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  1. billy80808

    SignCut Pro Text Outline Problems

    Hey guys, i just downloaded SignCut so i have almost no idea what im doing wrong... So my problem is that when i cut using SignCut, Letters seem to get weird triangular shapes/cuts added to them... I have the USCutter MH721 cutter and have been using SignBlazer, and its been cutting fairly well with it except for small incomplete cuts which made weeding a little tricky and difficult... The current design im cutting works fine with SignBlazer, but not SCP. Connected thru USB Baud Rate is the same on both SCP and cutter (9600) Cutter is grounded to the stand Cutter and Stand is on carpet Calibration is on key Preview on cut is perfect Actual cut is messed up only on one letter. Ive tried the design in both .esp ver.8 and .ai ver. 8, same results. If you guys could help me with either the incomplete cuts on SB or the weird triangal cuts on SCP, either would be great! Heres the design that im trying to cut. (The space between "I" and "Fixies" is supposed to be there.)
  2. @arty-rc can you upload a pic of where you tightened the nuts and screws on your blade carriage? i just checked all of mine and its cutting a little better but still kinda vibrates
  3. UPDATE** Okay so ive just cut using the Pen and the lines have wavy and rippled lines. I also felt the pen holder and plotter itself while it was plotting and it vibrates A LOT. not so roughly but enough to mess up my lines on both paper and vinyl. Do i need to buy a new plotter thing? tighten a belt?
  4. Ive done that and it still gives the same results. Ive also relubed it with the light oil several times today and its much smoother now. Yet i still get the same results on the vinyl.
  5. BTW: I also took apart the Blade Holder to add a drop of light oil into the blade area itself and i noticed that there was possible rust inside. After i put the light oil, i shook out the extra and i noticed the extra that flew out was a tanish brown with very fine brown flakes and even after the oil, the blade still spins somewhat roughly. Need a new blade holder? I would think that the blade might lock up from the rust at certain degrees and may cause my ripples.
  6. I just got this cutter a couple days ago, but since the very first cut its had rippled lines (lines as if a dull blade were to drag across a sheet of vinyl) and wavy lines. It is USB connected, never taken apart, grounded (screw holes sanded to bare metal then grounded), and i use SignBlazer. Ive adjusted the blade so it doesnt cut too deep into the vinyl, adjusted the offset in SignBlazer to .20, .25, and .30 , adjusted the cut speed to 200 mm/s, cut press to 200g, and i even replaced the blade (but still kept the old one just in case it isnt the blade). I really want to get into diecuts so can anyone help me out? ANY type of help or even "idk bro, good luck!"'s would even help lol. Thanks! I also hope this helps anyone else with the same problem! Heres pics of the ripples and waves: