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Found 9 results

  1. hello, i am trying to contour cut a t shirt transfer paper 11X17 using sure cuts 3 however when i try to select my second registration mark the plotter just feeds the paper up back and forth. I've tried to re calibrate my laser but i still get the same results, I've even tried to call customer service and they help to re calibrate the laser however it still is not allowing me to select the second registration mark without the paper feeding back and forth leaving me to have to hit the cancel button. any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks
  2. I have a new 25 inch SC Series cutter, and use the SCALP 3 that came with it. I am brand new to vinyl cutting, and have gotten things mostly working correctly, however, I noticed that the lines are not always clean and straight, but sometimes jagged. I am not cutting large signs or anything, only use this for cutting small decals / stickers. Please see the picture (sorry for the quality, hopefully you can see where the line is straight, then gets wiggly or jagged). These stickers are about 25 mm or so across, so they are small. Cutting Oracle 651. The art is simply triangles with rounded corners, created via AI, and imported as SVG into SCALP. Speed is set at 200mm/s & pressure is 120g (tried 100 but weeding was a bit of a challenge). I have the roll set on a rollers, and watched the whole thing to ensure it had slack the entire time. The blade has only been used a few times, so I doubt it's dull, but I may need to adjust the depth a little (and lower the pressure back to 100g). Nothing is skewed so I think I have my pinch rollers set properly now. Any thouhts on what could cause this? These are small decals and just need to be clean cut lines. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Ken
  3. I bought an sc34 in 2009 for the EBay store portion of our company. Worked awesome for about 4 years, the last year she was showing signs of age so I bought another sc34 about 6 months ago. Had nothing but problems, inconsistent cuts, bad tracking, up & down pressure issues, etc. Well I got a new MB and cartridge for the new machine and it didnt change a thing. I got US Cutter to send me an entire new machine. This one too was doing the SAME thing?? So I was ready to throw this thing in the trash and I gave the boys in tech one last shot at helping me. I got a GREAT Guy this time and we did everything you could. So He asks what software am I using and I said sign cut pro. He says have you ever tried the free one we sent with the machine? I said no I haven't. I like signcut pro and I was used to it. SO He said the ONLY left to do is switch software just to see if the problem persists. All I can say is with the free disc of sure cuts alot did the trick. This machine has NEVER EVER been so well behaved, even on small detailed items!! I cannot believe that the software was the issue!!! Hope this helps some of you with similar issues!! Happy cutting!!
  4. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    hey guys, I'm new to the forum and new to us cutter and all! well i think i want to start this vinyl stuff and give it a try. any tips of advice? I'm thinking about getting them us cutter SC series 24" that comes with the sure cuts a lot pro software. will that work? do i need to upgrade or purchase a different software? All advice is helpful. maybe not critical a dive.. i don't want my feelings hurt on something i want to try
  5. So this just started happening, the cartridge of my cutter when turned on vibrates profusely and doesn't work. I took a video of it because it is hard to explain. I hit reset and it stops but when I let off the reset button it doesn't work. Link to vid above ^
  6. Hi! Just have a quick question since I am not super computer saavy. I currently have an SC model cutter and plan to purchase either a COPAM or LaserPoint2 this week (still undecided). I need to use a serial-to-usb adapter for more reliable connectivity between the machines and my laptop, but I am unsure how to purchase one. I want to get the correct one and not waste money on something that will not work. I see them listed online with different specs and it is overwhelming. Basically what I need is a serial to usb adapter cable that has a few feet of length (the longer the better) that is compatible with the US Cutter machines. Any help would be great! Thank you!
  7. I was 3 minutes from buying a new Silhouette Cameo when I saw the refurbished cutters that are listed on the USCutter site. I need some honest opinions as to the best purchase to make for the money and for my area of interest. I appreciate your experience and response. My primary interest is cutting rhinestone templates from Sticky Flock material but from time to will also want to cut adhesive vinyl (both for car decals and shirt applications). I have a Roland PC-60 that belonged to my brother that I have been unable to get to work with either of my laptops or my software programs; therefore, I am using the Silhouette SD. I currently own: Silhouette Portrait Cutter Roland PC-60 Silhouette Studio (SD) Designer Software WinPC 2012 Software Flexi Pro 6 Software Laptop (Running XP) Laptop (Running 7) Looking at the MH & SC smaller refurbs on site - they are within my price range. Will either or both of them work with the current software I have. I have only been able to design, import and cut on the Portrait out of SD. I am playing with the WINPC software but my Portrait will not cut from it. However, it is my understanding that WINPC will cut on the Cameo. That has been the main reason I was wanting to upgrade. I would much rather have the larger cutter for my price range - but need to make sure that I am able to continue to cut my templates on it with my current software. Also are rhinestones available in the included software (SCAL)?? Thanks so much for anyone's input. I want to make this purchase ASAP - but it needs to be the right one! Donna Redd
  8. I recently bought a SC631 It's all set up, hooked up, and drivers are loaded. Problem is, it's not communicating with the computer-or visa-versa. I can do a test cut from the cutter, but when I try to cut from the computer, nothing. I am using the USB cord that came with it. Anyway, it's gonna be a loooong night and I really need to get it working so I can get a job done for tomorrow, sure hoping someone can help that doesn't sleep like me
  9. So I've been using the SC 24" and it's pretty awesome, a major reliability upgrade from my dysfunctional MH 721, but I cut a few different materials and it would probably be nice to have different blades and holders for the various things I cut so as to avoid adjusting the blade height repeatedly. Are there options or can I only get the parts offered on the UScutter website? I like to shop around for my materials and it would be nice to know if I could use other brands (Roland, Cricut, etc.) and if there are other blade holders that would do the trick. Unrelated: Is there any way to not get roller marks on the vinyl? I always end up with faint tracks from the texture of the rollers where my roller clamps go. I'm not doing decals yet, so it hasn't been a problem thus far, but it would be nice to make it go away.