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Found 27 results

  1. Isaid

    HELP! Cut from origin

    I buy a usscutter mk2, all is good, the shapes, the deep, except the machine do not cut from origin point, they start cutting from 3mm "y" and 2mm"x" abobe the origin mark, what can i do to make it cut from the origin point
  2. Hello! I work with Graphtec FC8600-160 for about one year. The problem is- Cutter use less pressure on very left side of cutting job. I use 53 inches- 137 cm. It's very thick over laminated material. I use special cutting knife for thick materials and it works pretty well, but I can not calibrate right pressure to cut all wok good. If the Right side is very ok, then left side is less ok, and opposite... May be some of had the same issue with other cutters or directly with FC8600-160?! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm quite new to the whole making shirts and garments business and I've been using koala dark heat transfer paper and the first time I use it I get loads of little black dots on my design I'll leave a picture below. Can someone let me know why this has happened please. Thanks
  4. I have been cutting tackle twill lettering with my GCC I-Craft for a few years now and it works great, but every now and then I get an order for a vinyl cut piece. When that happens I switch back to my normal blade, adjust the settings, and do my cutting. The 1st cut always turns out perfect! Then I weed my vinyl and put fresh vinyl on to do a 2nd cut. Then it doesn't cut through the vinyl at all. I just see a very faint impression of where the cut should be. Even if I adjust the pressure to the fullest amount and do a multi-cut, nothing. I have no idea why this happens. I usually have to wait a day or 2 to try again and then the 1st cut is perfect, but the problem persists. Am I missing something? I have tried restarting the machine and the program. Reseting the blade in the holder. Changing blade holders... nothing work. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Hello, Did Someone faced similar issue ? The blade sometimes don't move up when it should move up , like when trying to cut the words for example ( TEST ) the blade start and finish directly without move up between words . I don't know why and what should i do or replace on this machine Thank you
  6. naturalia

    Can't install Flexistarter 10.5

    Hello! I had a problem with the program, it disconnected, so i uninstalled flexistarter, but when i tried to install it again, my computer wasn't reading the disk, so i downloaded the same version. My problem is that I'm not being able to install it because the "Product" field is blank, and it also says my password is wrong... Does anyone have a solution for me????
  7. I'm using flexi liyu edition.. I worked well but i changed the setting somehow and now for some reason i can't enter any letters or characters anymore. No matter what key i press the program enter vertical lines. thats it. I was stuck with the transparent color for a while it won't let me change the colors too. What can i do? I want to be abtle to type letters in the program for my designs. Thank you.
  8. Jonathanblake2004

    MH1351 Motherboard problems

    I have an MH 1351 cutter that I had to replace the board that connects to the computer because the connection came loose from the board and was un saveable, replaced that and now everything works like it should besides the carriage would not lift, it was always down, it has free motion and can go up and down if you use your finger so it's not like it's jammed, I read another article that said replace a Z chip. I ordered one, but being impatient for it to come in the mail there are 3 others underneath that fan on the motherboard so (4 total) Does anybody have a picture of which way the chips are supposed to be facing? I ordered a new motherboard all together and they sent the wrong one and told me they no longer have this one available. I'm basically looking to see which way the chips are supposed to be facing, I know it's crucial that the notch faces a certain way, and when I was playing around with it I heard a pop and now another one is fried. So I am going to replace them all but looking for an image of the board itself hopefully someone has without the fan obstructing the view so I can see which way these chips are supposed to be facing.
  9. when i cut the letter liike B P R D Q inner part shifts and dameges the letter
  10. I work with a MH1351 cutting plotter, but the start and end points of the cut won't be connected. Please could you help me?
  11. Good day. I work with a MH1351 cutting plotter, I installed the software FlexiSTARTER, configured as a manual to 9600 bits per second USB cable. I have one problem do not make cuts accurate to size. I am sending to cut from FlexiSTARTER a 75,5 cm but it cuts a 76,5 cm. Idem with all designs. I have reviewed all the shipping parameters of cut and all are at 100%. Is there a hidden parameter that I'm not seeing? Could someone please help me? Thanks
  12. I hope this finds any helpful member as I am stuck with a brick of a plotter. So, I went to update the firmware for Graphtec FC7000-130 (USB) to v2.10 (from Graphtec website) to get the perf option. Downloaded all the updates on that page (Windows 7, 64 bit) and thought I followed the instructions well, it started loading, but now it gives me 3 different errors: 1. Straight power up - [bOOT START ERROR] or 2. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [CHECK SUM ERROR] or 3. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [PLEASE SEND PRGM] - I hit PRINT from the Data File Output Utility and [Cannot Access Output Destination] Pops up. What Gives? What should I do next? I attached a screen shot of all the relevant info I could fit. Please feel free to contact me by whatever means are most convenient to you. My contact info is below. Thanks for your help! Alex Wojciecowski Socha Visual Inc. (415) 508-5927
  13. I just bought a cutter and am only using the pen tool right now for testing. I get a consistent line skip when trying to write a straight segments. Not sure if it's happening at the beginning or end of drawing the line. Take a look at the photo and hoping you can help.
  14. A problem came up that I'm not sure how to fix. Let's say if I cut the letter "O," the blade will complete the circle, but it will stop about a millimeter to the left or right of where it began cutting. Also, the center circle of the "O" would not be in the center as it should: it ends up a little displaced in any direction towards the edge of the "O," and sometimes it even goes beyond the boundary of the letter. I use the letter "O" as an example. This happens with every letter, and it gets a lot worse as the size of the decal decreases. Lines will show up too thick or too thin. I am using a Macbook Pro, SignCut Pro, Inkscape (to convert files) and Illustrator (to create files). I tried to calibrate my plotter using SignCut and all measurements were perfect. Please help! This work is unacceptable to give to clients.
  15. Chapster5

