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  1. I was 3 minutes from buying a new Silhouette Cameo when I saw the refurbished cutters that are listed on the USCutter site. I need some honest opinions as to the best purchase to make for the money and for my area of interest. I appreciate your experience and response. My primary interest is cutting rhinestone templates from Sticky Flock material but from time to will also want to cut adhesive vinyl (both for car decals and shirt applications). I have a Roland PC-60 that belonged to my brother that I have been unable to get to work with either of my laptops or my software programs; therefore, I am using the Silhouette SD. I currently own: Silhouette Portrait Cutter Roland PC-60 Silhouette Studio (SD) Designer Software WinPC 2012 Software Flexi Pro 6 Software Laptop (Running XP) Laptop (Running 7) Looking at the MH & SC smaller refurbs on site - they are within my price range. Will either or both of them work with the current software I have. I have only been able to design, import and cut on the Portrait out of SD. I am playing with the WINPC software but my Portrait will not cut from it. However, it is my understanding that WINPC will cut on the Cameo. That has been the main reason I was wanting to upgrade. I would much rather have the larger cutter for my price range - but need to make sure that I am able to continue to cut my templates on it with my current software. Also are rhinestones available in the included software (SCAL)?? Thanks so much for anyone's input. I want to make this purchase ASAP - but it needs to be the right one! Donna Redd
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    Roland PC 60 & FlexiSign Pro 6.5v3

    I am using Roland PC-60 and FlexiSign Pro 6.5v3. After much trial and error I have finally gotten my laptop to recognize the parallel to USB connection. I have downloaded Roland driver and the software shows Roland. I import a purchased download of a rhinestone design (EPS) into Flexi and parse the postscript. I send it to the Production Manager thru Flexi and it processes from 0 to 100% using COM3 port......but the cutter never cuts!!!! I have checked mode in command prompt-it shows: Status for device COM3: Baud - 115200 Parity - None Data Bits - 8 Stop Bits - 1 Timeout - OFF XON/XOFF - OFF CTS handshaking - OFF DSR handshaking - OFF DSR sensitivity - OFF DTR circuit - ON RTS circuit - OFF Flexi has cut these designs on my brother's Roland CAMM 30" following this procedure - has to be setting errors - please help - I want to throw it out the window! I have a lot invested in downloads I can't cut or use. Donna Redd