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  1. Done, thanks. SignCut is ignoring my request for assistance. Their chat was open, but they never replied, and they sent back a templatized email telling me to upgrade my drivers and app (both are new installs and current). I'm not impressed with SignCut's dedication to their customers at this point.
  2. There is a CS6 plugin (I have it installed). https://getsatisfaction.com/signcut/topics/sign_cut_export_plugin_illustrator_cs6_mac
  3. They are not open yet. I submitted a support request with this exact original post text. I'm hoping they answer. I run a very clean system, I don't know of anything that would interfere with the serial connection or software.
  4. This happens regardless of whether I send the artwork (a simple outline) from Illustrator, or if I open an EPS file directly in SignCut. Every time I send the art to be cut, the app beachballs and I have to force quit.
  5. Hello I followed the tutorial here: When I send fron Illustrator, the SignCut app launches just fine. If I try to send to the MH-721, the app beachballs (goes into a holding pattern with beach ball cursor) and I have to force quit it. This is as far as I have been able to get with the software. the machine performs its test just fine, and the baud rates are matched on the machine as well as the software (9600). The machine is plugged into my Mac Pro through a keyspan serial adapter into the front USB port. I am running Mac OS 10.7.4 with 24GB RAM and using Illustrator CS6. I have the serial drivers installed per the US Cutter starting help page. http://start.uscutter.com/ Thanks
  6. spdorsey

    Do you know the name of this font?

  7. I purchased an MH721 from Amazon, and I look forward to the headaches of setting it up and the fun of cutting my own decals and designs. Hello all!