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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! I purchased an SC2 28” for my wife as a gift and she has decided it is too much machine for what she wants. I have reached out to USCUTTER and unfortunately they will not take it back since it is outside of the window and recommended I posted it for sale on this forum. This machine is opened and stand is built but it has never been used. The blade carrier still has the factory zip tie on it. Please reach out if interested or have any other suggestions for where to post. It is not doing any good just sitting in the office.
  2. Hello, I'm posting in this section because I can't find any other place. I have the vinyl cutter kh-720 with the sign master V3.5 software but I've been trying to configure it for 3 days without success. I can't calibrate it, I try with A4 sheets but there is always an offset of about 1 cm (I tried checking and uncheking offset). I have searched all google and youtube but no luck. Anyone have a tuto to show me please?
  3. Hi, Can anyone help?? I've got a Liyu SC631 cutter that I've just started using. Its all set up and I'm cutting using 'Inkscape' as recommended by the retailer I bought it from. However, I've had a few problems. At first the small parts of designs weren't weeding properly, I changed the blade and this seemed to rectify the problem. Now, the problem is, the clean lines of a design are not cutting as on screen. Lines seem to be cutting at various thicknesses, I've attached pictures of the vinyl and the design, you can see the problem particularly on the trees. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks!
  4. So I was cutting a piece of vinyl and the cut messed up and I had to pull the vinyl out because it was jammed when I went to cut the sheet again it would read it was cutting on the computer but nothing was happening with the cutter I checked the cutter and there was a blank screen I tried resetting it and it would reset display the product name as It does and go blank again I have tried everything I know to do
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry in advance for this question I am a complete novice, but I want to figure out what cutter and what software I need to accomplish the below. I want to apply vinyl to very unique shapes that I am not able to draw within software. I basically wrap paper around the piece I need to install vinyl on and cut it to the shape I need. However, I would like to save the shape within software for future use. Ultimately, I want to be able to cut the shapes on one piece of vinyl. Is there a way to transfer a shape created by hand to a vinyl cutter or to software and then to the cutter? can anyone help to let me know what type of software and cutter would be able to do this? I think I would like to put it all on a 30” sheet. thanks for your help!!
  6. Are there any vinyl cutters made in the United States of America? If so, please list them.
  7. Hi I have had the mh cutter for a few years now. It cut heat transfer material good at first now it messes up but it cuts car vinyl perfect.. I can cut the same logo on both and the oracal will be perfect and heat transfer will have the same mess ups on every one.. here is a example of if it... it didn’t do it when I first got the machine so I know it has to be Somthing I can fix.
  8. I had the MH 721 which had issues so i purchased the Pixmax 720 which is exactly the same as the MH721/720. Problem im having is when i try cut large items say over 30cm the cutter head keeps jumping up but the belts keep moving so the cuts are missed on the items. Small items arnt an issue cut great??? I just dont get it tried in Flexi sign, Sign cut and both do the same on different images aswell. If anyone has an answer for this id be greatful its really doing my head in now, got to be a software issue surely if it cuts the small items fine. Why would this cause issue on larger items thats the cartridge would lift?? (for a few seconds then redrop leaving gaps in the cuts.
  9. I have a Titan 28" vinyl cutter and I'm trying to cut Oramask 813 stencil film. The film keeps ripping when I try to weed the design because it's not cut hard enough. I've upped the pressure to 320, which seems excessive, but still having the issue. Some parts of the design are cut deep enough, but other parts look like the blade loses pressure. It makes no sense. Any advice? Some of the lettering in the designs are smaller, about .75 to 1" tall. Should I slow it way down, bring the pressure down and have it cut twice?
  10. Hello! I have been using a Vinyl Express R Series II 24" vinyl plotter for about a year now. Needless to say, I have certainly outgrown it, and need something bigger and better. I found a listing in my area for a used Mutoh Kona 1400 55" cutter. I've worked with a Mutoh LFP in the past, but not one of their cutters. The price is reasonable, and I could easily pay for it in one job or two. My questions are: Does anyone else use the same cutter? Is it worth purchasing used? Could I use LXi Expert with it? I'm still doing research on my own, but I wanted to check here and see if anyone else would recommend buying this cutter. Thank you in advance!
  11. Got a brand new titan 3 when I am cutting to images side by side the one on the left get little tear hole in it like you shot it with a shot gun , the right side cuts fine. Anyone seen this ??
  12. All - I've been cutting vinyl stickers for a couple of years now - mostly hobby, but I do occasionally sell some stuff - but more and more, I am being asked to do custom print and cut stuff. I want to make the jump, but I am indecisive on the what to buy. Should buy a smaller combo unit like the Roland VersaStudio BN-20, or do purchase a separate cutter and printer? I like the 24" stepper cutter I have, but would like to move up to a servo unit of the same size. Is there a 24" solvent or latex printer on the market? Thanks in advance for any and all advice! ~rob
  13. pshawny

