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Found 20 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little mystery.... My EH721 plotter is great, except it keeps making little cuts outside the lines as you can see in the photo below: I've tried adjusting the blade height and cut speed, neither help. I'm using SignCut, if that makes any difference. The cutter appears to be on the track and moves smoothly, any advice greatly appreciated!
  2. A heads up. SignCut Pro 2.0 Final has been released. It is now out of beta officially. You can download a three week trial from the old 1.96.7 version website can still be accessed from this URL: The Windows version is a 94.4 MB download. The Mac version is 21.4 MB in size so that's kind of interesting how much smaller the installer is... Note: Their new website is horrendously slow now and one of those Wordpress templated, heavily Javascripted, vertical scrolling forever monstrosities with giant fonts and massive web graphics (as seems to be the rage by every web script kiddy) so be prepared to have things crawl to a snails pace.
  3. Hey guys, new to cutting and the forums. Purchased a second hand AIP 1120 44" cutter/plotter, came with a dinky old computer running XP but i already had the intentions of using the cutter with my MacBook pro laptop running the latest software (MacOS Sierra 10.12.4). The softwares I am using are Signcut Pro1 and Inkscape, saving the images/text created in inkscape as either ".eps" or ".svg". The cutter is connected to my laptop using a USB to Serial adaptor. So I install the software, and the website has a little tutorial for a test cut, which i perform and the machine cuts it out flawlessly (well some flaws, i have to adjust blade height because when its not cutting, its scratching the vinyl moving around), so i disconnect the cable, go sit down and make a few logos I wanted to cut out. I saved them, made sure they were vectored and all, open it up in Signcut and click cut, then nothing. The progress window pops up then instantly goes away. The settings all look correct, havent tinkered with those, baud rate and everything match, tried shutting off laptop, turning cutter on and connecting to laptop, then starting the laptop and tried cutting again to no avail, uninstalled the software and reinstalled multiple times, tried saving the image in either ".svg" and ".eps" formats and still nothing, tried changing the usb port its connected to and again nothing. When I disconnect the usb, signcut says that it cannot connect with the cutter so i know that the laptop and software are recognizing the machine, but it for some reason wont communicate with it? The cutter is not offline, I have set the origin so it knows where to start cutting. I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A problem came up that I'm not sure how to fix. Let's say if I cut the letter "O," the blade will complete the circle, but it will stop about a millimeter to the left or right of where it began cutting. Also, the center circle of the "O" would not be in the center as it should: it ends up a little displaced in any direction towards the edge of the "O," and sometimes it even goes beyond the boundary of the letter. I use the letter "O" as an example. This happens with every letter, and it gets a lot worse as the size of the decal decreases. Lines will show up too thick or too thin. I am using a Macbook Pro, SignCut Pro, Inkscape (to convert files) and Illustrator (to create files). I tried to calibrate my plotter using SignCut and all measurements were perfect. Please help! This work is unacceptable to give to clients.
  5. mindy.clark

    Offscale err on a vinyl express qe60+

    On Signcut, I had to reactive my lifetime dongle. Afterwards when I went to print to my Vinyl Express QE 60+, I received a "offscale" error. I can see that the media area is twice as big as needed. How do I change this? I think it is SignCut and not my printer. Please help!
  6. Brandiland