    Contour Cutting Issue

    Hi all new here, I'm however not so new to signblazer. I have been using it for a year now but cutting vinyl stickers only today I've toyed with the idea of contour cutting and to play I am using one of those paper craft kits you print and build to make a 3D model. I have vectorized the image into an EPS (full colour) however when I import it into Signblazer to add the outline cut and registration marks it imports in black and white? I have to print using Signblazer dont I as it adds its registration marks but I don't want the image in black and white? I'm struggling to understand what I am doing wrong I am using Illustrator CS6 and saving the EPS as version Illustrator CS6 EPS. I have even tried Illustrator 8 EPS and neither import as full colour into Signblazer. I have attached the EPS file if someone could kindly shed some light on my predicament please? EPS File: Much appreciated. Nick
  16. felipeagm

    MH721 AYUDA - HELP!!

    tengo un plotter nuevo mh721 MK2, al hacer la prueba de la estrella se dibuja con el recorrido del cabezal, como corrijo este problema??, adjunto fotos y video de mi problema, espero alguien me pueda ayudar a solucionarlo. I have a new plotter mh721 MK2, when testing the star is drawn with the head travel, as I correct this problem??, attached photos and video of my problem, I hope someone can help me fix it. img error video error por favor necesito ayuda, no se que hacer... Please I need help, I do not know what to do ...
  17. I am cutting out oval stickers, 48 per sheet for a total of 2,000 stickers. Most sheets cut with no issue, but every so often a sheet will start the cutting out of position and eventually correct it self while cutting. So in the end perhaps 12 stickers are ruined. Any ideas why and how to prevent this? Thanks Morrie
  18. Georgii92

