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  1. Yikes, I'm hoping this is fixable. I researched this cutter prior to purchase, and it is supposed to be accurate to "0.001Inch/step (0.0254mm/step)" Do you recomend tightening or lossening the tensioner, based on my situation? I will look at it and probably call US Cutter Support tomorrow if needed.
  2. I have a new 25 inch SC Series cutter, and use the SCALP 3 that came with it. I am brand new to vinyl cutting, and have gotten things mostly working correctly, however, I noticed that the lines are not always clean and straight, but sometimes jagged. I am not cutting large signs or anything, only use this for cutting small decals / stickers. Please see the picture (sorry for the quality, hopefully you can see where the line is straight, then gets wiggly or jagged). These stickers are about 25 mm or so across, so they are small. Cutting Oracle 651. The art is simply triangles with rounded corners, created via AI, and imported as SVG into SCALP. Speed is set at 200mm/s & pressure is 120g (tried 100 but weeding was a bit of a challenge). I have the roll set on a rollers, and watched the whole thing to ensure it had slack the entire time. The blade has only been used a few times, so I doubt it's dull, but I may need to adjust the depth a little (and lower the pressure back to 100g). Nothing is skewed so I think I have my pinch rollers set properly now. Any thouhts on what could cause this? These are small decals and just need to be clean cut lines. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Ken