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  1. Well, I think I've talked myself out of a combo unit. I'm leaning toward the 24" PrismJet VJx, which is a rebranded Mutoh ValueJet 628. And upgrade my stepper cutter to servo jobber like the Qe6000, which is a rebranded GraphTec. Or maybe a Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 or CAMM-1 Pro GX-300 30". Any opinions on the Roland vs GraphTec choices?
  2. All - I've been cutting vinyl stickers for a couple of years now - mostly hobby, but I do occasionally sell some stuff - but more and more, I am being asked to do custom print and cut stuff. I want to make the jump, but I am indecisive on the what to buy. Should buy a smaller combo unit like the Roland VersaStudio BN-20, or do purchase a separate cutter and printer? I like the 24" stepper cutter I have, but would like to move up to a servo unit of the same size. Is there a 24" solvent or latex printer on the market? Thanks in advance for any and all advice! ~rob
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    MH721 Force & Speed Setting

    Yeah, mine resets itself too, sometimes. Seems like it's when I unplug it.
  4. rbarron

    MH721 Force & Speed Setting

    Hello! This is a total noob question, what are the "best" force and speed settings for Oracal 651 on a USCutter MH721? I've had the machine for 5-6 years and use it sparingly - cut decals for my motorcycle club, for friends, etc. I set it up, found what worked for me and never thought twice about it. I was trolling the interwebs for something completely unrelated and saw my cutter, which lead me down a rabbit hole to the forum and got me to thinking... Anyhoo, looking for a recommendation :-) TIA! ~rob