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Found 36 results

  1. El carro que sostiene la navaja no se mueve cuando enciendo mi plotter de corte, ya cheque que las ruedas esten en el carro. Antes hacia mucho ruido se movia y se traba como si algo estuviera atascado pero ahora ya ni siquiera hace eso.
  2. Please Help. Model:MH721 Program:SCAL Pro I am cutting circles that seem a little off. Not oval just off. The only think that makes a difference (for the good) is reducing pressure to 30g but this don’t seem to go all the way through the vinyl. At 40g it cuts but deforms the circles a little. Higher pressure makes it works. I have tried: Different lead, different PC, changing blade length, blade speed, vinyl type, Offset and over it, new blade, different program. Anyone have a solution.
  3. Good evening, I tripped and broke my girlfriend’s USB driver, how to fix this ? If I bet a mother board will it resolve this problem?
  4. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little mystery.... My EH721 plotter is great, except it keeps making little cuts outside the lines as you can see in the photo below: I've tried adjusting the blade height and cut speed, neither help. I'm using SignCut, if that makes any difference. The cutter appears to be on the track and moves smoothly, any advice greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone. I’m new here just thought I’d see if anyone could help me. I’ve recently started using a goldcut 721 and on my first day had no issues, cut fine etc. Come back to it the next morning and think the pc had updated maybe or something must have changed because I now I have half blank screen and when I try to send anything to cut it says can’t initialise output device or something along those lines. I’ll attach an image of the screen I see on the cutter. If anyone could point me in the direction of a solution I’d be very grateful It is the goldcut 721 cutter with my pc running Windows 7. Worked fine for one day then now it won’t work.
  6. Compre ayer un Ploter de Corte MH721-MK2 nuevo... No tuve mayor problema con la instalacion del driver y esas cosas, el problema esta en el corte, me perfora el vinil.... Mis dudas son las siguientes: - Viene con 3 cuchillas, todas son iguales o para usos diferentes? Y cuales serian? Como las identifico en caso de que sean diferentes? - Al hacer el test la maquina dibuja una estrella pero esta sale fea, con bordes mal dibujados, que hago para que salga bien? Ya la baje la velocidad y mejoro pero igual esta fea, como hago que salga perfecta...? - Porque el vinil que pongo me lo perfora aunque ponga el mínimo de presión?
  7. Ernesto1989