    Thanks Clean Cut Blade!

    I had ordered 3 blades a year and a half ago, then 2 more last week. They sent me an extra free blade for buying a total of 5 blades. What a great company!
  14. I just started my search and it's getting so hard to figure out whats the best option for me: I want to buy a cutter under $2k budget. I wish I could afford the Roland VersaCamm (Cut&Print) but I can't! so I'll need to cut pre-printed graphics for wall decals, so I'll need a contour cutter right? at least 36" -- if you have advice on printers as well I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice? thank you!
  15. ooodalay

    New and looking for feedback

    I would love some feedback from those who are EXPERIENCED!! Starting a new business & want to add in Vinyl/ heat press options to my work but have NEVER worked with it (minus pre-made decals). My husband slowly put away money to surprise me for Christmas to get a cutter & start, but he received most of his information from SIGNWAREHOUSE. I have been researching the last few weeks and found that I like speaking with US CUTTERS a lot better than the other companies. Not too impressed with sign warehouse, or the information they gave my husband....but they gave him an amazing deal on product. I am looking at the Roland GX-24 OR Titan 3-28" - But I don't know a lot! Trying to also compare the GraphTek but unsure of which one to go with on theirs. I like the idea of the optical eye (but is this a HUGE deal?) I like the idea of having options for thicker material being used in the future, (but how needed is this?) I need some thing easy on technology end, durable, and that I can incorporate into my business (work a lot with wood, glass, ceramic, vintage items) Looking at going to craft shows, etc... and possibly transporting this, so I didn't want anything too hefty. Budget is $2000 for everything. Need suggestions of starting tools and software that people LOVE! I like to create and have set clipart. Titan 3 comes with RAZORCUT and would like to know if others have used this and what do they think compared to other software. I appreciate ALL thoughts and comments in advance...its truly invaluable to me and I will take every suggestion and process it through! THANK YOU!! -Alie
  16. So this just started happening, the cartridge of my cutter when turned on vibrates profusely and doesn't work. I took a video of it because it is hard to explain. I hit reset and it stops but when I let off the reset button it doesn't work. Link to vid above ^
  17. Hello all, My names Mike & Id just like to start off with I'm new to the page and the vinyl world as well. I apologize for posting in the wrong section ( If I even did, I tried my hardest not to ). I have done research for the past month now on vinyl and plotters ETC and having trouble getting to understand it all. I want to open a small out of home business doing decals for cars (Im on many different car pages with thousands of people on each) and maybe even making banners depending on how successful I become at it all. I also use a Macbook Pro 13" laptop and see some issues with that alone but then I see some greats and how Mac is the way to go. My overall question is I see two starter kits I feel is good but just not 100% sure for what I want to do. One is the Vinyl Cutter Bundle - Sign Cutting Plotter w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro Design Sale 31.5" Laserpoint II, Tools, Supplies, Tot Value $1,200+ Off Ebay threw UScutter and The other is the SC basic business kit. PLEASE HELP, as to not wanting to spend a crazy amount upfront and just want to get my feet wet to make back what I put into it and after that start to profit. - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE _ Mike
  18. I decided to buy a GraphTec ce5000-60 but just noticed today that there is a new cutter out there in the wild? The GraphTec ce6000! I checked the GraphTec site and couldn't find it. I did notice a small design change where the buttons and such are top, right vs to the side (right). Anyone have any specs or input on this. I'll hold off for a month or two before I'm buying. Hope it has better specs than 5000 because the price is about/is the same. I found the specs, plus I emailed GraphTec and they got to me with an email asking me where I lived so they can have the proper person contact me.