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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all. I'm having real issues with importing my vector images that I make in Inkscape to artcut 2009. From reading on here and other places I know artcut is not always the best but no matter what I do I cant seem to get my design to work. It will come up blank, just a bunch of lines or only half. I have tried saving my pictures under every format possible on Inkscape and tried to match it with the file format on artcut but no luck. I can how ever get most pictures (mainly jpg and png) to work but its really hard to find a good one to work and I want to make my own stuff. Any ideas on what I could do? I'm still new to vynil cutting so not to sure if artcut is the right cut/plot soft wear but I do like Inkscape at the moment while I learn the ropes.
  2. We're looking for a value vinyl cutter that can do contour cutting without being driven by VM, SCAL, or similar software. We plan to use our design software (Inkscape) to add registration marks to our images and to generate the HP-GL toolpath jobs. We would send the jobs to the cutter using Inkscape's Plot extension or a tool like InkCut. USCutter support tells me that the SC2 offers an ability to line up the laser from the control panel on the machine but that they only document contour cutting with VM. Can anyone confirm that the laser can be positioned for contour cutting alignment from the control panel without VM, SCAL, etc. on the SC2 (and/or other value models like the LP2)? Pointers to information about this feature would be appreciated. Alternatively, is the serial protocol for the positioning process documented for implementation outside of VM or SCAL?
  3. I like to work in inkscape. I have just started with the Vinylmaster with our new cutter and I have noticed that when importing SVGs, the text is missing. I am not doing anything complex and this was even with plain-old-arial at a reasonable size. Any other paths added to the SVG appear correctly. I'll probably dig in and see if there's anything I can notice but thought I would post here first. I also tried having the text with no fill but with a stroke and it didn't make any difference. Interestingly, if I select-all in inkscape and then paste into Vinylmaster, it works OK but I would like to be able to import correctly. I did try converting to paths but that resulted in some strange behavior with shapes inside of letters appearing in strange places for a couple of fonts. I'm not sure what that's about but I'll try and reproduce it and make a separate post on that. I also tried working with some artwork with cloned items. That didn't turn out too well (the cloned items did not appear and the item cloned from appeared in the middle of the document), That is an advanced feature though so I'm not too concerned about that. drawingdel.svg
  4. Hey guys, new to cutting and the forums. Purchased a second hand AIP 1120 44" cutter/plotter, came with a dinky old computer running XP but i already had the intentions of using the cutter with my MacBook pro laptop running the latest software (MacOS Sierra 10.12.4). The softwares I am using are Signcut Pro1 and Inkscape, saving the images/text created in inkscape as either ".eps" or ".svg". The cutter is connected to my laptop using a USB to Serial adaptor. So I install the software, and the website has a little tutorial for a test cut, which i perform and the machine cuts it out flawlessly (well some flaws, i have to adjust blade height because when its not cutting, its scratching the vinyl moving around), so i disconnect the cable, go sit down and make a few logos I wanted to cut out. I saved them, made sure they were vectored and all, open it up in Signcut and click cut, then nothing. The progress window pops up then instantly goes away. The settings all look correct, havent tinkered with those, baud rate and everything match, tried shutting off laptop, turning cutter on and connecting to laptop, then starting the laptop and tried cutting again to no avail, uninstalled the software and reinstalled multiple times, tried saving the image in either ".svg" and ".eps" formats and still nothing, tried changing the usb port its connected to and again nothing. When I disconnect the usb, signcut says that it cannot connect with the cutter so i know that the laptop and software are recognizing the machine, but it for some reason wont communicate with it? The cutter is not offline, I have set the origin so it knows where to start cutting. I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Not sure if many have noticed but the latest version of Inkscape 0.92 has been released on Jan 4/2017. It's a pretty major overhaul and I'd strongly suggest upgrading to it. The Inkscape project announces a new version 0.92 of its popular vector drawing software. New features include mesh gradients, improved SVG2 and CSS3 support, new path effects, interactive smoothing for the pencil tool, a new Object dialog for directly managing all drawing elements, and much more. Infrastructural changes are also under way, including a switch to CMake from the venerable Autotools build system. Exciting New Features Mesh gradients are a powerful tool enabling artists to more easily create photo-realistic drawings - a feature we would love to see made part of the W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) standard; if you find this feature as cool as we do, please request that your favorite web browser adopts support for it too! Inkscape works closely with the SVG standards committee, and thanks to our many generous donors, the Inkscape project sponsors an engineering representative to attend SVG working group meetings over the past few years. A welcome outcome of this participation is the improvement and addition of over a dozen SVG and CSS properties. Live Path Effects are proving to be a vibrant ecosystem in the Inkscape project, and many innovative new ideas have been percolating over the past couple years since our last release. Spiro Live, BSpline, and Roughen essentially provide new drawing modes. The Simplify LPE cleans up vector elements non-destructively by smoothing paths, shapes, groups, clips, and masks. Perspective/Envelope and Lattice Deformation 2 enable artists to interactively deform/transform drawing elements. Other new features enable interactive mirroring, interactive rotation of copies along an arc or circle, and dozens of other additions and enhancements. The above barely scratches the surface of all the new stuff included in this release. For the full story, including examples, screenshots, and animations, please see our detailed Release Notes. For a short tour, watch the video for 0.92. Important Changes All software must evolve with the times, and Inkscape is no different. To maintain consistency with the CSS standard, Inkscape's default resolution has changed from 90dpi to 96dpi. Inkscape will detect files created with previous versions and offer to convert them. A number of infrastructural changes are in process to help Inkscape keep up with progress. For 0.92, we are changing to the CMake build system, which builds faster and is easier for developers to work with. (Future infrastructure changes include switching from bzr to git, shifting from Gtk2 to Gtk3, and moving to the C++11 standard.) Get the Latest Version If you're on Linux, you'll soon be able to install Inkscape 0.92 from your distribution via normal methods. We also intend to publish a distribution-independent snap file for Inkscape 0.92. If you're on Windows, we have a set of packages that we hope will let you maximize performance on your platform. For Mac OS X, no new packages are available -- our old (X11/XQuartz) packaging was long overdue to be updated to current standards and is no longer being maintained. If you wish to compile Inkscape yourself, then of course, the Inkscape source code is also available from our website.

