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  1. West Wood

    Refine MH 721 freezes and throws whole job off

    I re-installed the cutter on my computer and it has now cut three files without the "hiccup". Hopefully this is the fix.
  2. West Wood

    Refine MH 721 freezes and throws whole job off

    At certain points during the cut, the cutter will stop. The Offline light will blink, and then it will proceed with the cut. But when it proceeds, the pause has caused the blade to be in the wrong place, so the object is not cutting correctly or completely. So, if the object was a circle, the hiccup would cause it to cut more of an oval shape. I don't know if it is a communication issue with the computer, a SignCut issue, or a Refine cutter issue.
  3. I have an issue with my Refine cutter. It recently developed a random "hiccup" that shifts the rest of the cut and ruins the design. I have been using SignCut for 7 years and not had any issues like this. Full disclosure- My computer still has Windows XP. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  4. West Wood

    Johny Chimpo From Super troopers

    Here is one... johnny chimpo.eps johnny chimpo.eps
  5. West Wood

    Need some help from the great ones... lol

    Here is a quick one. I hope I attached the files correctly. TUNK.eps TUNK.pdf TUNK.eps TUNK.pdf
  6. A friend of mine wants a sticker for his Jeep of a man reclining with a oversized sombrero. I cannot find any thing close. Anybody have something similar? Inkscape/SignCut user thanks for reading
  7. West Wood

    Pre Mask Table attachment

    Thanks guys, I found a product on ebay that looked good. I made one out of plywood. pictures to follow
  8. West Wood

    Pre Mask Table attachment

    Thanks John
  9. West Wood

    Pre Mask Table attachment

    Does anyone know where to find a good table attachment to use for masking vinyl? I have seen them for around $250.00. I am looking for something cheaper. Maybe even instructions how to make my own. Any help is appreciated.
  10. West Wood

    Fresh coat of wax

    I am about to letter some vehicles for a company. One of their trucks just got a total detail and a fresh coat of wax. Will this affect the adhesive? I am new to this, any advice would help. Thanks
  11. West Wood

    sending to plotter

    This sounds like what happened to me last week. You should be able to go to your SC x2 Settings and change from save as to the correct port you are using. That's what I did. Good luck!
  12. West Wood

    Stock Car

    That one is printed, the sponsor wanted to use their own sign maker (his girlfriend). I can't take credit.
  13. West Wood

    Stock Car

    Here are some pics of my very first job. It's for my family's racing team. I also did the body work. Let me know what you think! http://www.flickr.com/photos/11885301@N06/ Mike WestWoodVinyl
  14. West Wood

    Error with SCx2 and Refine 721

    Thanks, were can I find the download? I just purchased SignCut in the last month.