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  1. ifingerpaint2

    A little hlep please?

    Dang. I was hoping for a quick fix. Thanks for your input! This forum has always been such a great help. Thanks to all of you who take your time to help a sistah out!
  2. ifingerpaint2

    A little hlep please?

    I'm using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro, and no, just the USB, no adapter. I had a Copam years ago and I seem to remember that it wouldn't work with the USB, but my current computer doesn't have a port for the other cord, only the USB :/
  3. I recently bought a SC631 It's all set up, hooked up, and drivers are loaded. Problem is, it's not communicating with the computer-or visa-versa. I can do a test cut from the cutter, but when I try to cut from the computer, nothing. I am using the USB cord that came with it. Anyway, it's gonna be a loooong night and I really need to get it working so I can get a job done for tomorrow, sure hoping someone can help that doesn't sleep like me
  4. A friend of mine bought my cutter a few years ago for me to help me through hard times. We both hoped I'd make enough off of it to pay her for it, but just hasn't happened. I am returning it to her as she now has a need for it I can't find my manual, or any disks etc that came with it. Is there a way they can download everything needed in order to get it up and running on their system? Thanks in advance...
  5. ifingerpaint2

    Splatman..I think??

    I neglected to thank you for the alien trace, Thanks so much! Glad everyone is enjoying the splats, they've been a family trademark for my husband's family for a while, been fun!
  6. ifingerpaint2

    Splatman..I think??

    Glad some of you are enjoying splatman! WELL....so could I possibly ask one more favor?? This one is a family one also, someone in the family designed it and had a trailer hitch made, now my husband wants me to make some decals...I got it drawn out, but can't seem to get it vectored. Help?? Thanks in advance
  7. ifingerpaint2

    Splatman..I think??

    You are amazing!! Thanks for much for your time, I really appreciate it!
  8. ifingerpaint2

    Splatman..I think??

    I'm looking for a vector of the picture below, but I'm not sure if he's licensed, or even what he's called. I've seen him around and my husband's family have him on all their cars, need to make some more. Anyone know?
  9. ifingerpaint2

    St Bernard??

    I'm looking for a St. Bernard....you know the dog...looked all over but can't seem to find a cutable one. Thanks in advance, you guys are amazing!
  10. ifingerpaint2

    Bass drum- or Snare drum?

    He didn't like my marching band drummer- he just wants a bass drum....Please...Anyone???
  11. ifingerpaint2

    layering objects

    I'm not sure my title explains exactly what I want to do here but I am trying to figure out how to layer objects and have the overlapping part not show up. Does that make sense? For example, I have three Hybiscus flowers that I want to put in a group. One in the middle bigger than the other two, and the other two one on each side-behind the biggest one partially. All of the lines of all three flowers still show up and will be cut. I tried the send it to back option, didn't do what I need it to. I know there is a way to do it. I read in another post about a "trim" button?? Can't seem to find that?? Does that make any sense? Any help? :-
  12. ifingerpaint2

    24'' pcut cutter

    Ok, so if I understand it right...SignBlazer would replace signcut?? Would I still use my CorellDraw? From the description on the website it looks like it does way more than signcut, but does it take the place of both signcut and a graphics program like CorellDraw? :-
  13. ifingerpaint2

    Bass drum- or Snare drum?

    I have a guy that has a son in a marching band-bass drumer. He wants a decal for his car to support his son. I have one good image of a marching band drummer, but I wanted to offer him a couple of choices. Anyone have anything??
  14. ifingerpaint2


    You might want to post that in a new post...I'm not sure it will get noticed in this one...