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  1. FTDI drivers installed as well. Found a link on some other topic and installed but nothing changed, same simptoms after installation.
  2. @ Butch tried to change differents port,its listed on 5 and work normally, same simptoms on other ports as well. tried to change cables, old ones, new ones but nothing.
  3. My MH1351 Refine cutter wont start cutting. Using it at Windows 7 and corel x5, usb connection, till yesterday everything was ok since the beggining. It recognized by WIndows, as soon as command sent it wont start cut and printer pannel says ''error printing''. Conncetion changed on COM/LPT as well but still wont start. I reinstalled drivers, tried to start it on Windows XP and nothing happened, same simptoms.Cutter reacts on commands from its control panel like everything is ok. Need help about his problem, anyone had similar problem?
  4. Hi guys, need help. I have a problem with mh1351 (bought in december 2011), first when i cut with a pressure less than 30 gr everything was ok, but with power more than 30gr knife wont rise. I did test described above and everything worked well. Yesterday i cut some small project and after that knife stayed in upper position and wont drop, moves left and right and vinyl runs but knife is up. If someone knows what could be the problem, it would be nice to share. Tried to contact dealer in Germany but successlessly. Thanks.