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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! My names Axyl and I run a small vinyl sticker business in Western Australia. Refine Pro-24 & Signcut Pro Last weekend my cutter started malfunctioning mid-cut. The screen is stuck on "Thank you for cutting!" And the actual cutting module keeps repeatedly bashing up against the side of the machine as soon as I flick the power on. I'm stressing out like crazy because I have a lot of people relying on me for business stickers and car vinyls etc. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this error, or perhaps anyone in WA, or even Australia can fix it. Even Refines contact details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps guys! Axyl
  2. I just got this cutter a couple days ago, but since the very first cut its had rippled lines (lines as if a dull blade were to drag across a sheet of vinyl) and wavy lines. It is USB connected, never taken apart, grounded (screw holes sanded to bare metal then grounded), and i use SignBlazer. Ive adjusted the blade so it doesnt cut too deep into the vinyl, adjusted the offset in SignBlazer to .20, .25, and .30 , adjusted the cut speed to 200 mm/s, cut press to 200g, and i even replaced the blade (but still kept the old one just in case it isnt the blade). I really want to get into diecuts so can anyone help me out? ANY type of help or even "idk bro, good luck!"'s would even help lol. Thanks! I also hope this helps anyone else with the same problem! Heres pics of the ripples and waves:
  3. I have an issue with my Refine cutter. It recently developed a random "hiccup" that shifts the rest of the cut and ruins the design. I have been using SignCut for 7 years and not had any issues like this. Full disclosure- My computer still has Windows XP. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  4. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I've been using the MH Refine for almost 3 years on my iMac. I've never had any issues until last night. I was in the middle of a cut and the cutter almost just gave up I guess. It just stopped. I tried again and it wasn't responding. So for some reason, I decided to upgrade my signcut software. Updated it, and started cutting, and it was ok, or so I thought. My settings were all off and things were cutting odd. I did have the random line of death too. I spoke with someone at uscutter support and he remote logged in and we tried some things, and now the cutter isn't even responding. It does its test when I hit the 'Test' button on the machine itself but nothing from the computer. I have the machine grounded, or so I believe I do. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Much appreciated!
  5. My MH1351 Refine cutter wont start cutting. Using it at Windows 7 and corel x5, usb connection, till yesterday everything was ok since the beggining. It recognized by WIndows, as soon as command sent it wont start cut and printer pannel says ''error printing''. Conncetion changed on COM/LPT as well but still wont start. I reinstalled drivers, tried to start it on Windows XP and nothing happened, same simptoms.Cutter reacts on commands from its control panel like everything is ok. Need help about his problem, anyone had similar problem?
  6. MH721 28" Bought about 6 months ago Windows 8,7, and XP machines Latest drivers Sure Cuts a Lot Pro 3.053 USB (high quality cable) but I know, USB sucks. First month, machine was okay. It would close most cuts but sometimes would go on a fritz and start cutting all over my vinyl wasting 2-3 feet of vinyl. I stopped using the machine because of this but now recently I need to use it again. Settings are 50mm/s and 90 pressure. On standard Oracal Calandered white vinyl. Even when I use the machines "test" it will not close the cuts, at all. Leaving a good 1mm gap after each cut. Machine is grounded and I tried wiping down with one of those dryer cloths. Any ideas? I have been loosing my mind googling this.