    Ct630 usb connection problems

    Hi, I have brought a new ct630 plotter, i have downloaded all the drivers etc... Run the software. But i still cant get my laptop to pick my the plotter? Any one no what I am doing wrong? What software am I meant to be using? How do I run my laptop to pick up my plotter Please help, been trying over a week now I am using parallel on my mac and have also tried on a window 7 laptop
  19. So this just started happening, the cartridge of my cutter when turned on vibrates profusely and doesn't work. I took a video of it because it is hard to explain. I hit reset and it stops but when I let off the reset button it doesn't work. Link to vid above ^
  20. Having problems installing Graphtec cutter, make sure you are not plugging it into a USB 3 (blue) port. After hours of frustration, it simply came down to switching it to the USB 2.0 port. story goes I had a computer go down and had a few RUSH jobs to do, so I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to install my cutter. I mistakenly was plugging it into the blue usb and the computer insisted i was installing a printer with problems.
  21. Hi everyone... Sooo yesterday I bought a new Roland 60° blade for reflective vinyl cutting. First of all, I had only used 45 deg blades before; second of all, this new blade comes with some kind of retaining ring WHICH the girl from the store told me NOT TO REMOVE. Here is a picture I found online of the same blade: ZEC-U3100 Note: I have an MH721 The OTHER thing is that, no matter how I adjust the blade offset, it just keeps making awful cuts, incomplete and rippled in some parts. I've tried changing pressure, speed and everything else and it doesn't work; nevertheless, my old 45 deg blade works just fine! Now look... I kinda figured out that the blade isn't rotating 100% freely inside the blade holder, it kinda 'rubs' the housing's little hole where the tip comes out. I think that drilling a SLIGHTLY bigger hole in the housing could solve the problem, but I don't know if it might affect something else. I also tried removing the retaining ring and there were the same results. PLEASE HELP I don't really think this is normal and that blade cost me around 40 dollars here in Mexico and I can't return it to the store.
  22. I have three videos thanks mb20music who turned me on to Jing with plans to make others. It is a way for me to pay forward for all the help I have received on this forum. No certain order but special thanks to Skeeter, Rodger,Jay2703,Mr300s,Racer88,2ctmediallc, mb20music and many others. I have only been doing this since Dec 2011 and without the help I have received there is no way I could have figured it out. So if you have a problem there are many talented people on here that are willing to help you learn. Thanks everyone. That being said here is a few recommendations 1. Read your plotter manual thoroughly 2. Read your design cutting software manual thoroughly 3. Search this forum with keywords 4. If this fails post your problem in the right category, some one will help you. Here is my videos up till now. Fill with SignBlazer: Fill in Inkscape: Trace in Inkscape: Another example: Part one: Part two:
  23. I've recently started playing around with contour cutting. Basically, I ordered some 8.5x11 vinyl for my desktop printer, to print and cut with. I am using Draw X5 for my design, and then Flexi 8.1 for my print and contour cutting. I print my design out with my printer, usually just one decal, instead of a whole page. I use FlexiSign Pro 8.1 to make my contour, and it also prints the Reg marks for me properly and all that jazz, I use my MH721 plotter with the Pen tool to help line me reg marks up, I can usually get them right on, yet my contour cut doesn't come out right. I don't really know where to go from here. It seems like its just stretching out my contour or maybe my print didn't scale correctly, not totally sure. Maybe someone can help me solve this problem. I've had success contour cutting with this same setup, but only on small items, or very very simple contours. (On the images attached, the rectangle is from me playing with the Compensation factor, which lines up good. Roughly 0.015625 of an inch off. That small margin should cause the contour to be that far off.) Any suggestions? It would be super nice to get this to work somehow, would really help out my business and my turn around times for the customers who order 8.5x11 sheets of decals.
  24. I am using the 14" MH series to cut stencils no bigger than 8" by 8" out of vinyl. My SCALP version is 3.052. I used the trace function to create a cutable file from a .jpg. The first file I cut turned out perfect. It was not very complicated and only a few small shapes. The second file I tried was more intricate, but in the same size range. Approx 6" x 6". . The first attempt with the second image resulted in an orientation shift of a small portion of the image. One foot was rotated 90 degrees on the axis and was cut along the left side wing area. Small small straight lines were also left, almost as though it was attempting to finish the cut prior to the orientation change. The second attempt had the same issue, only with a different small portion of the image. If I remember correctly, one the wing sections was shifted 90 degrees on the axis and a long cut was made to get the cutter to that point. On both there were cuts, not in the file, across the image. It appears the cutter was not lifted between movements. The image below is the base image to the file I created in SCALP, for reference to the above descriptions. I can post the SCAL file if it would help. My questions are: Is there a way to stop this from happening? Is the file too intricate for this cutter? Is this a cutter problem, rather than software? My assumption was maybe the program is sending incorrect information or is set incorrectly.
  25. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    I have seen a load of posts about the Flexi Software and the USCutter Series cutters not cutting correctly. Stopping half way threw a cut or other problems that people have been having. I have read and read and read and have found no solutions that have worked. This is what I have and what it is doing. USCutter SC Series Cutter FlexiSign Pro Using USB for all connections (which people seem to think is the problem) Updated drivers for flexi for the SC Series Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit The problem is is that it cuts half way threw a cut and stops. Say 39% every time and locks up. reset cutter try again and does it again. restart the computer and it cuts half way threw. People have stated that setting up the cutter for quality medium cut and 1000kb. Didn't help at all. Now keep in mind that I have used Signcut Pro and SignBlazer with outta hitch. and they still work now. I try using Flexi and it locks up and I have to start over. I want to use Flexi as its expensive and I like the way it works. Seems more streamline and the vectoizing abilities work better for what I do then inkscape the the others I have used. What solutions have others came up with? Now I know there are many posts on this subject and not many solutions that I have found. Others also have talked about static which I have everything grounded anyways. Not a static issue. Beginning to completely think that it is Flexi that has the issues as all other program work. Ideas would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has a solution to possible computer settings that would be great as well. Thinking it may be a computer, Flexi, cutter driver, software problem. Improper setup that needs some tweaking. But not to sure on this and dont have a whole load of time to play with it due to the 100 orders aday I get and have to fill with a single cutter. Thank you hope there is a solution in more depth then what I have read. I know someone somewhere has had this problem as I have read but I know someone somewhere has fixed this. Hopeing someone here knows how.