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Found 8 results

  1. This is a new one. I've tried all the laser offset tests etc but for some reason my machine still is not contour cutting what I need it to despite getting the blade perfect on the registration mark. I have a pixmax 720 and i have spent all day trying to calibrate the bloody machine. It cuts everything else out perfectly but when i contour cut. It's really frustrating me now! Any advice?
  2. kmorenor

    Laser MH 871

    Good afternoon friends, I'd like to ask you a question. Recently, I bought a new carriage for my MH 871 MK2, and I realized it has a laser guide. But the blotter doesn't have the pin to connect it. It has the space tough . Is it possible to enable it? Thanks in advance.
  3. We're looking for a value vinyl cutter that can do contour cutting without being driven by VM, SCAL, or similar software. We plan to use our design software (Inkscape) to add registration marks to our images and to generate the HP-GL toolpath jobs. We would send the jobs to the cutter using Inkscape's Plot extension or a tool like InkCut. USCutter support tells me that the SC2 offers an ability to line up the laser from the control panel on the machine but that they only document contour cutting with VM. Can anyone confirm that the laser can be positioned for contour cutting alignment from the control panel without VM, SCAL, etc. on the SC2 (and/or other value models like the LP2)? Pointers to information about this feature would be appreciated. Alternatively, is the serial protocol for the positioning process documented for implementation outside of VM or SCAL?
  4. Can anyone tell me why my SC 24 won't cut more than 3 jobs at a times? It will either freeze up or just do some random stuff when I try to do something more than ten inches. Also: The laser won't calibrate or successfully contour cut. Using Apple mini OSX 10.11.6 and SCAL 3 pro.
  5. scottabeer

    Laser Light

    I can't find out how to turn the Laser light on. Because the online manual doesn't match the product I bought, I've had to spend about 40 hours trial and error. No matter where I go, there is NO information on turning the laser on to calibrate it. I have Windows 10 and us Vinylmaster Cut and THAT isn't listed on the us cutters webpage so, you can see how the page is completely different. It doesn't list the software they provide. it doesn't have the operating system that is pretty standard now (and, I checked and it SHOULD have worked fine, right?)
  6. Hey guys, A female member of my family that I will not name accidently broke the USB port on my cutter. I read a thread about another member that got a replacement but I am wondering if anyone has soldered theirs. I am sure this has happened to other people because the port is not very well supported. Thought I would ask
  7. Hello, I own a Vinyl Graphics co, I Currently Use a Kodak Printer to do ALL my Order forms, lets just say it takes about 2 hrs to print 100 order forms, I got through print heads like crazy thank goodness the Ink is Cheap. So My intentions was to buy a Color Laser Printer for the Speed...I have a Heat Press and we were going to Try to Cut Vinyl and Press it, We did a few Shirts and realized that This would take Forever! So I was looking into Printing my Graphics and Pressing them. Im also starting a candy wrapper Business, I have been Searching for WEEKS for a printer...I had talked to a business that owns a Konica , Not sure what Model but they use it to print transfers, I havent found a forum that has discussed the Konica, I was going to buy a Ricoh and thats what I was leaning to BUT My Question is, Im on a budget, I want to know if there is a printer that will Print my Documents and everyday printing at a decent speed, unlke my kodak, AND be able to Print Heat Transfers, one other thing is I want to Print on light and dark clothing. PLEASE help, I have spent weeks looking and LOL dont know what the Heck im to look for basically. I dont want to get expensive Nor cheap.
  8. Hi All, Newbie here in vinyl cutting I have the LP2 and was just curious as to when the little laser light comes into play? I have only cut some decals so far but have yet to see the laser light, maybe some one can answer this as it has no reference to the light in manual. Thanks