    Problemas de corte

    Hola Compre un ploter US cutter MH721-MK2 y quiero cortar desde Corel, funciona, el ploter corta pero>>> Problema> Las letras y los números no corta recta las esquinas y no cierra o completa el corte de ninguna figura, les deja 1mm sin cortar. Usé el software Vinyl Master cut v4 y el ploter corta perfecto con ese software, por lo que pienso que no sea problema del ploter Además del Corel, e usado el software que viene con el ploter>> SureCutsALotPro la última versión. En este caso si corta recto y completa las figuras pero>>> problemas> Al momento del corte, el ploter estira la figura o las letras, o sea, redimensiona el corte, +- cada 5cm el le aumenta 1mm al corte, obviamente es problema de configuracion del software o algo. Necesito ayuda, alguien que me diga cómo puedo cortar bien, o sea, fiel al diseno, puede ser tanto para Corel como para SureCutsALotPro. Necesito que me digan si es alguna configuracion o algo para que pueda seguir trabajando con alguno de esos programas.
  8. So I bought this guy second hand and it'd been sitting in a garage for a good while. When I got it home and setup, I realized that at some point mice had made a home in the side panels. They chewed through a few of the different wires. Before I could do anything, I had to replace the fuse line, but that got it working(ish). The control panel still needed work, but for the time being I could run it with default settings. Recently I finally got around to buying a replacement screen, 16 pin cable, and a 14 pin cable and got to work on the display. The control panel works now; however, the display is still not working. It turns on, but only if the connection to the motherboard is just right, and the screen is completely black aside from a single solid line through the middle. I'm at a standstill on it now. I can't think of anything else. Anyone have any ideas? P.s. it is the same whether the USB is connected or not, and I've tried every port and two other laptops all running windows 10.
  9. I had the MH 721 which had issues so i purchased the Pixmax 720 which is exactly the same as the MH721/720. Problem im having is when i try cut large items say over 30cm the cutter head keeps jumping up but the belts keep moving so the cuts are missed on the items. Small items arnt an issue cut great??? I just dont get it tried in Flexi sign, Sign cut and both do the same on different images aswell. If anyone has an answer for this id be greatful its really doing my head in now, got to be a software issue surely if it cuts the small items fine. Why would this cause issue on larger items thats the cartridge would lift?? (for a few seconds then redrop leaving gaps in the cuts.
  10. Hi guys, im new here and im looking for a part for the MH721 cutter plotter. The proximity sensor red button has broken, causing the machine to go crazy on startup. Ive managed to take it all to bits and take the old one out I just need to find a replacment if anyone has any ideas please???? Ive attched pictures and as you will see the red button has come away from the wire. Ive looked on google etc and cant seem to find what im looking for if anyone knows the correct name or model part id be well chuffed. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, Ive been using my redsail mh 721 cutter yesterday and several days before without an issue. Turned it on today and laptop says 'can not open the output device. Trouble initializing cutter'. (also the red reset light is permanently on and don't think it used to be). Nothing has changed or been moved etc. Its about 5-6 years old but only been used a handful of times. This is not the first time it has happened, in fact in the past its happened many times. I think I packed it away and months later got it out the box again and it just worked. Ive got an urgent job needs doing so cant sit around doing nothing just waiting. Ive turned off for a while etc and nothing has changed. Will cut a test if I press the test button just stopped working from my laptop. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. Good afternoon all, I purchased my EH721 plotter in July last year and its been working fine, However yesterday i powered on the machine and its now causing the electrics to trip out, Sometime it can stay on but 9/10 it will trip the electrics. I have tried replacing the power cable as may have become damaged but nothing has changed. Could this be the fuse even tho sometimes the machine stays on? Any ideas on this please. Many thanks
  13. Hi all, new in the forum. I have the following issue: When cutting a contour with the laserpoint the cutter fails producing also like a "mirror cut" on the right side of the plotter. You can find a attached image that better explains the problem. Thank you in advance
  14. Hello, I purchased a second hand MH721-mk 2 a few years ago, and it has been performing great until recently. Attached is the current result of a few cuts. The one on top is a cross and the one on the bottom is the word "test". I have tried both the usb and serial connections with the same results. And I am using signblazer to send jobs. I have a feeling either a motor or the control board needs to be replaced. If it's both, I don't think it would be worth it to fix and would probably just replace it. But if it's just one part, I think it would be worth it to keep. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello all, new to the vinyl world in terms of cutting my own. I had some questions but I was already able to answer some of them for now using the search feature. Hoping to get better and grow and learn with the help of the more experienced. I am running a USCUTTER MH-721 28" w/VinylMaster Cut v4. I also have photoshop but am clueless how to use it, I would like to get CorelDraw as well. Question: I have a large cut job that I had to split into 4 sections, then I will have to align them when I apply them, how can I make sure they will align properly and not be different size pieces? I have the full image but I used a program and split the image into 4's evenly. Each piece will have to be 10h x 17w. I'm probably thinking about this way more then I have to. Thanks guys! And here is my car, the vinyl work was done by someone else (whom I'll never name or use again), which is why I decided to get into it so I can do my own work.
  17. My cutter is cutting lines where they do not belong. It was to cut a rectangle next to a line of text, but instead, it is cutting an incomplete rectangle on top of the text. It is also cutting the letters of the text line too close to each other so the cuts are overlapping, and even changing the width of some of the ascenders. I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone give sage advice? -Michael
  18. I am trying to decide on which cutter to purchase. Will an Mh721 cut heat transfer vinyl effectively. I am also interested in knowing if the machine will be able to handle the light weight heat transfer vinyl. Thanks! Jennifer
  19. My USCutter MH721-Mk2 is not completing cuts (i.e. it does not end the cut of a square where it begins the cut, it ends the cut just a small distance away from the starting point of the cut) and also seems like it is slightly tearing the vinyl instead of cutting it. I included a video with the cuts before and after weeding to show you exactly what is happening. My cut settings are in the description of the video and i have a brand new blade in it, also i am cutting Oracal 651 vinyl in case that information can help. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!!! Link to video: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  20. mweintraub