    Signcut Pro with ARMS help

    Alright, so I've dug around on here for a while. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, but I've seen quite a few intelligent people, so I figured I'd start here. I'm using Signcut Pro with ARMS on a Saga 2400 cutter. I've read the instructions they give on how to align my registration marks. I even made my own registration marks at 25mm long in each direction (as suggested). I'm not sure my cutter is trying to see those marks. It's not consistent in its errors, making it very difficult to find the problem. Sometimes, when I click "ok" to cut, nothing happens. Sometimes, it trails off to the left and up as if it's looking for the registration marks, but then stops short, and begins the cut, or draw,in my case. I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone who uses the ARMS system with Signcut Pro help me?
  7. I have been using a redsail cutter with winsign pc (importing from corel) however it packed up and aquired is pcut ct0630 the usb does not work so purchased usb to serial and run com 6 with buad rate of 38400. it now cuts. I downloaded a trial of sign cut (now expired) however on both programs the cut stops towards the end - i.e i cut 9 compressed gas signs in two lines (5 & 4) and it did not cut the last two "d" in teo of the signs. this ruins the whole sign as the letter weeded out so you can see the letter through the square. What i have had to do is click sort object and put some random text "test" at the end of the project so that it cuts "tes" and misses the "t" however i have completed signs. anoying but solved the problem. This problem has manifested in both sign cut and winsignpc (sign cut now expired and prefer winsignpc) However the quality is poor it looked like i had cut the letters out by hand - only a few have come out acceptable quality. I have just replaced the blade to eliminate a bad blade any help would be great
  8. I have an issue with my Refine cutter. It recently developed a random "hiccup" that shifts the rest of the cut and ruins the design. I have been using SignCut for 7 years and not had any issues like this. Full disclosure- My computer still has Windows XP. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  9. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I've been using the MH Refine for almost 3 years on my iMac. I've never had any issues until last night. I was in the middle of a cut and the cutter almost just gave up I guess. It just stopped. I tried again and it wasn't responding. So for some reason, I decided to upgrade my signcut software. Updated it, and started cutting, and it was ok, or so I thought. My settings were all off and things were cutting odd. I did have the random line of death too. I spoke with someone at uscutter support and he remote logged in and we tried some things, and now the cutter isn't even responding. It does its test when I hit the 'Test' button on the machine itself but nothing from the computer. I have the machine grounded, or so I believe I do. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Much appreciated!
  10. dcbevins

    Inkscape 64Bit Windows

    I am giving the Pre-Release Versions (0.91 Pre2) 64bit Windows Version a whirl. As it is 64 bit, it is not surprising the SignCutPro extension to "Send to SignCut" does not appear. Has anyone heard of a possibility there will be an export version that will work with the soon to be stable 64 bit release of Inkscape? I suppose SignCut itself would have to be released as 64bit first. I don't think it is possible to make the 32bit plugin work with the 64bit version, but maybe one of you fine people know a work around. Version .91 has some new muscle. I am giving it a real eyeball to replace my Corel X7 subscription. It has some fantastic things, especially in node and path editing/manipulation. Of course it is easy to live without the plugin just adding a few more steps to get it into SignCut. It would just be nice.
  11. I can't explain why this is happening. The lines look fine in Illustrator CS6 and CC, but when I either send to SignCut or open EPS in SignCut the cut is inverted. Other files I've cut are in the correct orientation without any setting changes in SignCut. Also, I can't figure out why the P is getting screwed up. Any help / insights would be most appreciated. Thanks ! NewDog11inch.eps
  12. I just bought a US CUTTER Laserpoint from a friend and need help installing and setting it up. Here is what I have set as of now. Adobe Illustrator CC with Signcut CC Plugin installed and functioning properly. i have sent over, Saved Down (CS4 i believe worked?) EPS files that have worked and loaded into Signcut. Need a good video to help set my illustrator file alligned also.. if someone has a good video or details for that. (Illustrator specifically.) A 7 Day free trial of Signcut Pro for Mac. Installed and working. Any suggestions if this is the best program for the job i'm dealt with.. (Compatibility, Price(looking for least expensive way to set up. Im on a broke college student budget at the moment) US Cutter Laserpoint, with drivers installed but, have yet to make it work. - Connected Via USB A video helping me get the Signcut to read and print from my Mac (any plugins, or other 3rd party apps needed to get it to print from my Mac Aligning The Rolls I have rolls of vinyl so I need assistance Aligning loading the roll if anyone can direct me to a good video for that, specifically for the Laserpoint if possible. Thanks guys I hope this isnt too much info. I have just having a hard time getting specific videos for these topics. figured this is the place for that. Any Tips and Pointers, Vinyl suggestions, ETC would be AMAZING also
  13. Why does my cutter always do stuff like this on larger scale cuts (see attached jpg). I have a MH871-MK2, I use SignCut Pro on a Mac, and I hook it up with a serial keyspan adapter. It cuts diagonal lines though parts and then continues on as if it was done cutting that area. It does pretty much the same thing regardless of if I use the pen on paper or the blade on vinyl. Also attached is a pdf is what the design is supposed to look like. I'm trying to cut it 22"x22". PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks! #andylovesemily.pdf
  14. hi all this is my first time on here hope someone can help im trying to cut out the writing that is joined together but when i export it to signcut it cuts out bits i dont want it to is there a fix to this atal ? i have added photos to show what i mean
  15. billy80808