    Is there an easy way to vectorize?

    Hello, Is there a good software program that will vectorize images easily? I use inkscape and trace bitmap, but whether the "smooth" or "smooth corners" boxes are selected or not, the image always turns out funky.
  7. A problem came up that I'm not sure how to fix. Let's say if I cut the letter "O," the blade will complete the circle, but it will stop about a millimeter to the left or right of where it began cutting. Also, the center circle of the "O" would not be in the center as it should: it ends up a little displaced in any direction towards the edge of the "O," and sometimes it even goes beyond the boundary of the letter. I use the letter "O" as an example. This happens with every letter, and it gets a lot worse as the size of the decal decreases. Lines will show up too thick or too thin. I am using a Macbook Pro, SignCut Pro, Inkscape (to convert files) and Illustrator (to create files). I tried to calibrate my plotter using SignCut and all measurements were perfect. Please help! This work is unacceptable to give to clients.
  8. dcbevins

    Inkscape 64Bit Windows

    I am giving the Pre-Release Versions (0.91 Pre2) 64bit Windows Version a whirl. As it is 64 bit, it is not surprising the SignCutPro extension to "Send to SignCut" does not appear. Has anyone heard of a possibility there will be an export version that will work with the soon to be stable 64 bit release of Inkscape? I suppose SignCut itself would have to be released as 64bit first. I don't think it is possible to make the 32bit plugin work with the 64bit version, but maybe one of you fine people know a work around. Version .91 has some new muscle. I am giving it a real eyeball to replace my Corel X7 subscription. It has some fantastic things, especially in node and path editing/manipulation. Of course it is easy to live without the plugin just adding a few more steps to get it into SignCut. It would just be nice.
  9. wyatt0124


    hello i am new to all this designing and what not, i will be using inkscape it looks like, and cutting from SCALP. how do i get clip art and stuff into ink scape…?
  10. magaroni

    how do i cut a shape

    How do I get this to cut as it looks and not as a very thin outline? Does that make sense? Do I have to fix it in Inkscape or FlexiStarter 8? I'm so frustrated and I know it's something very simple but I just can't get my mind wrapped around it. I have searched on here (for hours) and also looked at Youtube videos for so long all I hear is Blah Blah Blah, all I want to do now is pull my hair out.
  11. m85040


  12. I'm posting this here instead of "Grapic Request" because I want instructions on how to do this. Instructions or website, how to video link anything like that will help me. If you also post the 2 eps files that i need as an end result of following instructions that would be greatly appreciated to. But mostly I want to learn so I can stop asking for help all the time. I have this eps file I found in graphics help and its in two parts how can I overlay the two parts? I prefer to use inkscape to do this because I have been unsuccessful with opening anything I do in SIgnBlazer in Signcut. I can open this eps in sign cut but the two parts cut seperately so this eps file doesn't do me any good untill I can figure out HOW TO OVERLAY THE TWO PARTS. The other thing I would like to do after is I get this overlayed save the file in it's current state and make another file that has the wording DACHSHUND into the body. I can add the wording to the bottom but can't seem to add it into the body. So here is the eps of the overlay I can't seem to do correctly and here is picture of what I want to accomplish for the inside of my picture frame. Any ideas? Resources tutorials or instructions? I learn better from print so if I can print it out and follow the instructions that would work best for me! Thanks all you have all been a huge help on my crazy crafting journey that now involves using a computer. dach. .eps