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    LaserPoint II Not Closing Circles

    Thanks, I will definitely try this tonite. I just can't understand why all of a sudden this started, when I have had this machine for almost 2 years, with no issues of this sort.
  2. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    LaserPoint II Not Closing Circles

    They can be in either
  3. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    LaserPoint II Not Closing Circles

    Thank you for the response. Is it basically just trial and error to see what the best amount of overcut is?
  4. Up until this past weekend, I had no issues. I'm running a LaserPoint II on Mac, El Capitan, with SignCut. I upgraded my OS about 3 weeks ago and something happened with SignCut, so I decided to download it again and re-install. Now circles won't close. I have tried changing the offset, no luck. That doesn't even seem to make any bit of difference. Thanks in advance for any kind of help you may be able to provide.
  5. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    Thanks Wild! I will definitely give that a shot tonite.
  6. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    He remoted in, tried some things and nothing was solved. We changed the cutter in the settings to a Copam and to the MH Refine, and it did nothing. He said it was possible the ribbons came loose from the serial port, so I have to open the machine up to check, but I'm just not sure that's the issue.
  7. DeepCutsVinylNJ

    Need Help ASAP Please

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I've been using the MH Refine for almost 3 years on my iMac. I've never had any issues until last night. I was in the middle of a cut and the cutter almost just gave up I guess. It just stopped. I tried again and it wasn't responding. So for some reason, I decided to upgrade my signcut software. Updated it, and started cutting, and it was ok, or so I thought. My settings were all off and things were cutting odd. I did have the random line of death too. I spoke with someone at uscutter support and he remote logged in and we tried some things, and now the cutter isn't even responding. It does its test when I hit the 'Test' button on the machine itself but nothing from the computer. I have the machine grounded, or so I believe I do. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Much appreciated!