    SignCut Pro Text Outline Problems

    Hey guys, i just downloaded SignCut so i have almost no idea what im doing wrong... So my problem is that when i cut using SignCut, Letters seem to get weird triangular shapes/cuts added to them... I have the USCutter MH721 cutter and have been using SignBlazer, and its been cutting fairly well with it except for small incomplete cuts which made weeding a little tricky and difficult... The current design im cutting works fine with SignBlazer, but not SCP. Connected thru USB Baud Rate is the same on both SCP and cutter (9600) Cutter is grounded to the stand Cutter and Stand is on carpet Calibration is on key Preview on cut is perfect Actual cut is messed up only on one letter. Ive tried the design in both .esp ver.8 and .ai ver. 8, same results. If you guys could help me with either the incomplete cuts on SB or the weird triangal cuts on SCP, either would be great! Heres the design that im trying to cut. (The space between "I" and "Fixies" is supposed to be there.)
  16. Ok so I am trying to keep my cool. So here is the scoop. iMac 27" 10.7.4 3.4 ghz 16gb of ram USCutter 871 BRAND NEW Installed signcut Installed keyspan adaptor Using either CS3-5 Illustrator I have tried all these setting with the support rep from us cutter with similar issues. on relatively simple instances it works ok up to about 15" wide. This is a 34" machine. On basic shapes or repeated instances it goes all over the place... Boy would I love some help. This machine was supposed to save time and money. So far is costing me too much of both.... waahhh wahhhh. Please help, Thanks Pablo
  17. Torquewrench383

    Getting Extra cuts through actual pic

    I am trying to figure out how to get rid of the lines that are being cut when I use Signcut, I beleive the lines need to be reversed and in the areas of vinyl that need to be removed. But instead it is in the actual art. I am using signcut pro 1 with Coral Draw X5. I have noticed this with anything I try and cut that has voids in it. Attached is a screen shot that I am trying to cut and work the bugs out of. All the help would be appreciated. I am very new to this and I do appreciate everything.
  18. Hello I followed the tutorial here: When I send fron Illustrator, the SignCut app launches just fine. If I try to send to the MH-721, the app beachballs (goes into a holding pattern with beach ball cursor) and I have to force quit it. This is as far as I have been able to get with the software. the machine performs its test just fine, and the baud rates are matched on the machine as well as the software (9600). The machine is plugged into my Mac Pro through a keyspan serial adapter into the front USB port. I am running Mac OS 10.7.4 with 24GB RAM and using Illustrator CS6. I have the serial drivers installed per the US Cutter starting help page. Thanks
  19. Zai2289

    Intermittent cutting of files

    I have one problem file that doesn't seem to cut, I managed to get it to cut once after redrawing it in illustrator but since that it will not cut again, even if I redraw again! I am running 10.7 with key span adapter with the correct drivers & signcut pro, using a creation pcut. It seem to cut other files, but a bit temperamentally. Some files it cuts absolutely fine, whilst it gets stuck on a file that it has cut before. The status window comes up & the cutter says its waiting, however the blade moves to the far left and stays there, I have set the origin in the right place but this doesn't seem to make a difference. Please help, am getting extremely frustrated & sign cut aren't being very helpful! Any suggestions much appreciated
  20. jogavallarta

    pls help me mh721, signcut, illustrator

    pls help me. i been working for my new mh721. still i dont know whats the problem. the cutter did not cut the image correctly. this is my eps file. just only simple. 3 and sun.eps this is what the outcome in my mh721. 3 and sun.eps