    Cutting paper on the MH721 MK2

    Has anyone cut paper on their USCutter vinyl cutters? I'm thinking of getting a Cricut or Silhouette cutting mat to use on my MH721. Anyone use one or have a better solution?
  21. I just got this cutter a couple days ago, but since the very first cut its had rippled lines (lines as if a dull blade were to drag across a sheet of vinyl) and wavy lines. It is USB connected, never taken apart, grounded (screw holes sanded to bare metal then grounded), and i use SignBlazer. Ive adjusted the blade so it doesnt cut too deep into the vinyl, adjusted the offset in SignBlazer to .20, .25, and .30 , adjusted the cut speed to 200 mm/s, cut press to 200g, and i even replaced the blade (but still kept the old one just in case it isnt the blade). I really want to get into diecuts so can anyone help me out? ANY type of help or even "idk bro, good luck!"'s would even help lol. Thanks! I also hope this helps anyone else with the same problem! Heres pics of the ripples and waves:
  22. ThinkDifferentGraphics

    Used and Confused...smh

    Hello everyone my name is Lynda...I bought a used MH721 and having a heck of a time setting it up. I went UScutter online to download drivers and SignBlaze software. The cutter cuts on, but I can't get it to work thru my USB port. Please Help...I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I own a GCC 24 bought brand new 4 yrs ago and didn't have no trouble getting it up and running. I bought my used MH721 over the weekend...and really is anxious to use the machine. Please someone guide me thru this if you can. Thanks Lynda
  23. felipeagm

    MH721 AYUDA - HELP!!

    tengo un plotter nuevo mh721 MK2, al hacer la prueba de la estrella se dibuja con el recorrido del cabezal, como corrijo este problema??, adjunto fotos y video de mi problema, espero alguien me pueda ayudar a solucionarlo. I have a new plotter mh721 MK2, when testing the star is drawn with the head travel, as I correct this problem??, attached photos and video of my problem, I hope someone can help me fix it. img error video error por favor necesito ayuda, no se que hacer... Please I need help, I do not know what to do ...
  24. rbarron

    MH721 Force & Speed Setting

    Hello! This is a total noob question, what are the "best" force and speed settings for Oracal 651 on a USCutter MH721? I've had the machine for 5-6 years and use it sparingly - cut decals for my motorcycle club, for friends, etc. I set it up, found what worked for me and never thought twice about it. I was trolling the interwebs for something completely unrelated and saw my cutter, which lead me down a rabbit hole to the forum and got me to thinking... Anyhoo, looking for a recommendation :-) TIA! ~rob
  25. MH721 28" Bought about 6 months ago Windows 8,7, and XP machines Latest drivers Sure Cuts a Lot Pro 3.053 USB (high quality cable) but I know, USB sucks. First month, machine was okay. It would close most cuts but sometimes would go on a fritz and start cutting all over my vinyl wasting 2-3 feet of vinyl. I stopped using the machine because of this but now recently I need to use it again. Settings are 50mm/s and 90 pressure. On standard Oracal Calandered white vinyl. Even when I use the machines "test" it will not close the cuts, at all. Leaving a good 1mm gap after each cut. Machine is grounded and I tried wiping down with one of those dryer cloths. Any ideas? I have been loosing my mind googling this.