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  1. gmddecals

    What kind of serial adapter do I need?

    Ok thank you so much!
  2. gmddecals

    What kind of serial adapter do I need?

    For example, this one looks perfect but I cannot figure out if it is the specs I need for it to be compatible. Thank you!
  3. Hi! Just have a quick question since I am not super computer saavy. I currently have an SC model cutter and plan to purchase either a COPAM or LaserPoint2 this week (still undecided). I need to use a serial-to-usb adapter for more reliable connectivity between the machines and my laptop, but I am unsure how to purchase one. I want to get the correct one and not waste money on something that will not work. I see them listed online with different specs and it is overwhelming. Basically what I need is a serial to usb adapter cable that has a few feet of length (the longer the better) that is compatible with the US Cutter machines. Any help would be great! Thank you!
  4. gmddecals

    Cutting software issues

    Thank you very helpful! I think I will try the Flexisign as it gets such good reviews. I am converting the files to .plt files in SCAL and then opening in Flexicut. It seems to be retaining proportions correctly, however I am not in the office so I cannot test the cut. Im crossing my fingers that this will go smoothly tomorrow. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi! I am having trouble with cutting software for the SC series of US Cutter plotters. Currently I have been using SCALpro as that came with my machine. I have also tried- Flexicut pro: it seems fairly complicated and will not import my scal designs properly at all, no SC model drivers Make The Cut: no drivers seem to be compatible with the SC model Signcut Pro- looked like a complicated mess. On the other hand, I have learned cutting by using a Silhouette cameo with the silhouette software, which is very easy for me to navigate. My question is this: What software can I use that is USER FRIENDLY and also has a driver for my SC model? If it can read my SCAL or .studio files that would be great so I wont have to re-do all of my files. I have tried exporting/importing as svg files and they aren't copying the cut files properly. :/ I am beginning to feel like an idiot, so thought I would check and see if anyone could help. Thanks so much!
  6. gmddecals

    Customer's decal falling off windshield in rain

    Okay thank you! I think I am just going to have to send her a new one and tell her she has to clean the windshield with rubbing alcohol to ensure maximum stick. Thanks!!
  7. gmddecals

    Customer's decal falling off windshield in rain

    Okay I will ask her about the rain x. The white vinyl is Greenstar and the mint is Oracal 351. Thanks for your help!
  8. Please help, I am unsure what to do about this. I have a customer who has a vinyl decal that she says she applied to a clean winshield in 60 degree weather. Today it is raining and her decal is falling off like crazy. She sent me this photo: I have never seen this before. I have had the same vinyl on my own car (Oracal 351 and Greenstar) for over 2 years with no problems in rain or with back wiper. What could be causing this? Thanks so much!
  9. gmddecals

    cutting a random line

    I had a similar issue with the files just starting to cut straight lines randomly instead of the design. The problem in my case was the cut file was too large. I am cutting with SCALpro3 on a US Cutter SC model. I now am using much smaller cut files and no longer have this issue. Hope this helps!
  10. gmddecals

    US Cutter SC Model Plotter Feeding Vinyl Crooked

    Thanks! I adjusted the tightness of each rollers (measured to be sure they were equal) and am using 2 rollers only for the 12" vinyl. It is almost exactly straight now. Thanks so much for the help!!
  11. gmddecals

    US Cutter SC Model Plotter Feeding Vinyl Crooked

    Sure! I have attached two photos from the back view. I have let slack out of the roll so it is not directly pulling from the roll but this still is occurring. :/ Thanks for the help! Thank you!!
  12. Please help! I am brand new to this thread so please forgive me if I am putting it in the wrong spot. I have a USCutter Model SC Plotter which I run with SCAL Pro. I have done vinyl designs on it for a couple of months now, upgrading from my personal desktop machine. The problem I am having is that no matter how I set my vinyl to feed through the machine, it keeps feeding crooked as it cuts. It basically starts out straight, but it is feeding at a slant. I have tried taping a ruler to be sure I am putting the vinyl straight, using every single possible guide line, adjusting the rollers to different widths, but am stumped. How can I make this machine feed straight? Can anyone please help me as I am losing so much time constantly correcting the angle of the vinyl. Thanks so much!