobs and don't have 30 more hours to try different "search words or phrases"....Maybe you can send me a link I might have missed or just tell me step by step? Ok now....CAN ANYONE BE MY MENTOR??? I have a brand new (to me) Bridge Cutting Plotter PRO365/720/870/1100/1350 (says on the front page of the instruction manual, but I don't know which one exactly I have. The sticky label came off the machine, though the serial number is: 4078 on the silver label. What I think I need to ask though, is since I think this is a 2005/2006 machine, I think I have to use CorelDraw, but what version? I'm assuming that since this is an older machine, it won't work with a newer version of CorelDraw. I have a friend with an older model Cricut try to help me, but the installation disks didn't work and also, we can't read Chinese. Instruction manual was pretty confusing for me also (at least for us). My All-in-one computer doesn't have a serial or parallel port, only usb (which in the manual, this is the LEAST favorable way to go) The installation disks didn't seem to work as far as the drivers I need for it, or at least if there WERE drivers for it, it didn't work (and then it's proprietary, so after the 2 month eval period, I'd STILL be screwed). To figure out which model I have, the built-in ruler goes from 0-28 inches, but the plotting pen starts at 3 inches, so I'm assuming it's actually a 25 inch cutter/plotter? Does this make it a PRO720 or a PRO870 ?? I got this machine from a girl that bought it brand new some years ago, took it out of the box, and never touched it after that. THANKS IN ADVANCE FH (Frustrated in Hawaii) p.s. On my friend's Cricut, he got an older version, so he tried Inkscape, and he said it was nasty, the graphics and came out really bad and fuzzy when he uploaded images. He found "sure cuts a lot" and it works AWESOME!! SUPER user friendly, etc. but he looked it up and it doesn't work for my machine
  23. Hi Again Guys! Hope you're all enjoying your holidays. My cutter is MH871-MK2 Cutting Plotter and I am using Sure Cuts A lot Pro 3 on a Windows 7 64 bit desktop. My problem is that when I cut a set of texts for example: "Approaching Others" and "Nobody Gets Hurt"(has a box surrounding Nobody...) the "Approa" part of "Approaching" is shifted upwards which, well, results in the words not being aligned. I also noticed that the words "Approaching Others" were pasted twice when imported from illustrator. My second problem is when I finish cutting a project I press the "offline/pause" button to feed out more sticker so I can cut the finished portion out, and then press the "reset" button" as this leaves the sticker as it is. But the problem is when I want to cut a second project SCAL is stuck on the "initializing..." window and I would have to restart my desktop to do another cut. Is there another way to feed out sticker after a project to avoid using the "reset" button. I'm gonna try cutting the project again without the double pasted "Approaching Others" to see if that fixed the misaligned words. Just thought of it while writing this. Thanks! Merry Christmas
  24. I have a USCutter MH1351 and am using Signblazer Elements. Machine worked fine for a few weeks but now the blade seems to cut the vinyl when moving from one letter to another, and it's the same issue with images. The first part of the text or image will cut just fine, but midway, about 10 letters in (no matter what the size of the image) the cutter doesn't seem to be lifting quick enough so it leaves a cut from one letter to another or through the image. I have tried a new blade, adjusted the blade, speed to the lowest setting, pressure, Baud Rate, paper guide tension, even tried using different software (WinPCSign) and still get the same issue no matter what I adjust. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  25. I am cutting out oval stickers, 48 per sheet for a total of 2,000 stickers. Most sheets cut with no issue, but every so often a sheet will start the cutting out of position and eventually correct it self while cutting. So in the end perhaps 12 stickers are ruined. Any ideas why and how to prevent this? Thanks Morrie