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Found 14 results

  1. Li'l Popeye

    Blade dragging fix

    Hello, I had a problem with my blade dragging slightly over the vinyl between several cuts. Like the blade/carriage arm wasn't retracting all the way up, between cuts. Blade depth was set correct. Here's how I fixed the issue. I noticed that the blade holder was not perpendicular to the carriage arm and with the carriage arm up, there still was 1-2 mm's left for the carriage arm to go up, but it didn't... ^Blade holder not perpendicular with carriage arm. This is the "up" position... I took my tools and opened the carriage arm assembly, to find that the little spring wasn't retracting the assembly up all the way. Also not possible to get more spring tension by turning the "spring tension" screw. ^Handle with care, these delicate pieces. Take good notice when assembling back together that it moves freely. While the arm was off I filed the slot, where the blade holder fits in, until the blade holder was perfectly perpendicular to the arm. After the arm was installed back on, I cut a piece of the spring and adjusted the screw in such a way that it retracts the arm all the way up between cuts. ^Blade holder perpendicular to the carriage arm after I filed the slot. Also the shortened spring now retracts the arm all the way up. After these "fixes" there is about 2 mm's more clearance between tip of blade and cutter strip. Blade is now: -not dragging and -not leaving cut marks between cuts. Fixed!
  2. Hi fellas, I've been having some weird trouble with mi USCUTTER MH 871, it doesn't cut vinyl, just leaves the mark, but doesn't penetrate. Even with the force on maximum. I just changed the carriage in hope that the old one was the cause, but the problem persists. Someone can help? Thanks!
  3. kmorenor

    Laser MH 871

    Good afternoon friends, I'd like to ask you a question. Recently, I bought a new carriage for my MH 871 MK2, and I realized it has a laser guide. But the blotter doesn't have the pin to connect it. It has the space tough . Is it possible to enable it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Jonathanblake2004

    MH1351 Motherboard problems

    I have an MH 1351 cutter that I had to replace the board that connects to the computer because the connection came loose from the board and was un saveable, replaced that and now everything works like it should besides the carriage would not lift, it was always down, it has free motion and can go up and down if you use your finger so it's not like it's jammed, I read another article that said replace a Z chip. I ordered one, but being impatient for it to come in the mail there are 3 others underneath that fan on the motherboard so (4 total) Does anybody have a picture of which way the chips are supposed to be facing? I ordered a new motherboard all together and they sent the wrong one and told me they no longer have this one available. I'm basically looking to see which way the chips are supposed to be facing, I know it's crucial that the notch faces a certain way, and when I was playing around with it I heard a pop and now another one is fried. So I am going to replace them all but looking for an image of the board itself hopefully someone has without the fan obstructing the view so I can see which way these chips are supposed to be facing.
  5. I just got a new SC2 us cutter and when I send the picture to the plotter the plotter carriage slide all the way to the left and hits the wall like if it wants to keep sliding and then returns back to the other side and it do the same and then start cutting. I am getting so aggravated by this because I just got this cutter as a upgrade to replace the sc series that it was damage as well and now this.
  6. When i send the cut now the carriage will go to the left and hit the wall and then return to the right hit the wall and the start cutting. Will not cut where the origin is set up
  7. Has anyone ever had a problem where their Titan 3 stopped cutting? Turn the power off, and then turn it back on and the cutter carriage just slams into the side of the cutter and you have to turn it off? Thanks, Al
  8. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have an old cr-630 that still works but was cutting poorly. I looked at the assy and found that not only was the blade holder assembly broken but so was the carriage rollers (wheels..whatever you want to call them). I was able to get a new carriage assembly but can't figure out how to get the carriage back on the track, It came off easy enough but it was broken and made out of plastic. I don't want to bend the tracks but I can't get it on. I also looked on YouTube and the only video I found says to spread the rollers but I still can't get it on the track. just wondering what I am doing wrong. Thank you
  9. My copam 2500 has been turning off and on. As soon as I power it up it automatically (at about 1-2 second intervals) continually goes off and then on, and the carriage tries to move further to the right as it comes on and then it shuts off to start up and do it again. We have replaced the carriage and it didn't change anything. Do we need a new motherboard? I thought it was a communication error with the computer, but it does it regardless of whether or not it's hooked up to the computer. Any help would be appreciated!!!!
  10. Can I use a LP2 head on a LP1? If no, why? Thanks!
  11. Can anyone tell me where this wire is supposed to be attached to. I was cutting today and all of a sudden the up and down stopped on the blade. The cutter continues to go through all of the motions just does not go up or down. I opened the lid and found this wire just laying there. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. On the SC cutter the carriage belt is supposed to thread through the machine and then where is it supposed to hook in the right endcap?
  13. I just received my UsCutter SC in the mail. I have installed everything and set it up but it appears there is a belt that isn't attached on the right side. I think this is the reason the carriage will not move side to side when trying to set the origin. I was wondering how to fix this or if anyone has had the same problem.
  14. I received my SC Series 53" cutter today and was very excited about the reviews and videos I had seen for the product. However upon piecing it together everything about the carriage is wrong. 1. Turning on the machine slammed the carriage into the right side, upon review my girlfriend pointed out the arm couldn't reach the stop switch to prevent it. Temporarily we placed a key ring on the arm to extend it enough to reach the switch. 2. The blade was placed perfectly as demonstrated into the bladeholder, however the blade never touches the vinyl, it hovers about a centimenter over it. --Edit -- (That is with the blade holder ring placed on top of the arm instead of inside of it. If placed inside where it belongs it's smashed into the vinyl and pushes the carriage off the track before it even moves. ) 3. The pinch rollers, though placed exactly where mentioned in the brief instruction kit always get slammed by the carriage throwing it off the track and potentially ruining my project (even though the vinyl doesn't even get touched) It's all lead me to believe the 53" SC Series cutter I received has the wrong carriage perhaps? Or am I just really missing something with this particular product? It was just my luck having this happen on a Friday night when I can't call until Monday morning. Any suggestions? Thanks, Wade